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  1. Meet Australia’s ISLAMOPHILIC (Loves Islam) Prime Minister:

    ‘Israeli Arab cell set up grassroots terror infrastructure in east Jerusalem’:

    Malaysia: Top Muslim political forces talk partnership (say goodbye to any “kafir” getting into power there without force):

  2. “Doctor” Naik admits the Quranic Requirement for Killing Non-Muslims applies to entire universe (the battlefield is any place that isn’t 100% Muslim, it’s called Dar al-Harb–Land of War). When he says peace he means no non Muslims are left alive.

    • To understand this one must understand that to the Moslems peace means no more infidels, peace will be achieved when only Moslems exist. Many otherwise intelligent people refuse to accept this part of the Islamic faith and really hurt the efforts to ensure that freedom survives.

  3. Da’ish outlawed despite doubts over its existence (tribune, Dec 21, 2015)

    “After months of denying the existence of the Islamic State in Pakistan, federal authorities seem to have finally accepted that the Middle Eastern terrorist outfit is gaining a foothold in the country.

    According to a list of militant outfits proscribed by the interior ministry, the IS group – also known by its Arabic acronym of Da’ish – was banned in July. The list was shared by the country’s security czar in parliament last week.

    Considering the official stance, the government has banned Da’ish without the group’s presence in the country. The list shows the outfit was proscribed on July 15, making it the only one to have been banned in the aftermath of the APS Peshawar massacre of December last year.

    The last group to be banned was the Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz on March 15, 2013. The Hafiz Saeed-led Jamaatud Dawa happens to be under observation since Dec 1, 2005.

    So has the government is finally acknowledged the presence of the militant outfit by banning it?

    “This is contradictory to the previous statements of the government that IS does not exist in Pakistan or it is not operating in Pakistan,” said Ashraf Jahangir Qazi, former ambassador to the US and former head of Institute of Strategic Studies in Islamabad. “The government issues contradictory statements all the time. There is nothing new here.”…”

  4. Official: Extremists Attack Cars Killing 2 in Kenya’s North (abcnews, Dec 21, 2015)

    “A Kenyan official says suspected Islamic extremists killed two people when they shot at two vehicles in Kenya’s northern Mandera town.

    North Eastern Regional Coordinator Mohamud Saleh said Monday that three people were wounded in the dawn attacks by gunmen believed to be Somalia’s al-Shabab militants. He said the gunmen shot at a bus killing one passenger and wounding three others. Saleh says the rebels then shot at a truck following the bus and killed one passenger.

    Saleh said both drivers kept going after the shootings, preventing further loss of life and injury.

    Kenya has experienced a wave of retaliatory attacks by al-Shabab, which is linked to al-Qaida, since it sent troops to Somalia to fight the extremists in 2011.”

  5. Minority killings by IS ‘should be recognised as genocide’ (BBC, Dec 21, 2015)

    “The killing of minorities by so-called Islamic State should be recognised as genocide, more than 60 parliamentarians have said in a letter to the PM.

    They urge David Cameron to use his influence to reach an agreement with the UN that the term genocide be used.

    This would send the message that those responsible would be caught, tried and punished, the letter adds.

    IS has been systematically killing minority groups including Iraqi and Syrian Christians and Yazidis, it said.

    The UN has cited the Yazidis’ treatment by IS as evidence that IS may have committed genocide and war crimes in Iraq.

    The jihadist group has also been trying to eradicate minority groups from large parts of the country, human rights organisations have warned…”

  6. Saudi Air Defense Intercepts Rocket Fired From Yemen (abcnews, Dec 21, 2015)

    “The Saudi-led coalition fighting rebels in Yemen says Saudi air defense units have intercepted a rocket fired from inside Yemen in the southwest border city of Jazan.

    A statement by the coalition said the rocket, which was fired early Monday, did not cause injuries or material damage and that the Saudi Air Force reacted immediately and destroyed the launching pad inside Yemen.

    The Yemen conflict pits the internationally recognized government backed by a Saudi-led, U.S.-supported coalition against the rebels, known as Houthis, who are allied with a former president. Local affiliates of al-Qaida and the Islamic State group have exploited the chaos to grab land and exercise influence.

    Cross-border shelling has killed Saudi border guards and soldiers amid the campaign…”

  7. Taliban battle police in Afghan town of Sangin (BBC, Dec 21, 2015)

    “Fierce fighting is continuing around the police HQ in Sangin, in the Afghan province of Helmand, as security forces try to hold off a Taliban attack.

