How many acts of islamic jihad have there been in the US which never make it past the initial report of the incident? Links 1 on Dec 21 – 2015

1. Someone sent me an email I think forging David Wood’s signature asking me to post a video which I have now removed.

2. NJ Kohl’s Department Store Evacuated After Unknown Substance Sickens Shoppers

(Recently this happened at a US school as well and they closed the school down. no new news on that either. Funny cause it never used to happen. Video at site)

SECAUCUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) —  A Kohl’s department store in Secaucus, New Jersey, was evacuated Sunday night after an unknown substance began to make shoppers sick.

The store was evacuated at around 9 p.m. after employees began telling customers to leave, CBS2’s Brian Webb reported.

The substance seemed to be coming from the front of the store by the cash registers, Webb reported. Witnesses said some shoppers were coughing, choking and even vomiting.

Officials said at least a dozen people were affected. Firefighters and ambulances were still on scene treated sick store goers at around 11 p.m. Sunday night.

(March 2015  a similar incident.and earlier Jan. 2009. I wonder what the follow up was on these)

3. Bosnia seems to have the highest amount of people who go fight jihad for some mysterious inexplicable reason.

4. CBS News ‘cut out most critical remarks’ by American Muslim panel – members

(We posted a link here a day or two ago on this ‘focus group’ and it was obvious watching even their very carefully edited footage of these muslims that this was a spin-doctor session of such force its a small miracle they didn’t break all the editing machines. Now we know it was worse than it looked)

While the segment said a lot about tolerance problems in US society and how Muslims feel threatened by the majority, it failed to air critical remarks about the policies of the federal government, New York City journalist Sarah Harvard, who was member of the panel, wrote on her Facebook page.

She and other participants “have routinely brought up the fact the government has enacted in state violence against the Muslim community — whether that may be through entrapment cases and surveillance programs — and our concerns about institutional racism,” Harvard wrote.

5. War veterans and PTSD assistance dog refused cab fare in Melbourne

Under law, no taxi driver is allowed to refuse a fare to a person with a disability or assistance dog.

Lucky was wearing a jacket that stated he was an assistance dog.

Even when Mr New offered to show his Young Diggers-issued ID card for Lucky, the driver wasn’t interested.

“We said he was a mental health assistance dog and we need to get back to the hospital but he just told us to get a job and refused to take us,” Mr New wrote online when posting the video.

6. With fanfare and warning to Israel, Hezbollah buries Samir Kuntar in Beirut

(And yet the ‘Free Syrian Army’ is taking credit for the assassination. What is that old expression? ‘If you can’t do, blame it on a Jew’?)

Thousands of people gathered Monday in a Hezbollah stronghold south of the Lebanese capital Beirut for the funeral of high-profile terrorist Samir Kuntar, who the Shiite group claims was killed by an Israeli airstrike near the Syrian capital overnight Saturday. […]

Supporters of the group walked behind his coffin, which was draped in a yellow Hezbollah flag. “Death to Israel,” the men shouted as women threw rice and rose petals at the coffin.

“Samir Kuntar was made for Palestine and he died a martyr for it,” Hezbollah’s Executive Assembly chief Hashim Safi Al Din said, according to the Israeli news website Ynet.

7.  Germans Scramble To Buy Weapons Amid Nationwide Spike In Migrant-Driven Crime

  • The scramble to acquire weapons comes amid an indisputable nationwide spike in migrant-driven crime, including rapes of German women and girls on a shocking scale, as well as physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies and burglaries — in cities and towns throughout the country.
  • German authorities, however, are going to great lengths to argue that the German citizenry’s sudden interest in self-defense has nothing whatsoever to do with mass migration into the country, despite ample evidence to the contrary.
  • The spike in violent crimes committed by migrants has been corroborated by a leaked confidential police report, which reveals that a record-breaking 38,000 asylum seekers were accused of committing crimes in the country in 2014. Analysts believe this figure — which works out to more than 100 crimes a day — is only a fragment: many crimes are not reported.
  • “Anyone who asks for the reasons for the surge in weapons purchases encounters silence.”Süddeutsche Zeitung

Germans, facing an influx of more than one million asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, are rushing to arm themselves.

8. Philippines: Camp for ‘Soldiers of the Caliphate’ 


(Right back to the Moros except this time, the Americans helping is somewhat more of a question than an answer)

9. Rick Santorum on the muslim twisting of Christmas in US schools

10. Outside Trump Towers there are varying views while muslims do traditional provocative activities.

(Love the sign that even heaven has gates)

Thank you Richard, M., Lolly P., Johnny U., ML., Wrath of Khan, WTD., Maria J., and all who sent in materials and hoo boy there is a lot more to come.

The driver in last night’s deliberate attack on a crowd associated with the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas has been identified as Lakeisha N. Holloway, 24, of Portland Or. USA.

Any rational person would be highly skeptical of islamic jihad at this point although it could still easily be terrorism, the distinction of which, seems to have been lost on US authorities.

One thing is certain though. As this kind of event is probably now numbering in the hundreds in the USA where there are something like two hundred and fifty three MILLION cars floating around out there and nearly everyone has one, and some people have more than one and many people actually collect them, it is time that the US and Canada introduced some kind of automobile controls and maybe a registration system. I would advise forcing people to take a course and write two tests, a written and a practical before you can legally operate one and make people carry their ‘license’ to operate one with them at al times. Also some kind of numbered ID on the vehicle itself might be a good idea. Also declaring sidewalks as ‘car free zones’ would be an excellent way to ensure the safety of pedestrians. Having said all that the most important thing now is to make sure there is no backlash against people who might have a predisposition for ramming a crowd of people associated with a beauty contest. In fact those are the only people who shouldn’t even need a ‘license’ or any kind of registration as that would be racist in some way.

