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  1. Bomb in Market Kills 12 in Pakistani Tribal Region (abcnews, Dec 13, 2015)

    “A bomb explosion in a market Sunday killed 12 people and injured over 30 others in Pakistan’s Kurram tribal region near the Afghan border, an official said.

    The bomb exploded as the market in the town of Parachinar was crowded with shoppers buying warm clothes in preparation for winter, said Mahtab Hussain, a local government official.

    Husain said some of the most seriously injured were airlifted to hospitals in other cities. He predicted the death toll might rise due to the severity of some of the injuries.

    The nature of the explosion is being investigated but officials believe it was a planted bomb that was detonated by remote control, Hussain said.

    Parachinar is the main town in the Kurram tribal region, which has been a scene of violence from Islamic militants and sectarian conflict between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Suicide attacks and planted bomb explosions have killed scores in the Kurram region.

    Pakistan’s military has carried out regular operations in the region to eliminate militants and control sectarian strife.”

  2. Russia says fired warning shots at Turkish ship in Aegean to avoid collision: Ifx (reuters, Dec 13, 2015)

    “The Russian Defence Ministry said on Sunday one of its warships, the destroyer Smetlivy, had been forced to fire warning shots at a Turkish vessel in the Aegean Sea to avoid a collision and that it had summoned the Turkish military attache over the incident.

    The Interfax news agency said that the Turkish vessel, which the ministry did not name, had failed to respond to earlier warnings, but had sharply changed course after shots were fired before passing within 500 meters of the Russian warship.”

  3. Afghan forces battle to hold off Taliban in Helmand district (reuters, Dec 13, 2015)

    “Afghan forces are battling to hold Marjah district center in the volatile southern province of Helmand that Taliban insurgents have cut off as part of a months-long campaign in which they have taken three districts and threatened the regional capital.

    Helmand police chief Abdul Rahman Sarjang said on Sunday security forces were holding on in the governor’s compound and police and army headquarters but that surrounding areas were all in the hands of the insurgents.

    “Afghan police and army have a presence in Marjah district center and the rest is controlled by Taliban,” Sarjang said.

    Helmand, an arid, semi-desert region and major center of opium cultivation, has long been one of the Taliban’s heartlands and they have put increasing pressure on security forces since the withdrawal of international troops from combat last year.

    Major Taliban attacks in Kandahar and the capital Kabul last week underlined the Islamist movement’s ability to strike high-profile targets and heaped pressure on the government of President Ashraf Ghani. But its steady advances in Helmand pose a potentially more serious threat to the U.S.-backed government….”

  4. Saudi-led air strikes kill 19 Yemeni civilians: residents (reuters, Dec 13, 2015)

    “Saudi-led air strikes killed 19 Yemeni civilians in bombings of homes and a market on Sunday, residents said, a day before a U.N.-brokered ceasefire is set to start ahead of peace talks to end eight months of war.

    Villagers in al-Hajawara in northern Hajjah province said multiple air bombings killed 12 people inside their homes and wounded 30 others. Residents in the southern district of Qabatiya said 7 civilians were killed in an attack on a market.

    A Saudi military spokesman could not be immediately reached for comment.

    Yemen’s Iran-allied Houthi group is fighting a civil war against loyalists of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, whose embattled government has been backed by air strikes and ground forces from a mainly Gulf Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

    Half of the nearly 6,000 people killed in the fighting and air strikes are civilians, including 637 children, according to the United Nations.

    A seven-day ceasefire is due to start on Monday, the day before planned U.N.-sponsored peace talks in Switzerland, senior officials on both sides of the civil war said…”

  5. German police use water cannon to disperse protesters opposed to neo-Nazi march

    BERLIN (Reuters) – German police fired water cannon to disperse stone-throwing leftist protesters who tried to block a march by neo-Nazi activists in Leipzig on Saturday.

    About 1,000 anti-fascist protesters set fire to rubbish bins and wooden barricades to prevent 200 supporters of small neo-Nazi groups from marching in the city, Saechsiche Zeitung newspaper reported.

    Police said several people were hurt in the violence and the situation remains tense. They did not say whether those injured were civilians or policemen.

    Officers trying to keep the demonstrators apart came under attack from the larger leftist crowd, police said.

  6. Russian destroyer fires warning shots at Turkish fishing boat on collision course in Aegean

    A Russian destroyer had to open warning fire as a Turkish fishing vessel sailed on a collision course towards them and didn’t respond to calls from the warship, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

    The incident happened in the northern part of the Aegean Sea some 12 nautical miles from the Greek island of Lemnos, the ministry said.

