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24 Replies to “Live feed PEGIDA Cologne”

  1. It is criminal that Tommy Robinson has had to give a discourse on Islam in the street, when the Political Class of feminists should have be discussing openly the castration of Manhood to wear a hat, tat and mat.

    • Tommy Robinson:
      “Islam is the cancer, PEGIDA is the solution”

      Michael Mannheimer:
      “the criminal Merkel is the worst chancellor Germany has had since Hitler”
      “Merkel should not be in Government but in prison”

      I saw with disgust that among these born-again Nazis who call themselves “Antifa” there are also quite a number of young girls who are actually demonstrating FOR the sexual assaults and other attacks on German girls and women by the “Refugees”.

      The Mayor of Cologne, a female, who basically blamed the victims after the pack sexual assaults on New Years eve got some responses to her comment that the young women should simply keep their assailants “at arms lenght”. One banner read: “arms lenght = Width of Mediterrean”
      Another depicted the arm of Hitler in a nazi salute.

      Michael Mannheimer suggested that she (the mayor) should keep herself at “arms lenght” of the post of Mayor.

      Some potentially violent elements seem to have infiltrated right now as I write, who – against the edicts of the organisers and Police have put on masks and seem to shoot loud pyro-crackers. The police seems increasingly nervous and will stop the “Spaziergang” part of the demonstration, if these seemingly “new” elements dont calm down and keep distance from the police force”.

      Rheinlanders just are not as disciplined as the Dresden crowd. Unless of course the infiltration comes from the opposite camp.

  2. There is definately tension there – and potential violence. The police seem to stop the demonstration now which is a pity because it might frighten off further PEGIDA demonstrations.

    Demonstration stopped by Police now.

    • last one for the night it’s nearly 3 am here:
      Demonstration broken up with water canons by the police. Organisers said that the demonstration was broken up against their will but they were warned that if they did not comply, people would get punished. They said it was a set back but not a defeat.

      Elsewhere on the net I hear that this was probably a well planned manipulation by the police (hierarchy) so that the media could report tomorrow that this demonstration was “violent”. Although the Police spokesman said that there were bottles thrown at police – I could not see that – it was suggested that they might have been infiltrated ….by whom ? That’s the questions. Anyway the “Lügenpresse” will have a field day with claiming “PEGIDA = NAZI”. 🙁

  3. Police were ready to break up the peaceful demonstration with riot gear and water cannons..hope PEGIDA can gain enough support in liberal Cologne…

  4. Where was this great police presence on Silvester?!

    Lefties are yelling “NAZIs raus!” Seems to me the people who defend rapist culture are the new NAZIs…

  5. DAILY MAIL Cologne hits back: Merkel backs new powers to expel migrant criminals as anti-Islam protesters take to streets and police admit ‘majority’ of sex attackers were refugees

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has backed a toughening of expulsion rules for convicted refugees in Germany
    Around 1,700 protesters from the anti-Islam Pegida movement were kept apart from 1,300 counter demonstrators
    Under potential new rules, migrants who commit a crime, even if they have not been to prison, could be kicked out
    German police confirmed the number of cases of violence reported from New Year Eve has now reached up to 379


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