    Police Commander Mohammad Dawood told the BBC via satellite phone that he was surrounded by Taliban fighters and that he needed urgent help.

    Otherwise, he added, he and his men couldn’t hold for long as they were running out of ammunition.

    Helmand’s governor says the whole province could fall to the Taliban.

    “The bazaar is closed; we have been surrounded for the past two days,” Commander Dawood told the BBC’s Mahfouz Zubaide.

    “I have casualties lying around me; we haven’t eaten for the past two days. If we don’t get support in the next hour or so, our fighters will be captured alive.

    “We only have the police HQ under our control and have a battalion of the national army with us. The district office and the intelligence directorate are under enemy control.”..”

    • “Elisa Bianco, 22, conned teacher Sally Retallack, 49, and wrecked her life”

      “Student faked cancer and arrived at tutor’s home saying she was destitute”

      Terminal Climate Change causing immigrants to arrive with babies and tales lifted off Social Work scripts.

      “College teacher gave up work to nurse Bianco and her marriage fell apart”

      Housing, Welfare and Fatherless to receive funding until services break.

      “Tutor took fraudster to hospital every day but she would just sit in a cafe”

      Took them to Job Centers but they just sit in cafe.

      “Mrs Retallack unearthed betrayal after visiting ward but no staff knew her”

      Discovery of freeloaders casually working.

      “Judge said: ‘You heartlessly manipulated Mrs Retallack’s deepest emotions. No sentence will compensate her'”

      Socialist governments care only for the same dependency-for-power. No compensation for the dissolving nations.

  8. NJ Kohl’s Department Store Evacuated After Unknown Substance Sickens Shoppers

    A Kohl’s department store in Secaucus, New Jersey, was evacuated Sunday night after an unknown substance began to make shoppers sick.

    The store was evacuated at around 9 p.m. after employees began telling customers to leave, CBS2’s Brian Webb reported.

    The substance seemed to be coming from the front of the store by the cash registers, Webb reported. Witnesses said some shoppers were coughing, choking and even vomiting.

    Officials said at least a dozen people were affected. Firefighters and ambulances were still on scene treated sick store goers at around 11 p.m. Sunday night.

    “It was in the air and everybody had it all around the registers,” John Seboroski, a shopper, said. “When I got outside, my wife was in pretty bad shape.”

    Officials said there is no indication of a gas leak at this point.

    The investigation is ongoing.

  9. If, I repeat if this is a chemical attack the Feds will do all they can to deny this because this will be a game changer for the terror war in the US.

  10. IS jihadists stole ‘tens of thousands’ of blank passports

    Berlin (AFP) – The Islamic State group may have stolen “tens of thousands” of blank passports that it could use to smuggle its fighters into Europe as refugees, a German newspaper reported Sunday.

    The Welt am Sonntag cited Western intelligence sources as saying that IS could have acquired the stolen travel documents in areas of Syria, Iraq and Libya it now controls.

    The passports could be issued to would-be attackers to enter the European Union as asylum seekers, according to the report.

    Moreover IS has already launched a money-spinning operation with the fake documents, selling them on the black market where they fetch up to 1,500 euros ($1,630) each, Welt said.

    European authorities have repeatedly warned of the potential threat posed by refugees travelling with counterfeit documents.

    The two unidentified Stade de France attackers in Paris have been tracked back to two fake Syrian passports used to enter Europe.;_ylt=AwrXgiO003ZWWEsA_z_QtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjR0MTVzBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwM3BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–

  11. Hungary’s Migrant Stance, Once Denounced, Gains Some Acceptance

    BUDAPEST — Like most members of Hungary’s liberal intellectual elite, George Konrad, a distinguished novelist, loathes his country’s stridently illiberal prime minister, Viktor Orban.
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    “He is not a good democrat and I don’t believe he is a good person,” said Mr. Konrad, a veteran of communist-era struggles against dictatorship.

    All the same, he thinks Mr. Orban, the self-declared scourge of mainstream elites across Europe, was right and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany was wrong about how to respond to the chaotic flood of migrants seeking refuge from war and poverty — perhaps Europe’s most serious crisis since World War II.

    “It hurts to admit it, but on this point Orban was right,” Mr. Konrad, 82, said, lamenting that in the absence of a joint European effort to control the flow, Hungary was wise to seal its borders and sound the alarm over the perils of allowing hundreds of thousands of migrants, mostly Muslims, to enter Europe willy-nilly.