    The crew of the Kashin-class guided missile destroyer Smetlivy spotted the Turkish fishing trawler some 1,000 meters from the Russian warship early on Sunday morning, the ministry said. The ship was sailing towards the destroyer and ignored calls for radio contact and other attempts to communicate.

    • Russia sends warning to West with show of strength in Syria

      Until last Tuesday, America and Britain were the only countries with a proven ability to fire cruise missiles at land targets from submarines.

      Then a salvo of missiles burst through the placid surface of the Mediterranean and soared into a cloudless sky, demonstrating that Russia had become the third member of this elite club.

      The cruise missiles launched from a Kilo-class submarine provided visible proof of how President Vladimir Putin is using his intervention in Syria as a showcase for Russian military prowess.

      Advanced warplanes – never previously used in combat – are being dispatched into Syrian skies, the best tanks in the Russian army are fighting on the ground, and flights of cruise missiles are soaring overhead.

  7. At first stop on Europe’s refugee trail, a 21st-century Ellis Island is born

    LESBOS, Greece — With its aqua-blue waters, olive-tree-studded hills and well-preserved ancient ruins, this jewel in the Aegean Sea can hardly be compared to an island built of landfill in the mouth of New York Harbor.

    Yet in a year of unparalleled migration to Europe, Lesbos has been transformed from a quietly sublime slice of paradise to a modern-day Ellis Island. It’s the first port of call for a multiethnic, multi­national tide of humanity seeking relief from war, persecution and poverty — the funnel through which thousands pass daily in search of a better life.

    In recent months, the extraordinary pace of landings here has rivaled the historic peaks on the island that for decades formed the main gateway to the United States and that is still known worldwide as a byword for immigration.

      • OT I don’t know if you read my comments on the thread where the cell phone purchases were first reported but I live between Columbia and Macon, Columbia has a population of over 100,000 with three universities or collages in it. Macon is about one tenth the size of Columbia but both have interstate highways running through them as does Jeff City (the name of the State Capital is Jefferson City not the city of Jefferson like so many author and reporters use) Lebanon also has an interstate highway running through it. I want to think some more on this subject.

  8. EU border force plan faces resistance from governments

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) – A proposal to give the EU’s executive the power to send forces unbidden into member states to defend the common European frontier will face resistance from some countries when it is published this week.

    The European Commission wants to be able to deploy personnel from a new European Border and Coastguard Agency without, as currently required, the consent of the state concerned, EU officials told Reuters in early December, reflecting frustration with Greek reluctance to seek help with migrants.

    European Union officials call it a largely theoretical “nuclear option” and stress that any infringement of national sovereignty would be balanced by the power of a majority of member states to block Commission intervention – similar to checks agreed during the euro debt crisis.

    The Commission will set out the plan on Tuesday to reinforce its Frontex agency with up to six times more staff, EU officials said, following a commitment to an EU border guard in September by President Jean-Claude Juncker.

    • The Socialists in the EU are not letting this crisis go to waste, they are trying to take a little more power away from the European nations.

      • They want to ensure that any unified EU-emergency response force is subject to veto by a local Tard or bribed fellow-traveler who’s ensconced in the bureaucracy.

  9. China navy carries out more drills in disputed South China Sea

    BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s navy has in recent days carried out more exercises in the disputed South China Sea, the Defence Ministry said on Sunday, calling them routine drills.

    China claims almost all of the energy-rich waters of the South China Sea, through which more than $5 trillion of maritime trade passes each year. The Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan have overlapping claims.

    “The People’s Liberation Army Navy in recent days organized a fleet to go to relevant seas in the South China Sea, by way of the Western Pacific, to carry out exercises,” China’s Defence Ministry said in a brief statement.

    “This action is a routine arrangement made in accordance with this year’s naval training plan,” it added, without elaborating.

    Pictures on social media accounts of Chinese state media have in recent days shown pictures of Chinese navy ships engaged in live-fire exercises in the South China Sea, without saying where exactly they took place.

  10. Suspect arrested for arson, hate crime in California mosque fire

    COACHELLA, Calif. (Reuters) – Police have arrested a 23-year-old man suspected of setting a fire at a Southern California mosque in a hate attack, following the massacre of 14 people in San Bernardino by a Muslim couple in what the FBI is treating as an act of terror, authorities said on Saturday.

    Carl James Dial Jr was arrested in connection with Friday’s fire in the entrance of Islamic Society of the Coachella Valley, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

    Authorities have said the fire caused no injuries. But it charred the building’s stucco front entrance, leaving it with chunks of plaster torn out and littered with debris.

