Corsica and Turkey are the places to watch now: Links 1 on Dec. 28 – 2015

1. Germany recruits 8,500 teachers for child refugees

(Good luck with that)

Berlin: Germany has recruited 8,500 people to teach child refugees German, as the country expects the number of new arrivals to soar past the million mark in 2015, Die Welt daily reported Sunday.

With some 196,000 children fleeing war and poverty entering the German school system this year, 8,264 “special classes” have been created to help the new arrivals catch up with their peers, Die Welt said, citing a survey carried out in 16 German federal states.

“Some 8,500 additional teachers have been recruited nationwide,” the daily said.

According to Germany’s education authority, 325,000 school-age children reached the EU country in 2015, amid Europe’s worst migration crisis since World War II.

2. USA: King: More Surveillance Needed of Muslims, Civil Libertarians ‘Can Cry All They Want’ (Breitbart)

3. Hundreds of anti-Arab demonstrators took to the streets of the Corsican capital Ajaccio, Sunday, for a third consecutive day of protest.

SOT, Cristophe, Demo organiser and activist (French): “This is a message to the prefect: there is no safety in poor neighborhoods. If the police don’t do something about it, we will solve the problem ourselves. People make the confusion between Muslims and scum. We’re at war against scum, no matter whether they are white, brown, red or yellow.”
SOT, Cristophe, Demo organiser and activist (French): “When there are problems, the police don’t enter the neighborhood because they’re afraid, but when they wanted to stop us they implement important security measures. This shows that the prefect neglects us.”

4. Corsica protests banned after anti-Arab demos

(Cause in a modern democracy, you are only allowed to protest things that advance the government agenda of total population replacement and destruction of our various cultures)

Security forces also cordoned off Ajaccio’s poor Jardins de l’Empereur housing estate, as Corsica’s administrator Christophe Mirmand told AFP that the ban would be in effect until at least January 4 and cover “all protests and gatherings”.
Hundreds of protesters marched for a second straight day Saturday through several working-class districts of Ajaccio shouting slogans such as “This is our home!” and “Arabs get out”.
The unrest followed a Christmas Eve clash in which two firefighters and a police officer were injured at the estate, home to some 1,700 people.
Regional official Francois Lalanne said a fire had been “deliberately lit” in the neighbourhood in a ruse aimed at “ambushing” the emergency services.
A firefighter told French television that “about 20 people armed with iron bars (and) baseball bats” had tried to attack them but were unable to smash through the windows of their truck.
(Surprisingly this report actually includes the actual event that sparked all this, the typical islamic tactic to create a muslim only no-go zone, the ambushing of state emergency services. It still downplays it but at least mentions it. What it doesn’t say, is that the mosque that was attacked was operating illegally as in France, you cannot get government subsidies for religious buildings. They had licensed it as a gym or something similar and got state grants but operated it as a mosque. Also the people associated with it were also believed to be involved in planning the ambush)


Several hundred people in Corsica defied a ban on demonstrations imposed in a flashpoint area of the capital Ajaccio on Sunday after two days of violent anti-Arab protests.

Two people were also detained over the rioting on the French Mediterranean island, which saw rioters vandalise a Muslim prayer hall and set fire to books including copies of the Koran.
Corsica’s administrator Christophe Mirmand announced a ban on all protests and gatherings until at least January 4 in the poor Jardins de l’Empereur housing estate, the epicentre of the violence.
The ban came after hundreds of people had marched for a second straight day Saturday through several working-class districts of Ajaccio shouting slogans such as “This is our home!” and “Arabs get out”. Two men aged in their 20s were held in custody as part of the probe into the unrest.

6. France: Anti-Arab protesters rally in Ajaccio following ban on demonstrations

Hundreds of anti-Arab protesters rallied outside a local government building in the Corsican capital of Ajaccio, Sunday, following a ban on demonstrations imposed by the prefecture.