    Washington (AFP) – Barack Obama has reveled in defying predictions that 2015 would make him a lameduck president, but securing his final year goals — from closing Guantanamo to enacting gun control — will test the limits of White House power.

    The last year of a US presidency can be a pitiful thing.

    Many a commander-in-chief who bestrode Washington like a political Colossus can struggle to command much at all. New crises erupt, and victories won in the spring of an administration unexpectedly provoke a winter of discontent.

    In their final years, George W. Bush watched the economy fall off a cliff, Ronald Reagan was ensnared by the Iran-Contra scandal, Bill Clinton was impeached and Woodrow Wilson had a stroke.

    For Obama, a long-avoided morass in Syria and a costly quagmire in Iraq may come to define 2016, as fears grow about the threat from the Islamic State group.

    But Obama has offered Americans an alternative vision for his own eighth and final year in the Oval Office.

    • For Obama it will be an attempt to steal even more power for the President and cut the power of Congress, what most people don’t understand (because it isn’t taught in high schools any more) is that the executive orders aren’t suppose to be used when Congress is in session. The original intent was for apart time Congress and the President needed the ability to act in emergencies when Congress wasn’t in session. Since we now have a full time Congress executive orders are even more limited then when the Constitution was adopted.

  13. Russia says black box from warplane downed by Turkey unreadable

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Investigators in Moscow said on Monday they were unable to retrieve information from the damaged black box of a Russian warplane shot down by Turkey last month, data the Kremlin hoped would support its version of what happened.

    Russia’s Defence Ministry publicly opened the recorder last week, hoping its contents would confirm Moscow’s assertions that the bomber did not stray into Turkish air space and was maliciously downed.

    “Retrieving the information and a read out of flight data … has proven to be impossible because of internal damage,” said Sergei Baimetov, the Russian Air Force’s deputy head of flight safety.

    Baimetov said 13 of the flight recorder’s 16 microchips had been destroyed and that those remaining were damaged.

    Russia will now seek help from specialists, he said, saying “a lot of time” would be needed to try to achieve a breakthrough.

  14. EU extends economic sanctions on Russia for six months

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union on Monday extended economic sanctions against Russia until the end of July next year after the deadline for raising objections passed without any member state challenging the decision.

    Sanctions were introduced initially for a year on July 31, 2014, following Russia’s seizure of Ukraine’s Crimea region.

    Some diplomats in Brussels said this might be the last time punitive measures on Russia’s financial, energy and defense sectors get rolled over in their entirety.

    France and some other EU nations have sought to re-engage with Moscow on countering terrorism and seeking an end to the war in Syria. Others say there can be no rapprochement until the conditions of the Minsk ceasefire deal for Ukraine have been met.

    • The sanctions are hurting Russia but not enough to stop Putin from doing what he wants, I can’t think of a single time economic sanctions caused any nation to change their actions or goals. The economic sanctions are a way for the left to do nothing but also allow them to point to the sanctions and say they are doing all they can to stop what ever action they dislike.

  15. Israel says ‘David’s Sling’ missile shield to be deployed in 2016

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel plans to deploy its new medium-range missile interceptor David’s Sling by mid-2016 after the U.S.-backed system passed final trials, defense officials said on Monday.

    David’s Sling is designed to shoot down rockets held by Israeli antagonists such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah guerrillas with ranges of 100 to 200 km (63-125 miles), as well as cruise missiles and drones.

    David’s Sling, along with the Iron Dome short-range rocket interceptor and the Arrow ballistic missile interceptor, both already operational, will form a multi-level shield that the Israelis are developing with Washington’s help as a bulwark against Iran and its allies on the Israeli border.

    The three systems incorporate a network of radar-guided interceptors designed to shoot down everything from the low-flying, Katyusha-style rockets of Hezbollah and Palestinian guerrillas to the ballistic Shehab and Scud missiles of Iran and Syria.

    A Defence Ministry statement said on Monday that David’s Sling had passed a fourth set of field trials constituting “the final milestone before declaring delivery of an operational system to the Israeli Air Force in 2016”.

    • Thanks to Congress the US has helped develop this technology, I wish the US were committing funds to purchasing and deploying long, medium and short range missile defense systems along our borders. Hopefully Obama hasn’t managed to take all of our defenses against intercontinental missiles off line.

  16. Trump, Sanders say U.S. should not try to topple dictators

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump said separately on Sunday that the United States should not try to topple dictators such as Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, highlighting a skepticism over foreign wars that transcends party lines.