    The blaze heightened concerns about an anti-Islamic backlash in the wake of the Dec. 2 massacre of 14 people by U.S.-born Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his Pakistani-born wife Tashfeen Malik, 29, at a holiday party in San Bernardino, about 75 miles (121 km) northwest of Coachella.

    The FBI has said it is treating the shooting as an act of terrorism, citing the couple’s declaration that they were acting on behalf of the Islamic State militant group.

  11. CANADA -This video of kids singing in Arabic to welcome Syrian refugees has the Internet in tears

    MONTREAL — It’s a shaky and grainy video, but its message is what has the Internet in tears.

    This YouTube video shows a children’s choir singing what appears to be a welcome song for Syrian refugees in Arabic.

    The song, ‘Tala’ al-Badru ‘Alayna,’ is a traditional Islamic melody sung to the Prophet Muhammad.

    The video was posted on December 11 with the title “Welcome To Canada Syrian Refugees”.

    Since then, the video has over 50,000 views and is flooded with comments from emotional viewers.

    Canadian children performed the same song for refugees that was sung to Mohamed when he sought refuge

    The traditional song ‘Tala’ al-Badru ‘Alayna’ is one of the oldest in Islam. It was sung by the Ansar (Helpers) to the Prophet Mohamed when he sought refuge in their city of Medina and its message is one of welcome and hope.

    Several commenters on social media said the gesture made them cry.–bkgmHgATicl

  12. Poland: Thousands rally in support of ruling Law and Justice Party in Warsaw

    Tens of thousands of Poles marched through the streets of Warsaw to support the right-wing and Eurosceptic ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party.

  13. CNN – Trump defends proposal to ban Muslims entering U.S.

    In an interview with State of the Union’s Jake Tapper Donald trump defended his proposal to band all Muslims from entering the United States.

    ( 12 min 56 )

  14. Belgium: At least 13 injured as blast destroys building facade in Verviers

    A powerful blast rocked a building in Verviers, a town in eastern Belgium, almost completely destroying its facade according to local media reports, causing people to flee the scene in a rush on Sunday. It is not yet known what caused the explosion; however, local media are reporting that at least 13 people have been injured as a result of the incident.

  15. Sweden: Shambles in Asylum Heaven

    In spite of the supposedly tighter asylum rules announced November 24, chaos rules in Sweden. So far, in 2015, 150,000 asylum seekers have been registered; but as there is nowhere to house them, people are sleeping in tents, on cardboard boxes in exhibition halls, and even on the street. Many run away from the Immigration Service facilities. More than 22,000 people are supposed to be deported but refuse to leave. Swedes are understandably terrified that terrorists might be hiding among the refugees. The police are busy with pointless border controls and cannot attend to their normal work. It is not an exaggeration to say that in this situation, Sweden has lost track of pretty much everything.

    Even the asylum seekers are complaining. On a Swedish public television program, Uppdrag Granskning, aired on December 2, Salwa, a mother of young children, told the reporter how she is forced to live in an asylum house along with men she called “bad people.” When the reporter explained to Salwa that 10,000 new asylum seekers arrive every week, and this was why everything was topsy-turvy, she replied: “Then close the borders. Stop taking in more people. If you have ten guests in your house and there is not enough room, would you still take in ten more?”

    Sweden’s Social Democrat Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, said in an interview last April with the daily Sydsvenskan,

    “There is no limit [to the number of refugees Sweden can accept]. We will accept refugees according to the conventions that bind us. We have done it before. In the early 1990s, many came from the former Republic of Yugoslavia. Today, they are a natural part of the Swedish society. They contribute a lot.”

    So, when Prime Minister Löfven and Vice Prime Minister, Åsa Romson (Green Party) presented their new, tougher immigration policy on November 24, it sent shockwaves through the Swedish establishment. Journalists, who never asked the governing politicians a single critical question about their affinity for open borders, now appeared stunned — despite one authority after another, during the last few months, having warned of an imminent systemic collapse. When Romson started crying during the live press conference because, she said, she was “forced” to be a part of the tightening of the world’s most generous immigration policy, everyone believed that these new immigration rules must be for real.

  16. Turkey’s “Spies,” EU’s “Human Rights”

    On January 19, 2014, the Turkish Gendarmerie command in southern Turkey searched three trucks heading for Syria. Accompanying the trucks were Turkish intelligence officers; the trucks had a bizarre cargo: In the first container, were 25-30 missiles or rockets and 10-15 crates loaded with ammunition; in the second, 20-25 missiles or rockets, 20-25 crates of mortar rounds and anti-aircraft ammunition in five or six sacks. The crates had markings in the Cyrillic alphabet. One of the drivers testified that the cargo had been loaded onto the trucks from a foreign airplane at Ankara’s Esenboga Airport and that, “We carried similar loads several times before.”

