Algerian army genuinely genocidally racist, no UN condemnation: Links 1 on Dec. 23 – 2014

1. ISIS-inspired Frenchman who beheaded his boss is found dead in jail cell

A Frenchman who beheaded his boss in the name of the Islamic State was found dead Tuesday in his Paris jail cell, according to local media.

Yassin Salhi was held in isolation at the Fleury-Merogis prison after the barbaric beheading during the summer. The 35-year-old delivery driver was found hanged with bed sheets from his cell and later died around 9:15 p.m. local time, Le Dauphine Libere newspaper reported.

He then unsuccessfully tried to set off an explosion at the U.S.-owned Air Products factory in Lyon by plowing a truck into an area containing flammable liquids. The suspect instead caused only a small explosion and was attempting to ignite bottles of acetone when he was overpowered by firefighters.
Salhi had also hung ISIS-inspired messages from a fence, beside Cornara’s head.  Authorities said Salhi had ties to Islamic extremists but was likely inspired, not ordered, to carry out the killing.
His in-custody death has been ruled a suicide.

2. France: Terror plot foiled in Orleans in France as two arrested, says interior minister

An extremist plot was foiled last week in the French region of Orleans, south-west of Paris, Bernard Cazeneuve said on Tuesday, as the government prepared constitutional changes to enshrine emergency police powers.

Two French citizens aged 20 and 24 were arrested on December 19, the French interior minister said. The older individual has a police record for petty crime.

A police source told AFP that one was originally from Morocco and the other from Togo.

“A planned attack targeting representatives of state forces in the Orleans region was foiled last week by the DGSI (France’s internal intelligence agency),” Mr Cazeneuve said.

(Extremist plot ay? Must be vegans. Those guys can go crazy from lack of protein to the brain)

3. USA: Muslim deputy under scrutiny

(That fellow is correct. Islam is evil and worthy of contempt and hatred. It just is, by its teachings, actions and history. Communism equally so for making it a crime to speak the truth about islam)

4. Migrants Vs. refugees. The first forging the identity of the latter for the benefits and scamming the system.

5. Algerian Army march chants. “Kill, Slaughter and skin the Jews”

In a marching drill of the Algerian National Gendarmerie, the soldiers chant: “Turn your guns towards the Jews… in order to kill them… slaughter them… and skin them.” The video was posted on the Internet on November 1 to mark Algeria’s Revolution Day, but the post did not state when the video was filmed.

(The most important thing however is to be vigilant to make sure this is no backlash against any Algerian Soldier who actually does it)

6. Ban the song, White Christmas cause its racist.

7. Still No Answers for What Caused Mass Choking, Vomiting at Jersey Dept Store

(At least someone is following up on these stories and trying to keep them out of the memory hole)

On Sunday, a Kohl’s department store was evacuated and police were brought in to investigate after “at least a dozen” shoppers became ill due to an unknown cause. From the initial report:

A Kohl’s department store in Secaucus, New Jersey, was evacuated Sunday night after an unknown substance began to make shoppers sick.

The store was evacuated at around 9 p.m. after employees began telling customers to leave, CBS2’s Brian Webb reported.

The substance seemed to be coming from the front of the store by the cash registers, Webb reported. Witnesses said some shoppers were coughing, choking and even vomiting.

Today, police report that the substance that caused the customers to become sick is still a mystery.

8. German Police Commissioner Speaks Out: Muslim Migrants Live in ‘Parallel Societies’ Where Rules Don’t Apply

Breitbart London reports

Despite being of a migrant background herself, commissioner Tania Kambouri has not been shy in her criticism of the failures of the integration process in Germany which is making life difficult for police, as they are harassed and even ganged up on by migrant men.

Speaking in an interview with Stuttgarter Zeitung, Mrs. Kambouri said the German state was not taking the problem seriously enough, and said the police were under threat. While identifying “young Muslim men” as the main problem she and her colleagues faced, she did qualify herself, remarking: “They are, as far as I can see, men from Muslim countries. But whether they are practising Muslims or not, I can not tell”.

9. According to Andrew Bostom, Ruch Limbaugh has come out and just said it. Islam is the problem. No qualifiers, no unnecessary and deflecting adjectives. If so he is the first broadcast radio personality with an audience in the millions to say so. Lets hope that he has now created the ‘safe space’ for the rest of the media to drop Obamonix and start saying what is true, and what more and more people just already know. It looks like we can listen to the show here if you are a member. The embed below might be it.

Thank you M., Gates of Vienna, Richard, Nash Montana, Andrew Bostom, and all. 


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9 Replies to “Algerian army genuinely genocidally racist, no UN condemnation: Links 1 on Dec. 23 – 2014”

  1. 1. Suicide is a major Sin in Islam.

    Thus when a hero who furthers the Will of Islam takes his own life, I cannot but wonder what hell the gaolers cooked up with women riding him like a horse and setting dogs on him.

    I can only hope he found on his very own a voice of conscience of self-recrimination: the enlightenment no Socialist will ever find. And unfortunately, rather than repent, he would rather not face his demon who was the demon of his father called Muhammad, and leaves in a better state than he ever was in the world.

    I’m not hopeful.

    • Socialism just seems to make sense when you’re really young. I know it did for me. It just seemed like the right answer for everybody to just sort of get together, figure things out, and then run them smoothly and for the greater good on a generally communal basis. Actually, it would make sense if not for that horrible monster called, “Reality”. Funny about that…

  2. #3 Muslim deputy
    When Donald Trump says to halt Muslim immigration until they can figure out “what’s going on”, and when people question whether a Muslim lawman will enforce the law against his fellow Muslims, what they are concerned with is the same issue that Lara Logan so forcefully addressed in her Chicago speech.

    Remember Lara Logan? How she was pretty much the number one hot news-babe on planet Earth until one day a mysterious stranger walked into her life, gave her some false stories about the Benghazi incident, revealed himself to be a liar, and caused Lara to lose her job and her reputation and her health.

    How come nobody but me finds that suspicious? One day she’s on top of the world. Then she gives a speech refuting what Obama is saying about their “success” in Afghanistan as she points out that their guys are getting murdered by Muslims-pretending-to-be-friends at an alarming rate and that it “pisses her off” (Lara’s words) that the world is being lied to by the Administration. Now she’s a forgotten nobody in ill health, fired for incompetence and disgraced in the eyes of her own profession. Well, call me a paranoid schizophrenic, but that looks to me like one of those characters from “Homeland” slipped off the screen and into her office and set her up like a very attractive blonde-haired duck. Joseph Stalin couldn’t have done it better. It looks to me as if they disappeared Lara Logan right in front of our eyes for the crime of casting aspersions on Obama’s precious narrative so close to election time. Yeah, that’s right, the same precious narrative that Ambassador Chris Stevens and friends so generously gave their lives to protect at Benghazi: “Afghanistan is the right war, I killed bin Laden, and al-Qaeda is on the run…”

    But both Lara and Donald are right. It’s a simple fact that no matter how infinitesimally minute that percentage of Muslims is that wants to murder you for the crime of being an Infidel, there is no way of knowing which one is which. It’s an unpleasant reality, but there it is. Muslims are forbidden by their “God” Allah to take the side of an “infidel” against a fellow Muslim. There’s no getting around that. It’s the truth and it’s final and it should be a deal-breaker. How could a Muslim ever serve on a Jury, cast a ballot, or serve in the armed forces when his God has directly commanded him not to do that? It’s absurd…

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