    Both candidates said the Middle East would be less tumultuous today if Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein were still in charge, arguing that the United States faces a greater threat from Islamic State and other extremist groups that have flourished in their wake.

    “The region would be much more stable” with Gaddafi, Hussein and Assad in place, Sanders, a Democrat, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

    “100 percent – is there even a doubt in your mind?” Trump, the Republican frontrunner, said in a separate interview on the same show.

    Though they agree on little else, both the Democratic challenger and Trump appeal to voters who view the 2003 invasion of Iraq as a mistake and are leery of getting too deeply involved in the region.

    • As long as they aren’t a danger to the US or our friends they are none of our business, this was why past Presidents (for the most part) left non hostile dictators alone. It took the left to start screaming that the US should protect human rights everywhere and interfere in Lybia and Syria, both actions removed dictators who had been scared out of the terror support game and weren’t supporting the Islamic conquest. Now the MB is taking advantage of our actions (which may be what Obama wanted) to take over portions of the Islamic world and both destabilize the few remaining secular governments in the Mid East.

      For decades the left has been urging the west to topple secular dictators and then using the ensuing chaos to try and install Marxist governments while blaming the chaos on the conservatives.

      • Soviet strategies, stool-pigeon dictators.
        Inbred, primitive, violent peoples: arm them, point them at something, shout “Enemy!”

        Cold war casualties. Vulnerable societies with a thin layer of urbanization, shallow first-generation literacy. Child’s play to turn some edgy, young journalist to the hard Left. The nucleus of a cell that might overthrow a petty princeling or hijack a plane.

        The Soviet Union having fallen, the muck the Soviets stirred up is falling back on the Motherland. Or will do, very shortly. All these free-floating crazy Muslims.

        Let it be on their own heads ~ I’d say ~
        ~ except it’s too late for the Brezhnevs, Andropovs, Chernenkos, et al.

        And I’ve come to love real-live Russkis. Lots of them. Worry about their kids. Figuring out how to stash the treasures of the Louvre to the Hermitage for safe-keeping.

        And the bad-old Warsaw Pact countries are showing commonsense and tenacity that just might save the spoiled, arrogant Nato brats.

        • I have nothing but respect for the Russian people and nothing but disdain for the KGB people who have seized power in Russia, And yes despite the Machiavellian maneuvers of Putin it will probably be Russia and Eastern Europe that pulls Western Europe’s chestnuts out of the fire. During the first Islamic conquest it was Austria and Poland that saved the west with the help of a very large number of German and Italian Mercenaries. History repeats itself and the fools who say that we are doomed no matter what we do should read of the fight the brave made in the 14 adn 1500s, the fight that broke the back of the Islamic conquest and allowed the Renaissance to flourish and bring about the enlightenment. Once again Christendom is in disarray and in need of a new reformation and what passes for civilization is falling to the internal and external barbarians. The west needs a leader to match Putin and to keep Western Europe free once we have once again liberated them. Sadly it is looking like Britain will be one of the nations that need liberating, they were always a shining example of how to manage freedom democracy and a feudal system until they fell prey to the Marxists who took away the old Saxon right of all free men being armed. We must all remember our heritage of freedom bought with the blood or our forefathers and we must ensure that we pass this heritage down to our children and grandchildren.

          Here are two quotes from the late great Robert Anson Heinlein:

          An armed man is a free man.

          You can’t enslave a free man, the worst you can do is kill him.

          • [T]he fools who say that we are doomed no matter what we do
            They’re doomed already! They’ve given up!

            It happens. In concentration camp, the survivors knew when a fellow inmate was going to die. The person who told me this [G-d rest her soul] called them moros – strangely. Didn’t matter if they were still physically robust, they were dead behind the eyes and you watched because there’d be a shred of blanket or moldy crust of bread to steal.

            • I say moros “strangely” because she used to think in German when she spoke of these things in English.
              It would’ve been lived in concentration camp lingua franca, then stored in her German-language long-term memory. Passed through all these filters to explain things to an American child.

          • Here’s a quote back: Deuteronomy 30:19
            Moses says to the Children of Israel:
            I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live […].

            It comes down to a choice. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, there’s a decision. Whatever you choose, your children will inherit, for good or for ill.

  17. Afghan Taliban bomber kills six NATO troops as violence rises (yahoo, Dec 21, 2015)

    “A motorcycle-riding Taliban suicide bomber killed six NATO soldiers near Kabul Monday, in a brazen attack as the resurgent militant group battled to seize a key southern district in Afghanistan’s opium-growing heartland.