7. Syria anti-Islamic State documentary maker ‘assassinated’ in Turkey




Naji Jerf was killed in Gaziantep, only a couple of months after Isil claimed responsibility for killing Ibrahim Abdelkader and a friend in southern Turkey

A Syrian opposition film-maker was gunned down in broad daylight in the Turkish city of Gazientep on Sunday, apparently by Isil supporters.

Friends said that Naji Jerf, 38, was shot twice in the head after being approached by an unknown car outside of a local restaurant.

Naji with his daughtersNaji Jerf with his daughters

Mr Jerf was a vocal critic of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) group which seized large swathes of Syria last year, training citizen journalists from Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), an internationally-praised media collective that exposes the terrorist group’s atrocities inside its de facto Syrian capital. […] This is the second time that suspected Isil members have targeted RBSS on Turkish soil, with little apparent response from the local police.

8. Bavaria calls for control over its own borders

The Bavarian interior minister has said the southern German state should be able to police its own borders. His words come as local politicians seek ways to mitigate the influx of refugees coming from the east.

Joachim Herrmann said Bavaria should take control of its own borders, as thousands of desperate refugees continue to flood into the southern German state every day.

In an interview with the German weekly newspaper “Welt am Sonntag,” Bavaria’s interior minister blamed personnel shortages for the federal government’s inability to stem the flow of migrants across the border. For that reason, he said, Bavaria’s regional government should take the reins.

(So the migration crisis won’t just trash the doomed-from-the-start EU., but it will also bust up existing successful nation states on its termite-like march to Balkanize Western Europe.)

9. Thieves Swipe Dozens of Industrial-Sized Propane Tanks From Northeast Philadelphia Facilities

Security footage from the facilities show a man loading 43 tanks of various sizes into a dark-colored minivan, according to sources.

Twenty-four of the tanks are said to be the size and style used to fuel forklifts, sources said. Also taken were nine tanks that hold 100 pounds of fuel, four 50 pound tanks, four 33 pound tanks and two 2 pound tanks, according to sources.

(Stunning lack of description of the guy from the footage of the security cam)

10. Boko Haram Attacks Northeast Nigerian City, Many Killed

Boko Haram Islamic extremists struck the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri for the first time in months Monday with rocket-propelled grenades and multiple suicide bombers, witnesses said. At least 15 people were killed but the toll was feared many times higher.

Nigerian troops “intercepted and destroyed” 10 suicide bombers, according to PR Nigeria, an agency that disseminates government news.

Maiduguri, the city under attack, is the birthplace of Boko Haram, which emerged as a much more radical entity after Nigerian security forces attacked their compound there, killing 700 people in 2009.

Militants firing indiscriminately from the back of three trucks attacked the outlying village of Dawari, soldiers engaged them, and as people were fleeing, a woman ran into a suburb yelling “Boko Haram, Boko Haram.” When people gathered, she detonated herself, according to village head Bulama Isa.

Thank you Malca, Maria J., Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, ML., Nash Montana,

On this Daily Mail link, go to comments and click the tab to order them for best rated. Then read. It turns out Lincoln was right. You can’t fool all the people all the time.

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  1. 2. “USA: King: More Surveillance Needed of Muslims, ”

    An untrammeled Free Press would happily undertake surveillance of Muslims and report them… but all they have been allowed to do is mention the dead, announcing motiveless intentions with a connection to Asians with sure fire guarantee they all had nothing to do with Islam. Where a man is reported as “she” when he wants to be a four year old girl.

    Socialists have stripped the freedom of private citizens, making the truth criminal, and morality hateful.

    All those living in darkness, the vanities hidden, have thrived.

    Public servants have become very important people.

    Creating another government bureaucracy dedicated to deal with the Muslim invasion will, like the bureaucracy created for reaching out to Black Crime, turn in on itself and become The Advancement for The Peoples of Islam.

    What the ‘conservatives’ perceive as necessary weapons, legislation and implementation against terror will become the centralized systems that will be deployed against them as the radicalized get into power and investigate their taxes.

    Democracy, capitalism and family are the only defence. Use them. The Emperor-God worshipping Japanese would not invade a country where every citizen was armed. Likewise everyone armed with free thought and speech cannot be invaded by Islam.

