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  1. Refugee influx to cost Germany 25 to 55 billion euros annually: study (DW, Dec 11, 2015)

    “An influx of a million refugees could cost Germany up to 55 billion euros ($60 billion) a year, according to a study by a prominent economic research center. The researchers said the financial burden was manageable.

    Depending on the number of refugees coming to Germany over the next few years, the annual cost to Germany could range between 25 ($27.5 billion) and 55 billion euros, according to a study by Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW) published on Friday.

    With a million refugees expected in Germany this year, the annual cost would be 55 billion euros, the study found. But under the assumption the number drops to 360,000 refugees from 2018, annual costs could drop to 25 billion euros annually.

    Matthias Luecke, the author of the study, recognized the figures are not solid due to variables such as the number of refugees that arrive in Germany, how long they stay and how quickly they integrate and find employment….”

    • Despite what the left want us to think the majority of the refugees are illetrate and unable to function in a modern factory,they will be on welfare for the rest of their lives and given the commands in the Koran considering the welfare to be payment from the infidels who are too weak and cowardly to fight for their culture.

  2. One FC personnel killed, three injured in Quetta blast (tribune, Dec 12, 2015)

    “A Frontier Corps officer was killed while three others along with a minor received injuries when a bomb exploded near security check post at Quetta’s Joint Road on Saturday.

    According to reports, the incident triggered a wave of panic across the city as the explosion was heard many miles away…”

  3. Retired army major shot dead in Karachi’s DHA (tribune, Dec 12, 2015)

    “A retired major of the Pakistan Army was shot dead on Saturday in Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA) area.

    “Two unidentified gunmen on a motorbike opened fire at Ahsan Raza, 52, in the early hours of Saturday,” a duty officer at Defence Police Station told The Express Tribune….”

    • Allegedly the output of Islamophobia. And think of the Muslim children! Those will suffer mental consequences for life! (Lets not forget that a false flag op still may be a plausible option.)

      But what about the consequences of applied Islamophilia? What about the consequences of Muslim infiltration and global jihad? Ermmm…

      • Talking about Islamophobia and vandalized mosques. What is going on with that Peterborough mosque arson? I assume, because CBC is quiet, that police did not find who did it or if they did that it was not a “hate crime”. Right?

  4. Middle Eastern Illegal Alien Arrested with Ammunition in U.S.A.
    Federal authorities arrested 25-year-old Hamid Mohamed Ali Rehaif, who is a citizen of the United Arab emirates on the federal charge of possession of ammunition by an unlawful or illegal alien, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Florida confirmed.

    The illegal alien from the United Arab Emirates had been been living in a hotel for more than two months and paying $11,000 in cash.

    Rehaif entered the United States legally in 2013 with a student visa and had been enrolled at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne Florida. Just a year later, Rehaif was terminated by the school but rather than leave the country he stayed in Florida thus becoming an illegal alien.

    This week authorities caught up with Rehaif at his hotel in Melbourne Florida where they found handgun and rifle ammunition in his room and in a storage unit that he had been renting. The Middle Eastern man admitted to authorities that he had possessed weapons and he had practiced with them at local firing ranges but he recently got rid of them.

    Rehaif remains in federal custody where he is expected to go before a federal judge on Monday for a preliminary hearing in Orlando.

    The case was investigated by U.S. Homeland Security Investigations and the FBI

  5. The influx of refugees entering Germany this year has passed the one million mark, heaping pressure on European leaders as they struggle to cope with the migrant crisis.

    Angela Merkel, the German chan-cellor, resisted calls to set limits on those fleeing countries such as Syria. David Cameron, however, ramped up demands for Britain to be allowed to withhold in-work benefits from EU migrants for four years after their arrival.

    I think the full article is behind the paywall.

  6. India to get Japan’s bullet train, deepens defense and nuclear ties

    NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Japan will provide $12 billion of soft loans to build India’s first bullet train, the two nations announced during a visit by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that also yielded deeper defense ties and a plan for civil nuclear cooperation.

    Relations have strengthened between Asia’s second and third largest economies as Abe and Indian counterpart Narendra Modi seek to balance China’s rise as the dominant Asian power. Both men are nationalists who enjoy a personal friendship.

    The deal to build a high-speed train line between the financial hub of Mumbai and the city of Ahmedabad gives Japan an early lead over China, which is conducting feasibility studies for high speed trains on other parts of India’s dilapidated rail network.

    Under defense deals announced on Saturday, the two sides will share technology, equipment and military information, but the long-awaited sale of Japanese aircraft in a deal worth about $1.1 billion was not concluded.

    Similarly, while they agreed to work towards cooperation in civil-nuclear technology, they stopped short of signing an agreement, citing outstanding technical and legal differences.

    Jaishankar did not cite a timeline for signing the final agreement with Japan.

    Japan, the only country to have suffered a nuclear attack, has been demanding additional non-proliferation guarantees from India before it exports nuclear reactors.

    India and Japan have been negotiating a nuclear energy deal since Japan’s ally, the United States, opened the way for nuclear commerce with India despite its atomic bomb program and shunning of the global Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

    • Japan and India are working to find protection from China’s territorial ambitions, and since major portions of their overseas trade has to travel through the South China Sea they are opposed to China taking control of that portion of the worlds oceans.

      Don’t get so focused on Islam and the Middle East that you ignore what is happening in the rest of the world, and don’t make the mistake of thinking that all nations who are fighting the jihad are our friends. Some of them hate the west as much as the jihadists do, they just consider the jihadists the greater threat and are willing to work with us against the jihad.