    The military coalition did not disclose the nationality of the soldiers killed in the attack, which highlights a worsening security situation a year after the NATO combat mission ended.

    The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack near Bagram, the largest US military base in Afghanistan, during a joint patrol of NATO and Afghan forces.

    “Six (NATO) service members died as a result of a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attack,” the US-led coalition said in a statement, adding that three others were wounded.

    The bombing marks one of the deadliest attacks on foreign troops in Afghanistan this year and coincides with a fierce militant offensive to capture the strategic district of Sangin in Helmand province.

    Local residents reported crippling food shortages in the district, long seen as a hornet’s nest of insurgent activity, after the Taliban began storming government buildings on Sunday….”

  18. Hungary accuses Austria of ‘stupidity’ in refugee crisis (yahoo, Dec 21, 2015)

    “Hungary has accused Austria of confusing “solidarity and stupidity” after Vienna said that nations which do not accept their share of refugees under European Union quotas should face sanctions.

    Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann had said that countries who did not cooperate with the programme and received more money from the EU than they put in should see their subsidies cut.

    “The Austrian chancellor does not see the difference between solidarity and stupidity” said Budapest’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto.

    “Solidarity means helping people who are in danger where they live, and helping them to return home once the conflict is finished,” Szijjarto told Hungarian national press agency MTI Sunday.

    “Stupidity is letting hundreds of thousands of people — millions — into Europe with no controls, while everyone, Europeans and migrants alike, can see they’ll never get what they hoped for here,” he said….”

  19. Taliban treated alongside angry soldiers in Afghan hospital (yahoo, Dec 21, 2015)

    “The injured Taliban fighter stands shackled, with his face covered by a ski mask and wearing a helmet to block out noise so that, for security reasons, he cannot tell where he is.

    The insurgent was wounded while battling the Afghan army and is now flanked by soldiers throughout his medical treatment at the nation’s largest military hospital.

    He is cared for alongside the very men whose comrades he once faced in battle, and the troops are furious about the arrangement at Kabul’s Sardar Mohammed Daoud Khan hospital.

    “We are treated in the same place, it’s very strange but there is nothing I can do,” says Mohammed, a soldier with a bullet wound to the leg who is just two rooms away from his enemy.

    “Senior people make these decisions for us. It’s appalling,” he added. The Taliban “have no dignity… they don’t have enough courage to be soldiers so they destroy our country and kill”.

    The policy to treat Taliban fighters who have waged a decade-long insurgency in Afghanistan is a sore point at a time when casualties among security forces are soaring….”

  20. Malaysia’s first Islamic-compliant airline takes off (yahoo, Dec 20, 2015)

    “Malaysia’s first Islamic-compliant airline Rayani Air began operations Sunday with its maiden flight taking off from the capital to the resort island of Langkawi, local media reported.

    In-flight meals served on board its flights are completely halal, with alcohol consumption strictly prohibited.

    Muslim flight crew must don the hijab while non-Muslim crew are to be decently dressed, managing director Jaafar Zamhari told reporters.

    There will also be prayer recitals before take-off.

    “We are the first Malaysian airline to be shariah-compliant based on guidelines by relevant authorities. We are proud of this,” Jaffar was quoted as saying by The Star newspaper.

    “The shariah-compliant aspects will be refined as time goes by,” he added using the Arabic word for Islamic law.

    There are already other shariah-friendly carriers operating around the world, and UK-based Firnas Airways is planning to offer similar flights next year, according to a Bloomberg new agency report.

    Under the concept of halal — meaning “permissible” in Arabic — pork and its by-products, alcohol and animals not slaughtered according to Islamic procedures are all “haram” or forbidden.

    Halal standards also apply to products such as cosmetics, which may contain animal-derived ingredients, and the conditions under which they are prepared and stored.

    Muslim-majority Malaysia has long practised a moderate form of Islam but conservative attitudes are rising.

    A company recently introduced halal bottled mineral water in Malaysia, and Islamic speed dating sessions — where single women are chaperoned — have been embraced.

    A halal convention in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year, which drew thousands of delegates and hundreds of exhibitors, showcased products ranging from food and cosmetics to collagen produced from yaks in Tibet.”

  21. Norway to teach Muslim “refugees” that they can’t rape women

    Abdu Osman Kelifa, a Muslim asylum seeker:
    “Men have weaknesses and when they see someone smiling it is difficult to control, in Eritrea if someone wants a lady he can just take her and he will not be punished, at least not by the police”.

