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14 Replies to “Mayor of Cologne makes up stuff to spin doctor the mass rape, robbery and groping by muslims”

  1. I seem to remember that, when PEGIDA marched in Cologne, they were confronted by a huge mass of (paid?) so called “Antifa” thugs, and the priest even allowed for the famous Dome to be in darkness – AGAINST P E G I D A .
    (I might mistake it for another city in Germany, but Anti-Fa – the real Neo Nazis, have been “enlisted” by the “Authorities” to counter the PEGIDA demonstrations. ) At least that was the information given at the time, I cannot find the exact sources atm.

  2. “We want to have a city that is safe and has a good quality of life”

    Cologne was a safe city and had a good quality of life why did the stupid politico’s change that status with their immigration policies?

    • Back in the 1950s a South American Marxist wrote a thesis on terror and how the left could use it to create an oppressive government that would in turn create a revolution the left could use to take over. The German and British governments are reaching the stage of oppression where the people are ready to revolt. In fact most Western European nations have reached that point.

  3. Fools! The elites claim that they want a safe city, so the remedy to the situation is that the elites should ‘explain’ to the immigrants from feral countries that it’s not acceptable to rape the local women. And then they imply that blame goes to the local women for not being in groups in public for protection.

    Nary a mention that the policy of importation of large groups from alien barbaric cultures may be the source of the problem.

    Germany slips into the dark ages.

  4. Have you watched a Donald Trump rally? Have you seen how the people roar back at him when he says things that you’re not allowed to say? Donald and the crowd are one. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the like of it.

    What Trump is doing is showing people what freedom of speech looks like – literally. The powers of political correctness have eroded that freedom, and have been doing so for so long, that people have forgotten what it even feels like to be able to just say things without the constant fear of being called “racist” and “sexist” and so on.

    No wonder the European leftists are so terrified of The Donald. No wonder they’re trying to literally ban him from crossing the Atlantic. Do you think, If he were to set up a one-off speaking engagement in Cologne tomorrow night, that the people would not come out in droves to see him? And do you think they would not roar like lions if he were to start talking about limiting immigration from, say, Arab and North African countries? And do you think that that silly socialist alderwoman with the horrible hair wouldn’t be in danger of being tarred and feathered by the raging mob for suggesting that they all just meekly accept their fate and start going out in groups and always going home with the people you came with, rather than protecting themselves in any way…? Imagine how they’d roar as the Donald shouted, “You’re Fired!”.

    *Hey, Donald. Why don’t you do an ad with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi furiously campaigning for Hillary Clinton in 2016? You can have him standing in his mosque, wagging his right index finger in that little way he does, and giving all the reasons why people should vote for Hillary, maybe even have acapela jihadi singing in the background. That would be fair game. It is a fact, after all, that Islamic terrorists show an overwhelming preference for Democrats over Republicans. No one is questioning that, are they? A good ad-writer could have a lot of fun with this…because it’s bloody well true…

    • The Donald is something you don’t see very often, he is someone who can mesmerize a crowd with his speeches, his refusal to stick to the politically correct script is one of the things that endears him to the crowd. And since he and Ted Cruz are about the only people running that continually address the fears and concerns of the voters they are the ones that the public love and the party bosses hate. I think that one of them will be elected in 2016 by landslide that will equal that of President Reagan’s elections, hopefully they will sweep in enough other non professionals into Congress that they can get the damage repaired (or at leased the repair started). If we can get enough people into Congress along with either Trump of Cruz as President we stand a chance of having 12 to 16 years of solid honest patriotic governance to help us win the war and recover from all of the economic damage.

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