    The real diversity is freedom of conscience. Its destruction has been achieved by the subsidy of preferential group-Identity. Defending not the individual and making laws to irradicate them: A person may not make offence against a member of a group. A person will positively advance a member of a group. A person will be ashamed of their historical (pre-totalitarianism) advancement.

    Individuality is achieved by the development of personal character. This is what Islam, Socialism and Sexualists don’t want you ever to achieve. The gateway to your dysfunctional mind and thus heart, is submission.

    “Civil Libertarians ‘Can Cry All They Want’””

    • Perfect, you’re dead on about purpose-generated government bureaucracies as tactical boomerang. That’s the most powerful force multiplier of the Enemy.

      Eeyore observes the “termite-like march to Balkanize Western Europe.” Here in the US-of-A our Governors are beginning to stir against Federal directives that may violate state sovereignty. It’s an explicit violation of the Constitution to impose an army of occupation on the citizens.

      I think. I’m not a lawyer but lawyers argue both sides. You take a stand for what you believe is correct. It’ll come down to defending your position anyway. It always does.

      Even disenfranchised as we are today by corrupt machine-party politics, the YankeeKafirs of Massachusetts remember throwing British redcoats out of our homes and off our streets. Everyday tourists from all over the world walk the Freedom Trail in Boston like pilgrims walk the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem.

      On Patriots’ Day, the day we reenact “the shot heard ‘round the world,” the Enemy bombed the cradle of independent America.
      The neutralized corpse of one terrorist was denied a hole in the ground anywhere in all New England. His wounded accomplice had to be moved to a Federal military hospital. There is a limit to what we will endure.

      Each state, each municipality, sets boundaries that exclude federal jurisdiction. Trespass will be costly, increasingly so as an alienating central government exceeds its mandate by grotesque overreach. Our elements will be tested, we’ll create coalitions bound by mutual self-defense of communities of individuals.

      Balkanized is tough. Let’s watch and learn.

      • The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is written in plain English so everyone can know their rights, this is why they are no longer taught in High School. Yes forcing an army of occupation on the states is unconstitutional and must be stopped. Mark Levin’s liberty amendments and the Article 5 convention are an attempt to peacefully return us to the original intent of the Constitution and the rule of law. The way things were originally set up the Senate was to be the house of congress that looked after the rights of the States and the House was to look after the rights of the people. This is why the Senators were appointed by the State Legislatures and all tax bills have to originate in the House.

        Because returning to a nation with a limited government would reduce the power of the politicians the establishment in both parties and their supporters in the LSM are opposed to the convention and the amendments. The States were suppose to be laboratories of democracy with the state governments setting the laws and taxes of each state, they were to be separate and within reason different so the people could vote with their feet and move to the states that best served the people and maintained their freedom.

        This democratic (small D) and free market approach to letting the people decide how much freedom, protection and aid from the government doesn’t set will with the left. This is why in the early 20th Century they started the campaign to and successfully managed to get the Senators directly elected by the voters. This meant the states lost their representatives in Congress and that the 6 year terms in office would allow the Senators to ignore the voters, When they were appointed by the State Legislatures they had to pay attention to what their political masters in the State wanted, now they don’t have any leash on them and they think they are the masters. This in turn has allowed the left to slowly and steadily remove rights from the states and to shift from the states to being laboratories of democracy to all states being the same. They haven’t quite gotten their yet but they are much further down that road then is safe if we are to remain free.

        I think the 20th Century filtration with massive government and small freedom is about to come to an end as more and more people in all of the states are discovering that the final protection for their families and their freedom is the armed citizen and not the state. This filtration in Europe has gone a lot further then in the states, especially in Germany and Britain but I have hopes that both will regain their freedom and in the case of Britian their traditional rights that kept them free from the tyranny that most feudal societies lived under. The right to keep and bear arms that is enjoyed in the US came from the Saxon rule of “let all free men be armed” once that rule was ignored the freedom of the Brits slowly evaporated into total government control.

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