    Henry Ove Berg, police chief during the spike in rape cases:
    “People from some parts of the world have never seen a girl in a miniskirt, only in a burqa. When they get to Norway, something happens in their heads.”

    According to the state broadcaster, NRK, which reviewed court documents, only three of 20 men found guilty in those cases (rape cases) were native Norwegians, the rest immigrants.

    • It will be like training mules, you use gentle loving kindness to train the mule, but first you have to get his attention with a big club.

  22. Iranian hackers accessed control system of NY dam in 2013

    Iranian hackers reportedly breached the control system of a small dam just outside New York City in 2013. The incident sparked concerns about cyber security vulnerabilities throughout the federal government, all the way to the White House.

    Via the Wall Street Journal:

    The breach came amid attacks by hackers linked to Iran’s government against the websites of U.S. banks, and just a few years after American spiehad damaged an Iranian nuclear facility with a sophisticated computer worm called Stuxnet. In October 2012, then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called out Iran’s hacking, prompting fears of cyberwar.

    The still-classified dam intrusion illustrates a top concern for U.S. officials as they enter an age of digital state-on-state conflict. America’s power grid, factories, pipelines, bridges and dams — all prime targets for digital armies — are sitting largely unprotected on the Internet. And, unlike in a traditional war, it is sometimes difficult to know whether or where an opponent has struck. In the case of the dam hack, federal investigators initially thought the target might have been a much larger dam in Oregon.

  23. During an interview with NPR, President Barack Obama suggested saturated media coverage of ISIS could be fueling terror fears in the United States.

    • We are receiving radicals from all Islamic nations and since it is very easy to buy fake passports that will pass inspection all Islamic immigration must be stopped until we figure out a way to stop all forms of jihad in the west.

  24. DAILY MAIL – ISIS mock the West by unveiling its new ‘Islamic police force’ in Libya as the terror group claims to be the only ones capable of stabilising the country

    ISIS in Libya release new video showing off their ‘Islamic Police’
    The jihadi police force shown patrolling through the streets of Sirte
    Their vehicles include blue flashing lights as they stop people at regular checkpoints

  25. With fanfare and warning to Israel, Hezbollah buries Samir Kuntar in Beirut

    Free Syrian Army: Hezbollah is lying, we killed Kuntar, not Israel

    Syrian rebel group posts video to YouTube claiming responsibility for the assassination of the Hezbollah terrorist.


  26. Germany: Potsdam’s ‘Kremlin’ to house hundreds of refugees

    Potsdam’s ‘Kremlin’ former parliament building in Brandenburg Region will host around 100 refugees until the end of the year, said local authorities on Monday during a press conference and an open day.

    Up to 470 asylum seekers will be accommodated in the 4500-square metre building over the next three months. According to local media, the estimated costs of €1.6 million ($1.75 million) for a refugee shelter are to be paid from the city budget.

  27. 2015-07-08
    Meet the angels who opened their hearts and home to 143 lost strangers

    A KwaZulu-Natal family (WHITE FAMILY) has opened its 20-hectare farm to 143 foreign nationals, including children, who were displaced during the recent xenophobic attacks.

    The owners of Hope Farm in Killarney Valley, KwaZulu-Natal, are living in fear after allegedly being threatened by foreigners who were given refuge on their farm.

    Owners of Hope Farm in Cato Ridge, ­Andrew and Rae Wartnaby, were yesterday forced to evacuate their 10 children from their farm house in fear that they would be attacked or used as “bargaining tools”.

    This, after a group of the foreign nationals they are housing on their farm attacked their home in the early hours of yesterday morning and threatened to kill Andrew.

  28. Jouneyman Pictures – Pegida On Rise As Germany Divided Over Refugees

    The PEGIDA movement is spreading across Germany, accelerated by Merkel’s decision to open the country’s borders. This report travels between PEGIDA, aid volunteers and refugees to explore a widening political division.