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18 Replies to “How many acts of islamic jihad have there been in the US which never make it past the initial report of the incident? Links 1 on Dec 21 – 2015”

  1. Twitter: @KelseyNews3LV “I thought it was a terrorist attack. I’m from California.” – witness to #LasVegas strip crash.@News3LV
    image of vehicle, 96 Oldsmobile,

    According to that witness. there is a huge row of plants and bushes seperating the sidewalk and the strip, but the woman driver ran through both, at a speed he guessed to be 40-45 miles per hour. “People were flying off the front of her car and people were smashing into other people as she plowed through the crowd.”

    The witness went on to say “As this unfolded, the only thing I recall as this happened is the insane sound of her car accelerating and the voice from the car was screaming “Allah Akbar!” I’ve heard the sound enough times on the news that I was waiting for a bomb to blow up or guns to start firing. “

  2. 2 – There have been a number of cases of people getting sick a Walmart stores around the US, I found 4 real easy and it looked like there were more reports. These incidents occurred in many different states so there has been no official linkage, and they may not have any connection to any other case of chemicals making people sick.

  3. Anyone with any sense is arming themselves for self defense, and I am willing to bet that the illegal gun dealers are getting rich from the ordinary people who are scared enough to say to hell with the law.

  4. The Moslems are doing all they can to see to it that all American holidays are Islamic and not Christian, they are discovering that we fight back and that the resistance is only getting started.

    • True enough.
      But this “fighting back” reminds me that until the head of the snake is cut off, the slithery creature will thrash about inflicting untold injury upon the unsuspecting as well as the battle ready.

      • True but it takes time to build the anger that will let us cut the head off the snake, We are currently witnessing an increase in the frequency and intensity of the attacks. As this grows the ordinary people are going to get pissed enough to take matters in their own hands.

  5. #1
    The guy who refutes the video makes the same old point that the Sura is being taken out of context and that it’s all happening in a time of war on the battlefield so it’s not the same. Here’s a Russian joke I made up about that disingenuous little nugget…

    You’re sitting there minding your own business and preparing to eat an egg salad sandwich. But before you take the first bite a guy comes up to you, grabs the half sandwich that you’re holding in your hand, and swallows it whole.
    You say, “Hey, what gives?”.
    He burps and says, “All’s fair in love and war.”
    You say, “What war?”
    He punches you in the nose as hard as he can and says, “That war!” Then he eats the other half of the sandwich…

    • And after finishing the sandwich the Russian locked hid fingers and said, “that’s love. You are your brother’s keeper.”
      The bloody-nosed and hungry American finally grasped the lesson. This was what his President had been saying for two terms in The Whitehouse. He apologized, and in payment to the Russian gave him his jacket too. This was how play the system. Easy money. And he left to select a Person of Privilege to milk of his own.

      • With respect, my joke is pseudo – Russian in tone but the guy who steals the sandwich is not Russian. His name is Muhammad Abdallah of the bani Quraysh, Mecca, Arabia, 7th century, and the sandwich he is stealing is the Mecca caravan that he robbed after many unsuccessful attempts. The guy eating the sandwich is the Meccan guards who were fooled into believing that Muhammad’s men were “pilgrims” who had forsworn things like caravan raiding due to the fact that it was holy months and raiding was forbidden. The reason that I made up the “joke” was to illustrate the technique that Muslim apologists use to justify violence by saying that it happened on the battlefield and, well, “all’s fair in love and war”. The point I am making is that this excuse is intellectually dishonest because the “war” is a pre-existing thing but is entirely the creation of the Muslims and is nothing but a bullshit excuse for attacking people and stealing their stuff, and then being able to say, “Oh, well, it was a war. It happened on the battlefield, all’s fair etcetera, etcetera…”
        But do go on…

        • The left has been using the break the cycle of violence meme for decades, however the cycle is only broken when the ordinary Americans allow others to steal from them and never by preventing the thefts. At various times in the past 50 years they have tried to outlaw self defense in the States (and have come real close in come cases) by using the argument that defending yourself with violence just extends the cycle or violence. It is amazing the number of people who are stupid enough to believe that argument.

        • That’s it in spades for Israel.
          The international community either buys the Muslim version or welcomes attacks on the nation-state of the Jewish people for other reasons.

      • Wow, that was a fine exigesis I didn’t see coming, “all’s fair in love and war,” to mean the kuffar lands are in the “House of War,” and Muslims are permitted and expected to act accordingly.

        I thought you meant “the House of Love,” that the Socialists were in Syria for.

      • David’s video still stands up even with the hijacked ending attached. That “war” excuse is one of their biggest weapons and it’s such a load of BS. The only “war” is always the one that they are starting. Muhammad wasn’t “at war” with the Meccans, he was evading arrest for crimes he had committed against Mecca. He was a wanted criminal. It’s like Al Capone shooting FBI agents and saying it’s OK ’cause we’re “at war”. Well, see joke above…

        Unfortunately, these little Muslim memes work like crazy and serve to mislead countless millions of broad minded educated people in the non-Muslim world…

        • For a while after WWII the kids were taught how to avoid believing memes like that because they were so much like Nazi Propaganda. Then the left got control of the educational and news reporting industries and stopped the teaching. They want to use the same memes to enslave us so they can create their socialist utopia.

    • The point never is, ‘who said what,’ but who is the more honest.

      As “mischief” against Islam is any form of resistance like declaring you won’t eat anything Halal certified, a state of War is declared against you whether you like it or not.

      This goes for socialism where the Inland Revenue Service get to probe your means of livelihood.

      Two death cults.

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