    It was evident that the arms were bound for jihadists fighting against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s regional nemesis, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Nearly two years later, Erdogan would nearly confess to the arms shipments. “What does it matter if it [the cargo] was arms or not,” he said on November 24. The incident still has grave consequences for some Turks.

    In May 2015, the secular daily newspaper Cumhuriyet published on its front page video and photographic evidence of arms deliveries by the Turkish intelligence services to Islamist groups in Syria. A month later, President Erdogan himself filed a criminal complaint against Cumhuriyet’s editor-in-chief, the prominent journalist, Can Dundar, and the newspaper’s Ankara bureau chief, Erdem Gul. In a public speech, Erdogan said: “He who ran this story will pay heavily for it.”

    On November 26, the journalists Dundar and Gul went to an Istanbul prosecutor to testify. On the same day, they were arrested under a court order. Their lawyers’ two appeals for their release were rejected.

  17. 72 DHS Employees on a Terror Watchlist

    A congressional investigation found 72 employees of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) were on a terror watchlist at the same time.

    “Back in August, we did an investigation—the inspector general did—of the Department of Homeland Security,” Rep. Stephen Lynch (D- Massachusetts) told Boston public radio “and they had 72 individuals that were on the terrorist watch list that were actually working at the Department of Homeland Security.”

    “The [former DHS] director had to resign because of that,” he added.

    Similar failures were seen in France, where 57 workers at Charles de Gaulle international airport in Paris were found to be on a terror watchlist. A full review of all 1,000 employees was ordered as a result.

    • OT: Just so you know if I’m posting erratically –

      I’m tangled up in my buggy new system. I don’t have the time or patience to sort through the “community discussions” that constitute ‘support’ these days. Even essential software updates mean sifting through screens-full of content-free chat.

      I have the latest Pogue reference tome, but it’s going to take time to adjust. Ten one-on-one lessons are included with the system purchase, but I don’t want to burn through them too fast.

      At least I’ve gone wireless. The cable guy saw my coat-hanger cum paper-clip, make-shift ethernet and LOL-ed.

  18. Reps. Visit Radical Mosque in “Anti-Islamophobia” Act

    In the wake of the California Islamist terrorist attack, a group of congresspeople visited the extremist Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Virginia in an ‘show of solidarity’ with ordinary, non-extremist Muslims in America.

    The idea for the visit was conceived before the California Islamist terror shooting but after the Paris attack. “We just thought it was really important to continue to reiterate to the many, many peace-loving Muslim Americans that they were still a welcome part of our community,” Representative Don Beyer (D-Virgina), one of the organizers of the visit, told The New York Times.

    Speaking the day after the California attack and just one day before the visit, Beyer said, “Yesterday does make it a little harder. It’s just another unfortunate data point. So, I think it’s more necessary than ever to go talk to the people who have nothing to do with that [editor’s emphasis].”

    Either Beyer and his group of lawmakers failed to research the history of the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, or they are incredibly naïve. Both are enormous problems and speak volumes about the inadequate strategy currently in place in the United States government for weeding out radical Islamists before they wreak more havoc on an already traumatized country.

  19. Meet the Christian Female Fighters of Syria

    A new unit of Christian female fighters has been formed in Syria to protect the Syrian Christians from the Islamic State.

    The “Female Protection Forces of the Land Between the Two Rivers” is based in the Hasekeh province, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and currently has around 50 fighters.

    The first recruits graduated the training program in August.

    Kurdish forces have long fielded women in frontline combat roles as well.

    There are many different Christian communities in Syria and Iraq belonging to different sects and nationalities. Some are Assyrians, descendants of the Assyrian people who once ruled the Middle East from their capital of Nineveh.

    Other Christian factions in Syria include Greek Orthodox, Catholics, Chaldeans, Armenians and Maronites.

    One 36-year old mother of two explained to the AFP why she had taken up arms.“I miss [my children] Limar and Gabriella and worry that they must be hungry, thirsty and cold,” she said. “But I try to tell them I’m fighting to protect their future.”

  20. Canadian Islamic School Linked to Calif. Shooter, ISIS Recruits

    A Canadian Islamic school that was linked to the California shooter as well as four students who travelled to Syria to join the Islamic State closed for the day on Tuesday, citing “safety concerns.”

