Turkish alliance with the Islamic State becomes difficult to deny, Ottawa jihad leader back story and more: Links 1 on Dec. 25 – 2015

When the evidence of Turkish complicity with the Islamic State reaches these screaming proportions, (See item 10) certain questions need to be asked of NATO and the USA. Given the severity of the consequences of related issues, a non-answer should be looked at as nearly as problematic as the worst case answer I would think.

1. Woman who falsely claimed she had been raped so she could resit her A-levels is jailed for two years

A young woman who falsely claimed she had been hauled into bushes and raped twice by the same man in the same park five months apart has been jailed for two years.

A court heard former Edinburgh Academy pupil Naima Shereen Mirza, 21, ‘spun a web of lies and deceit’, causing police to waste hundreds of hours investigating her malicious allegations.

Officers became suspicious when Mirza named her attacker as a man from Perth, who was actually in jail at the time the alleged offences took place, which was when she was a pupil at Edinburgh Academy.

After searching her property, they found a journal where she documented her increasingly alarming thoughts and fantasies, including the names and offences of rapists and sexual offenders from around Scotland.

She later told detectives she concocted the attacks to explain her poor exam results after failing to get in to Strathclyde University, in Glasgow.

2. Russia is a new front for militant Islam

As Russia deepens its involvement in Syria, it risks more than a military quagmire. Its intervention exacerbates a growing domestic threat, one that could destabilize the whole country. A new brand of radical Islam is rising in Russia, fueled by Russian fighters eager to perpetrate acts of terror at home.

Even a decade ago, the scope and depth of this emerging terrorist network would have seemed inconceivable. While Russia has suffered its share of domestic terrorism, those crimes were largely perpetrated by Chechen fighters based in the North Caucasus region. When Moscow declared victory in Chechnya in 2009, it suggested that the threat of radical violence had been largely contained.

But militant Islam didn’t disappear. In fact, the fundamentalist teachings have spread from Chechnya throughout central Russia. They’re propagated by Russian imams trained in the Middle East and are finding new audiences among the country’s native Muslims, as well as Central Asian migrants in Moscow. Even some younger and seemingly long-assimilated believers are becoming radicalized. Like their counterparts across Europe, they’re turning to Internet videos and social-media messages aimed at arousing anger at Western “crusaders.”

3. Sdrja Trifkovic Discusses European Immigration Fears on RT International

4. Pope asks God to ‘repay’ those who shelter migrants

(The best thing then should be that 20,000 migrants go live in the Vatican instead of working class areas of Europe and the Pope can be the most re-payed man on Earth, Francis talks a good game but I notice that there are pretty much no muslim migrants near him and the few families he allowed are likely very carefully vetted unlike all the rest of the migrants)

Pope Francis issued a Christmas Day prayer that recent U.N.-backed peace agreements for Syria and Libya will quickly end the suffering of their people, denouncing the “monstrous evil” and atrocities they have endured and praising the countries that have taken in their refugees.

Speaking from the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica, Francis issued a plenary indulgence for Catholics in hopes of spreading the church’s message of mercy in a world torn by war, poverty and extremist attacks. The sun-soaked St. Peter’s Square was under heavy security, as it has been since the Nov. 13 Paris attacks by Islamic extremists that left 130 dead.

5. Syria: Russian MoD release footage of ISIS oil tankers at Turkish border

6. (Related) Syria: Russian airstrikes destroy suspected ISIS oil tankers

7. Germany: Christmas Eve arson attack hits planned refugee centre

The under construction refugee hostel in Schwabisch Gmund, at the Baden-Wuerttemberg state was massively damaged after a suspected arson attack hit the facility on Thursday night.

8. Abdullah Kurdi, the man who’s dead son on a Greek beach is not the very icon of the migrant/Hijra crisis in Europe today, gives an ‘alternative Christmas message’ on Channel4 UK

But who is this guy and what did he do?

(I am confident that had be been a Canadian doing what he did into the USA he would be in Jail in one country and wanted for extradition by the other)

9. An Ottawa paintballer made $550,000 to spy on a suspected ISIL network in a two-year investigation

The undercover agent went from working at an Ottawa paintball supply shop to making top dollar by wearing a wire against suspected jihadis — including twin brothers Ashton and Carlos Larmond, their paintball colleague Suliman Mohamed and suspected ISIL fighter Khadar Khalib.

The undercover agent also worked as a referee at a paintball battlefield. And for a time, he was on a military simulation team that included a handful of Canadian soldiers he trained with on the paintball battlefield.

He is considered a prized police agent in a terrorism case anchored in wiretap evidence. If he was new at the job, it didn’t show. He never blew his cover, not even when one of his Ottawa targets suspected he was wearing a wire and patted him down, according to police.

