More arrests of terror-tards, Corsica ongoing and more. Links 1 on Dec. 29 – 2015

1. This says more than it says one might suspect.

(The embed doesn’t seem to work)

2. Mayor of Corsica speaks to the conflict

3. Gates of Vienna: Opinion Terrorism in Austria

Dr. Eva Maria Barki: Opinion terrorism in Austria

The Dublin III convention and the Schengen system are dead, and the refugee convention of Geneva should be scrapped — so declares the Viennese lawyer Dr. Eva Maria Barki to “Magyar Idok”. The specialist in the field of populations’ and refugees’ rights sees it as an urgent problem that at this time a deliberately planned and well-coordinated invasion is taking place, and that one may count on 950 million people coming to Europe between now until 2050.

Europe does not have a ready answer to this challenge. Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker only entertain opinions that are dictated by Washington. Mrs. Barki emphasizes that in Austria there is much evidence of opinion terrorism: it is forbidden to have an opinion against migration. Those who nevertheless do so seriously risk losing their job.

4. Although the police say this was not a bias crime, when watching the video of 2 men beating and robbing a conspicuously Jewish man in NY the violence is both excessive and post-hoc, and seems more bias than theft.

5. Pakistan: Suspected suicide bomber kills 22 outside govt. office in Mardan *GRAPHIC*

6. ‘You’re a slave. You and your people are nothing’: New York man ‘scratched and bitten in horrific racist attack’

A man was scratched across the face and bitten on the left side of his chest as the blazing racist who had subjected him to weeks of abuse ‘snapped’ and assaulted him, police said.

Sean Abrahams, 44, was attacked on Sunday in Brooklyn, East New York, by a man who previously called him a slave and threatened to ‘f**k him up’, the New York Daily News reported.

Mohammad Yakub, 22, has been charged with assault and menacing and several counts of harassment.

He thrust himself at Mr Abrahams and tried to hit him in the head before scratching him across the face and biting his chest, police said.

The attack took place near Yakub’s home, on the corner of Doscher Street and Pitkin Avenue.

Yakub was arrested about 30 minutes later.

7. Breaking…Democrats Introduce Measure to Condemn Criticism of Islam

(Frankly this bill, from what little I understand of it so far, seems as much Republican as it is Democrat. This bill is an excellent example of Muslim Brotherhood/OIC penetration of both parties etc. and may be the single best reason to bite the tongue, hold the nose etc. and vote Trump, as whatever else he may be, he is not part of the GOP orthodoxy sunning themselves at the trough of petro-dollars from who-knows-where)

8. Islamic State ruling aims to settle who can have sex with female slaves

(Fatwa here)

(The only thing to know about this is it in no way contradicts classical islamic law but clarifies it. This does not distinguish the Islamic State from Islam as it has been since the time of Mohamed, but solidifies its existence within it)

9. Egypt Court Upholds Jail for Man Convicted of Defaming Islam

(I guess Al Sisi isn’t quite ready to let the Enlightenment slip in to Egypt quite yet)

An Egyptian court has confirmed a prison term for a former TV host and a researcher in Islamic heritage found guilty of “defaming religious symbols, imams and senior scholars.”

A court of appeals reduced Islam Behery’s prison term to one year from five on Monday night. Behery’s lawyer, Gamil Said, plans to challenge the verdict.

(At least they arrested the attacker, If Islamification continues apace, they will arrest the victim as would be more fitting of a sharia state. Even so, it will be interesting to see if this is pursued as a bias crime)

10. Belgium arrests two over ‘New Year plot’

Belgian police have arrested two people suspected of planning attacks in Brussels during the festive season.

Raids took place on Sunday and Monday in Brussels and the provinces of Flemish Brabant and Liege.

Police seized military clothing and computer equipment in the raids, but no weapons or explosives.

Belgium has been on high alert since the attacks of 13 November in Paris. Several of the perpetrators are thought to have been based in Belgium.