    In Dresden, the birthplace of PEGIDA, protesters convene at a square once named after Adolf Hitler to rally against the open-door policy of Angela Merkel. “She has no right to mix the German people, to create a new people, influenced by Islam”, explains Tatjana Festerling, the party’s second in command. “Merkel is the most dangerous woman in Europe.” Around 40,000 refugees came to Germany in just 6 weeks, but now German society appears to be increasingly polarised. Extensive support has been provided to refugees in Germany by the army, the Red Cross and volunteers. “It’s just humanity. It has nothing to do with being a German”, explains one volunteer. Yet even volunteers are becoming wary of the mass influx: “We do not know who is coming, that’s frightening”. Mikko Stübner-Lankuttis, who grew up in West Berlin, describes the collective German guilt that has been passed down to his generation: “For this reason alone we cannot refuse these refugees with a clear conscience”. As German TV presenter Anke Plättner describes, “It is engrained in us Germans: the cry of ‘never again'”. As past and present collide, Germany’s multicultural future hangs in the balance.

    • Germany: PEGIDA rallies against refugees in Dresden

      […]Protesters waved German and PEGIDA flags along with race-related symbols such the US confederate flag.

  29. Muslim Organizations Start Outreach Campaign

    The US Council of Muslim Organizations announced Monday a nationwide campaign to educate Americans about being Muslim and also to help direct Muslims away from the Islamic State.

  30. This is terribly worrisome. No one’s paying attention to Iran’s provocations anymore.

    Analysis: The U.S. Is Enabling Iranian Expansion in Syria

    For the last four years, Syria has been the main arena in which Iran has pursued its goal of regional dominance. With Western countries now paralyzed — sometimes literally so — by the thought of further ISIS atrocities, Iran has wasted no time in playing the situation to its advantage. In the last couple of weeks, there have been rumors flying around that Iran was actually in retreat from Syria. Yet the reverse is true; the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps is getting ready to deploy fighter aircraft in Syria on Assad’s behalf.

    What this represents is a direct threat to Israel, whose air force has already been compelled to engage in occasional strikes against the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah. While a global crisis was just about averted after the Turks shot down on a Russian jet in the border area with Syria, we might not be so lucky in the event of a clash between Israeli and Iranian fighter planes.

    For that reason, it’s not enough to close our eyes and wish we could fast forward to a new US administration in January 2017. In the year between now and then, much can happen — will happen — unless the Iranians are told clearly to back off, with the consequences of not doing so unambiguously laid out. For years, President Obama told us that “all options” were on the table in dealing with Iran. He has not, so far as I am aware, backed down on that formula, which now needs to be revived in the Syrian theater. Because if it isn’t, the atrocities, the refugee outflows, and the spread of deadly Islamist ideology will reach new heights.

    • I think the author is all wet about American politics.
      The point here is that Iran may be making hay while the sun shines. The situation on Israel’s borders will undoubtedly deteriorate in a year.
      And what about those ballistic missile tests? Iran’s aiming those things at our heart.

  31. UK – BLACKBURN -‘SHOCKING’: Outrage after two pigs heads dumped at Blackburn Islamic school

    RELIGIOUS, political and community leaders led by the Bishop of Blackburn have condemned the dumping of two pigs heads at an Islamic girls school.

    The Rt Rev Julian Henderson said the incident, being treated by police as a hate crime, was ‘abhorrent’ and ‘shocking’.

    He was joined in his condemnation by the Dean of Blackburn Christopher Armstrong, the town’s MP Kate Hollern, and the chair of Lancashire’s Council of Mosques Abdul Hamid Qureshi.

    The pig heads, particularly offensive to Muslims to whom pork is an ‘impure’ meat, were left at the gates of the Markazul Uloom Girls School in Park Lee Road, Blackburn at the weekend.

    Last week graffiti painted on the school wall reading ‘no mosque’ had to be removed.

    Police said they were called on Saturday at 7am after one pig’s head was found at the school gates and the other thrown over them.

    Officers said they are treating the incident as a ‘possibly racially or religiously motivated’ crime.

    Extra patrols have been brought in by police to reassure alarmed residents as officers appeal for help to catch those responsible.

    The incident follows a controversial planning application been submitted to build a mosque with dome and minarets, at the school which has generated an online protest petition with almost 2,000 signatures.

    Bishop Julian said: “I utterly condemn this abhorrent act which will shock any right thinking person.

    “Whoever is responsible should hang their heads in shame.

    “If certain individuals feel there should not be a mosque on this site there are established routes to make their objections.

    “The location of this incident, a school for girls, causes me particular concern.”

    Mrs Hollern said: “I was horrified to hear about this incident.

    “Blackburn has a record of promoting community cohesion and of every person treating others with dignity and respect.”

    Mr Qureshi, the chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, said those responsible wanted to ‘stir up hatred’.

    He said after visiting the school gates: “It is appalling, disgusting and insulting to our faith.