The informant allegedly captured a key pre-dawn meeting in the parking lot of the Ottawa main mosque on Nov. 25, 2013. It was at this meeting that police allege Ashton Larmond gave the undercover agent $1,300 to cover the agent’s airfare to get to Syria and join the fight. Larmond allegedly advised him on which route to take, and what to bring, right down to warm hiking boots.

(We covered Suliman’s arrest when it happened)

10. Someone let them cross borders’: Messages from Turkish intelligence found in ISIS phone


Thank you M., Richard, Yucki, Oz-Rita, Gates of Vienna, Chris Jones, Perfect Child, JohnnyU, PePi, Wrath of Khan, and many many more. Thank you all for your continued dedication.

The post on the 24th had a headline which read that the UK had declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group. Comments on that post offer clarity. While it is safe to say that the prime minister of the UK has indeed made a statement of significance in which he said they were, this may not be the same, at least yet, as passing legislation adding them to groups which will be treated as a terrorist group, in which case for the first time, security services will be able to act against various groups and organizations which are the problem.

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21 Replies to “Turkish alliance with the Islamic State becomes difficult to deny, Ottawa jihad leader back story and more: Links 1 on Dec. 25 – 2015”

  1. We aren’t the only ones who see Putin getting ready to be the savior of Western Europe, the MB is moving fighters into the breakaway republics to launch attacks into Russia to draw troops away from Europe. They will start making trouble when the active fighting starts in Western Europe.

  2. #4 Pope asks God

    Have you ever noticed that God doesn’t take instructions well? Have you ever noticed that He’s not like Santa at in the least? When I ask for help, I always receive it, but when I ask for $635.25 to be deposited into my bank account, it never, ever happens. Neither does anything else I ask for, for that matter. “Please, God, let that not have been the last bus” and “Please, God, let Golden Dancer place”, rarely produces results. As far as Him rewarding anybody for taking in arrogant, muscular, lean, angry-looking Muslim males with new-looking unverifiable passports marked, “Syria” in their pockets, I wouldn’t hold my breath, oh Holy One.

    Oh, and God also seems to have a truly special sense of humor, so be forewarned…

  3. Obviously, Islam’s followers will never grow up and require their own playpen.
    We will ban Islam in all nations where its followers have insinuated themselves to spread their own brand of infantile aggression among peoples who recognize them as the spoilers of peace that they are, among people who are not so stupid as to trade their way of life for the sake of a false compassion.
    Ban Islam. Or Islam will ban you from the very planet.
    Putin would do well to excise the pustules about to erupt on his country’s stability.

    • In the long run islam will either change or be banned from most nations, before that is done enough damage to civilization will be done that it probably won’t survive.

      • That is precisely the problem, isn’t it. It’s not that they’re necessarily going to “win the war” and put their flag up over the White House, it’s that they are going to turn our nice Western countries into violent shitholes with nightly car-burning reports and suicide bombings and hostage-takings and super uptight security etcetera. That is the plan that the Quran lays down for them. Then, when the Infidels are literally insane from the stress, the Muslims offer them the alternative, which is the “peace” of Islam. That’s what they mean when they call Islam “The religion of peace”.

        Donald Trump says it perfectly when he refers to our leaders as, “stupid”. That’s what they are. They’re stupid. Our leaders, other than Rudolph Giuliani, don’t even know what’s going on because they are too dumb to read a 300-page religious text that demands some intelligence to understand. They have “Entertainment Tonight”, 30-second-max-attention-span minds. They are simply to stupid to address the task. It’s like asking someone with severe Downs Syndrome to understand multivariable calculus…

        • That they are, one of the worst mistakes an ideology can do is believe its own propaganda, the left has been believing its own propaganda about their intelligence and the inevitability of their victory for so long they can no longer see reality. This cause massive problems for them and in their attempt to correct the problems they caused disasters occur that affect all of us.

          This results in situation that create the attitude shown in the following article.

          Let anti-Christian lawsuits drive you away from government

          Now is a good time to reflect on what matters and how we should live our lives. And something I have been contemplating in recent months is how important it is to put the role of government in our lives in proper perspective.

          The spate of lawsuits demanding that crosses and other Christian symbols be removed from public property in veterans’ memorials kick-started this process for me.

          It’s time – and I’m no longer saying “maybe” about this – to give up on “government” as the owner of the public square.

          We’ve had a century-long experiment with the concept, which entered America through the philosophy of Progressivism, under which everything in human life is managed by government “experts.” Americans can hardly remember this now, but before Progressives began to make inroads in our politics, the American people thought of private property as being the basic state of property-holding and management in human life, and government management as being a subordinate and contingent phenomenon.