    Staff at the Al-Huda Institute said the media’s focus on the school had put the staff and students at risk. Media focus on the school began this week when it emerged that Tashfeen Malik, one of the San Bernardino terrorists, had attended a branch of the school in Pakistan.

    Last year, the school was in the headlines as four of its students, aged 15-18, had attempted to travel to Syria to join jihadi organizations. Travelling from Canada through Cairo to Istanbul, three of the girls were stopped by the Turks after the girls’ parents alerted Canadian authorities. The oldest girl made it to Syria and has been living there since 2014.

    The Al-Huda Institute in Mississauga, Ontario is one of a chain of 200 Al-Huda schools in the U.S., Canada and Pakistan. Founded in 1994 by an ultra-conservative female Islamic scholar, Farhat Hashmi, its ideology is said to have spread like a social movement in North America and around the world.

  21. FBI Arrests Lead Islamic State Recruiter in Minnesota

    The FBI have arrested a man they said was the ringleader of an Islamic State recruitment cell in Minnesota.

    Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame, 20, is one of 10 men of Somali origin from Minnesota who have allegedly been plotting to join the Islamic State. Nine were arrested while one made it to Syria. The latter has been there since May 2014 and is believed to be helping recruitment efforts aimed at Americans.

    Warsame was allegedly the leader, or emir, of the group.

    Last summer, a federal grand-jury investigation followed 20 to 30 Somali-Americans who were believed to be considering joining ISIS in Syria.

  22. France Pulls Security Badge For 70 Airport Workers After Attacks

    Paris: Secure-zone clearance has been withdrawn for nearly 70 people working at two Paris airports following the November 13 terror attacks on the French capital, the boss of the airports company said today.

    So-called red badges are issued to people employed in the secure zone of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports, working for instance as baggage handlers, aircraft cleaners and suppliers.

    Augustin de Romanet, Chief Executive Officer of Aeroports de Paris (ADP), said the prefecture — the representative of the state — which issues the badges had carried out a screening after the attacks on Paris, in which 130 people were killed and 350 injured.

    “Nearly 70 red badges were withdrawn after the attacks, mainly for cases of radicalisation,” he said in an interview with French media.

  23. 10.12.2015 19:29
    Interior Minister: 300 asylum seekers in Finland have links to terrorism
    Interior Minister Petteri Orpo said on Thursday that the arrest of two Iraqis on suspicion of eleven murders in Iraq shows that Finnish law enforcement is up to the task. Orpo added that according to Finnish intelligence, some 300 asylum seekers in Finland have some link to terrorism.

  24. INDIA – Prophet Muhammad the first homosexual in the world.

    This is what Kamlesh Tiwari said about Prophet Muhammad which infuriated Muslims

    According to reports, around one lakh Muslims on Friday gathered in Muzaffarnagar, demanding death penalty for Tiwari.

    Similar protests against Tiwari have been reported from Bengaluru and Delhi.

    Tiwari is currently behind bars on charges of hate speech.

    INDIA – Kamlesh Tiwari row: Muslim community’s protest turns ugly with pro-Islamic State slogans

    Jaipur: In a rally, organised in Malpura town in protest against Hindu Mahasabha activist Kamlesh Tiwari’s alleged derogatory remarks, several people from the Muslim community were found raising pro-Islamic State slogans.

    “During the rally, which started from a mosque and passed through the town, some people shouted slogans favouring the terror organisation ISIS,” SP Tonk Deepak Kumar was quoted as saying by PTI.

    On the basis of video footage recovered, the police has identified five accused.

    An FIR was lodged on Saturday with Malpura police station against the identified as well as unidentified persons for shouting ‘ISIS Zindabad’ under section 153 (A) of IPC.

    The SP also alleges that pro-Pakistan slogans were also heard.

    Tiwari is facing flak from Muslims for allegedly making derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad.

    About one lakh Muslims protesters gathered in Muzaffarnagar and demanded death penalty for Tiwari.

  25. OT
    A (20-minute) Trip Across Israel in Real Time (Added: May-26-2008 )
    This [somewhat choppy home-]video [with a short burst of French, English, and Hebrew rap] documents a drive across the entire [10-mile] width of Israel from the West Bank wall [at Tulkarm] to [Netanya on] the Mediterranean Sea. The point is to illustrate how small and intrinsically vulnerable it is [because a hostile invader could divide the country into two halves by controlling the central 10-mile wide portion and because most Israelis live within 22 miles of a hostile border].

  26. Channel 4 – English village on the front line of the refugee crisis

    Longford, under the Heathrow flightpath, has become home to a high concentration of asylum seekers, to the consternation of some residents.

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