11. During the lockdown in Brussels recently, police and military personnel used the opportunity to partake in a 10 person orgy at a police station

Soldiers and police in Brussels held an orgy while their colleagues hunted for terror suspects, according to reports.

Eight soldiers and two female police officers allegedly engaged in lewd acts at a police station in the neighborhood of Ganshoren, just north of Molenbeek, where officers were hunting for suspects in connection with the November 13 Paris attacks, Belgian media outlets La Dernière Heure and De Standaard reported Tuesday. Brussels was on lockdown at the time of the alleged incident.

(One must wonder if this was discovered thanks to video taken at the time floating out there on the dark web. Weimar Republic anyone?)

12. Married couple with ‘common interest’ in violent jihad are GUILTY of plotting 7/7-style suicide attack on Westfield shopping centre – asking Twitter for tips and testing bombs in their back garden

An aspiring suicide bomber and his secret wife who had a ‘common interest’ in violent jihad have been found guilty of planning an ISIS-inspired terror attack on London after testing lethal bombs in their back garden.

Mohammed Rehman, 25, planned to blow up either Westfield shopping centre or the London Underground to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 bombings.

His jihadi dream was funded by his wife Sana Ahmed Khan, 24, who used payday loans to buy fertiliser which her husband engineered into bombs.

The court heard how the couple, who wed in secret in a traditional Islamic ceremony, immersed themselves in ISIS and Al Qaeda propaganda and idolised 7/7 bomber Shehzad Tanweer.


Thank you Richard, ML. M.,

It appears that a former Israeli PM, Ehud Olmert, is going to serve real jail time for a corruption charge. This is something Israel, and indeed the world’s people who love democracy, should be very proud of. If Canada had half that much integrity, former PM Jean Chretien would have to have the best medical care in the world to survive the jail sentence he richly deserves for the Quebec Ad Scam and related breaches of democratic procedure alone that he did and for which, no one related ever spent a day in jail or had to give up a winter home in Arizona. In the US, I once read, that at any given moment around 100 elected representatives are in jail. Again, something to be very proud of. Nations that do not have a ratio like that just indicate the real corruption in the system. That once elected to office you are immune from the law of the rest of the people.

Lastly,a note to Jewish people world wide. I would suggest it is time that the ancient art of Alchemy re revived but in full reverse. A much easier process in nations like the US than in Canada or England or Japan for instance, but I really think that if Jews, or any non-muslims, feel they have a natural right to self defense, reverse alchemy would be something to look into right away.

Lastly, it is interesting that news items of arrests of muslims planning attacks against soft targets in the countries which gave them everything they could are now so common that they barely rate as news. An analysis of these would be interesting if a reliable data set could be obtained. Probably take public source ones like item 12 from the Daily Mail and multiply by 20 to approximate the reality.


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  1. 3. The Opinion Terrorism of which she speaks is a very well-coined phrase and is alive and well. It is separating old friends, husbands and wives. It is the wet blanket to private thought. It is the criminalization of the honest word.

    There won’t be peace without justice.

  2. Thanks Vlad for putting the Israeli corruption charge in clear perspective for we very complacent, self-satisfied Canadians. Cretien is as crooked as they come and continues in his villainous ways.

    Our sense of “high moral ground” is delusional. Who do we think we are, and what have we done, lately, to justify it?

  3. Perhaps the law in the UK has forgotten Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’, Act 4 Scene 1. Is not mercy greater than justice? Does not God bless he who shows mercy as well as the one receiving? Is not mercy unstrained like the gentle rain?

    Forcing this 92 year old woman to leave the compassion of her daughter while simultaneously allowing those who disdain justice AND mercy to remain is evil in it’s extreme. The Western world is turning it’s back on the foundation of it’s own beliefs and tossing the Holy Scripture and the Cross into oblivion.

    • This type of story is so common that it becomes difficult to avoid the idea that it reflects policy and not just anomalous data points that give that impression out of context.

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