          • If you can get your hands on any of the old pulp popular fiction books of the 1950s and 1950s there were full of people taking care of their own problems, now the books are making heroes of some government official that is “protecting” the people, usually from some greedy rich man or corporation. That time period also had movies and TV shows that showed people solving their own problems. Which is one reason the left worked so hard to take control of the entertainment industry, both in the movies and the books. It is hard to find the old books because not many publishers will reprint them (although TOR is reprinting some of the old Hopalong Cassidy books and Baen is reprinting a lot of the old SF books).

            Books and movies do a lot to shape how children grow up and the attitudes they have when they are adults. The left has done a lot of damage through their domination of the popular culture but they forgot ignored reality which is always a big mistake. They are destroying civilization so they can take over but forget that the ordinary people will act in self defense when it is necessary. While they may succeed in creating the distopian future of massive violence they are now reaping the rebirth of the local militias that are set up to protect local communities. These local militias are going to be what prevents the Islamic conquest and prevents the left from creating their dictatorship. Which is why the left wants to disarm everyone so we are all dependent on them,

            • The old issues of “Analog Science Fiction Science Fact” (S-F magazine) have a lot of great stories. It is unfortunately difficult to get them, as you said, but I found few issues and the stories were so interesting, great for children and great for grown ups. 😉

    • Thank-you Darcy,
      For introducing me to Lawrence Auster and his Separationism. I’m sorry he’s dead.
      Been dead a few years, actually.
      Another piece he wrote perfectly anticipated Mao’s Red-offal takeover of the college campus these days. Imagine what he would’ve said about the cry-bullies demanding safe-spaces against microaggressions by white, etc.

      Guilty Whites
      Why whites accept the charge of racism

  4. #4 /

    Please Islamists – take that Pope to your bossom – at heart, he is yours already anyway !


    Watch out Pope, you have competition – better put a little spunk into your “Urbi et Orbi”, like…say “allah-u-akbar” – or else this guy will beat you to the Nobel Peace price and to Hollywood’s Golden Globe.

  5. Teaser from above article [original emphasis]:
    “Mass deportation of jihadists? Hmm… Russia’s approach to Islam, even today, is quite different from the West. In September 2013, a Russian court ordered the Qur’an to be added to a federal list of extremist materials after coming to the conclusion that, ‘Dissemination of extremist materials leads to an increase in extremist crime that endangers the national security of the State.’

    “Such a statement should be common sense, but in a liberal world where Muslim propaganda prevails despite all the evidence leading in one direction, the Western media and governments have another agenda and twist the truth in order to support that agenda. What is blazingly obvious is covered over with clichéd slogans of ‘freedom of religion,’ all the while discouraging contrary opinions by threatening to paint the opposition as racist or Islamophobic. The game is bureaucratic and convoluted, but Russia is not playing the same game.

    Love it or hate it, but Russia is a nation which certainly has experience dealing with Islam. The nation has a high population of Muslim migrants from the post-Soviet states and is consistently fighting against jihadists with Chechnya and Dagestan as the biggest Islamic threats. The nation has banned around 2000 terrorist people and organizations. Though criticized for “targeting Muslims unfairly,” the Russian government does not handle the threat of Islamic terrorism with kid gloves the way the West does.
    “It all comes down to this: the methods of Muslim terrorists are the same. No matter who is found to be responsible for these attacks in Russia, the trademark of Islamic terrorism is obvious. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Boko Haram and North Caucasus groups like Doku Umarov’s Caucasus Emirate… Terrorist organizations killing innocent civilians around the world on every continent with one common denominator- Islam. And one common motive- to kill civilians.

    • yucki
      They did not ban Quran, they banned specific translation of Quran.
      Also although Russian fight jihadists in Dagestan they allowed Ramzan Kadyrov to rule Chechenya.
      According to al Jazeera (and other sources) “Kadyrov spoke in favour of honour killings and polygamy, virtually banned the sale of alcohol in Chechnya, and enforced a compulsory Muslim dress code on Chechen women. Those who ignored the policy were publicly shamed, abused, and shot at with paintball guns……
      After the January killing of 12 staffers of the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, he organized a march and a collective prayer in Grozny, capital of Chechnya, to condemn the caricatures mocking Prophet Muhammad that triggered the massacre.”
      So although Kadyrov is loyal to Putin Chechnya generates jihadists because Kadyrov support fundamentalist Islam.
      Putin conducts very strange policy regarding Islam, on the surface it is very strict regarding some aspects of Islam but if one looks closely his policy is not as strict as it would seem at the first glance.

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