    “This is about stirring up hatred.

    “The equivalent would be leaving these items outside a Jewish Synagogue.

    “It is particularly distressing after what has been happening in Syria and Paris.”

    Dean Armstrong said the incident was the ultimate insult.

    He said: “I am appalled at the knee jerk reaction of some people.

    “They could not have tried harder to insult followers of the Muslim faith.

    “This comes at a time after the Paris attacks when some people feel particularly vulnerable.”

    Blackburn with Darwen Council leader Cllr Mohammed Khan said: “This is a criminal act and any reasonable person will be appalled by this.

    “We can’t let such actions overshadow all the positives and great features in our community and our borough.”

    Residents in the area said they felt the incident was all about causing community divisions.

    One said: “I think it’s there to stir up racial hatred.

    “It’s there to cause divisions.

    “It’s something that has upset all sides of the community. Where does this end?”

    Another said: “This is not just a Muslim issue it is a community issue.

    “Incidents like this cause distrust in the community and it stirs up religious hatred.

    “I have talked to two girls who go to the school and they’re scared to go back because they think something is going to happen.

    “They’re 11-years-old and they’re scared of wearing they’re head scarves or showing that they’re Muslim. It’s disgusting.”

    Highercroft ward councillor and borough deputy leader Andy Kay said: “The whole issue of the school has been going on for many years now.

    “There has been some vandalism where windows have been smashed but nothing like this.

    “There are one or two members of the community who seem to have got hold of the wrong end of the stick and think there’s already a mosque there but it is a long way from that at the moment.

    “This incident is unacceptable, unreasonable and unnecessary, “Any reasonable minded person would be appalled by this extremely unpleasant incident.

    “I would ask all sides of the community for restraint and to not overreact.”

    Blackburn Chief Inspector Sheena Tattum said: “The incident is being treated as a hate crime, possibly racially or religiously motivated.

    “This is being treated extremely seriously and we understand the concern that incidents like this, while thankfully rare, can cause in the community.

    “We have put extra patrols on in the area to try to offer some reassurance.

    “An investigation is underway to identify those responsible.

    “We have carried out house to house inquiries in the area and done a search through CCTV.

    We would appeal for anyone who has any information to call police on 101.”

    Nobody from the school was available for comment.

  32. YouTube Suspends Investigative Reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s Full Measure News

    Sharyl Attkisson, formerly an investigative reporter with CBS, recently launched Full Measure News. Those who have followed Attkisson on Twitter know that she has been relentless in her pursuit of stories that have been abandoned by the mainstream news, such as the Fast and Furious scandal and Benghazi.

    Full Measure News was to be an independent outlet for investigative reporting, but tonight Attkisson is reporting that the entire Full Measure News account has been pulled by YouTube.



    Born in 1978 and raised in a Baptist household in Missouri, Jeremy Bird is a graduate of Wabash College and Harvard Divinity School. At Harvard he studied conflict resolution and the role of religion in politics and war, and was strongly influenced by Professor Marshall Ganz, a veteran civil-rights organizer. Ganz introduced Bird to an organizing philosophy that emphasized “the role of storytelling—and emotion—in motivating [people’s] participation” in political activity.

    This sparked Bird’s passionate interest in politics and led him to work on the (unsuccessful) presidential campaigns of Democratic candidates Howard Dean in 2003 and John Kerry in 2004. Also in 2004, he served as a national trainer for staff at the Democratic National Committee.[1] Around that same time, Bird developed a great admiration for Barack Obama, who had studied and practiced the same kind of community organizing that Bird had learned from Professor Ganz. In 2007 Ganz became an adviser to Senator Obama’s national presidential campaign, and Bird was appointed as the campaign’s primary field director for South Carolina.

    In that role, Bird put into practice the principles he learned from Get Out the Vote, a 2008 book by Ivy League social scientists Donald Green and Alan Gerber. Having studied the results of ten election cycles from 1998 to 2007, the authors concluded that the single most effective means of motivating potentially supportive voters to go to the polls on Election Day was the use of repeated personal contacts from an enthusiastic and persistent campaign volunteer. By comparison, said Green and Gerber, tactics like automated phone calls, flyer distribution, and mass e-mails were virtually useless.

    • Unbelievably disgusting resume.
      The Divinity School was always soft, then it became a place to stash diversity-hires. Now they have courses on sharia, Saudi-endowed chairs for professors of the lie.
      And a bird like this stage-manages national elections. They’re downright dangerous.

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