      • Really, the situation in the South China Sea is remarkable.
        China shows up and dredges up silt from the ocean and places it on a reef, builds an airport and declares that everything in a 12 mile perimeter is theirs…
        And what do the western nations do?
        Pretty much nothing…
        It will end up a shooting war if China starts to restrict trade in that area.
        But what I think China wants is the natural resources in the area, not to restrict trade.

        • I think they also want tactical superiority or else why chase away US aircraft from the area? If I was Japan or Taiwan I would be concerned right now, doubly so because the US is reneging on every commitment to defend its allies it has made,

          • I suspect Bibi and Abe commiserate about the miserable 0 in the White House. No hot mics, fortunately. Maybe relaxing with a beer is reserved for the comfort of their nuke-proof bunkers.

          • If you study the situation they want tactical control which is the reason they build the island, resources which is why they are claiming so many islands and navigational control of that area. China is looking to expand their empire and at the same time find a way for the excess men to work off their energy and find women. The latter is as much of a problem as the lack of natural resources and the hatred of other nations having the right to sail ships near China without Chinese approval.

            babs China has been preparing for a shooting war with the US since the mid 1990s and with how Obama has destroyed the US military they think they can either achieve a clear victory or make the war so expensive in the opening months adn year that the US will refuse to pay the price to protect our allies in the region. If Hillary wins in 16 they are probably right.

  7. China security chief calls for better intelligence on terrorism

    BEIJING (Reuters) – China needs to improve its intelligence gathering abilities and intelligence sharing between different departments it if wants to better deal with the threat of terrorism, its domestic security chief said, in a rare admission of the problems faced.

    Hundreds of people have been killed in the past few years in China’s western region of Xinjiang, home to the mainly Muslim Uighur people, in violence blamed by the government on Islamist militants who want to establish an independent state called East Turkestan.

    Speaking in Xinjiang’s regional capital Urumqi, domestic security chief Meng Jianzhu said while some success had been achieved in the fight against terrorism, the situation remained serious.

    Meng said intelligence gathering had to improve, in both what he called “hard and soft intelligence”, according to a government statement issued late on Friday.

    “Push the joining up and deeper integration of both the national and Xinjiang anti-terrorism intelligence platforms, put into effect the sharing of intelligence information,” the statement paraphrased Meng as saying.

  8. Polish priest rallies crowd on national day: ‘Gospel, not Koran!’

    Poland has the experience of centuries with being overrun from both the west and the east. The Poles, faced with the current migrant crisis, are taking no chances.

    In their national election in October, they handed the conservative Law and Justice Party a mandate to form a new government. The migrant crisis was a major issue in the campaign: voters opposed the old government’s accommodating migrant policy in overwhelming numbers.

    Just after the attacks in Par

  9. ACLU board member suggests shooting Trump supporters – because Trump is a ‘hate-speech felon’

    Should this be called cognitive dissonance or hypocrisy?

    The question comes up often these days, when parsing the speech of liberals.

    The liberal in question is Mr. Loring Wirbel, who on December 8 linked a Washington Post article on Donald Trump to his Facebook page, and added the following comment:

    Well, at least the world can come together on one topic: Trump is a hate-speech felon who should be in prison.

    The WaPo article described how British and French leaders condemned Trump for proposing a temporary “moratorium” on Muslim immigration.

  10. BREITBART – 9Obama: We Have To ‘Reject Bigotry’ ‘Just As’ Muslims Must Reject ‘Twisted Interpretations of Islam’

    President Obama argued, “just as Muslims around the world have to keep rejecting any twisted interpretation of Islam, all of us have to reject bigotry” during Saturday’s Weekly Address.

    Transcript as Follows:

    “Hello, everybody. This week, Americans across our country have shown what it means to be strong in the face of terrorism. In San Bernardino, even as the community continues to grieve, people are refusing to be ruled by fear. Across the county, dedicated public servants are on the job – and more will be returning to work this week. Faith communities have come together in fellowship and prayer. Families lined the streets for the annual children’s Christmas parade—because we can’t let terrorists change how we live our lives.

    Meanwhile, our men and women in uniform are stepping up our campaign to destroy ISIL. Our airstrikes are hitting ISIL harder than ever, in Iraq and Syria. We’re taking out more of their fighters and leaders, their weapons, their oil tankers. Our Special Operations Forces are on the ground—because we’re going to hunt down these terrorists wherever they try to hide. In recent weeks, our strikes have taken out the ISIL finance chief, a terrorist leader in Somalia and the ISIL leader in Libya. Our message to these killers is simple—we will find you, and justice will be done.

    This week, we’ll move forward on all fronts. On Monday, I’ll go to the Pentagon. And there, I’ll review our military campaign and how we can continue to accelerate our efforts. Later in the week, I’ll go to the National Counterterrorism Center. There, I’ll review our efforts—across our entire government—to prevent attacks and protect our homeland. And this week, the Department of Homeland Security will update its alert system to ensure Americans get more information, including steps that you and your communities can take to be vigilant and to stay safe.

    In the wake of the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, I know a lot of Americans are asking—’what can I do?’ First, as always, we have to stay vigilant. If you see something that seems suspicious, say something to law enforcement. Over the years, plots have been uncovered because someone saw something and spoke up.

    As I said in my speech last weekend, one of the most important things we can do is to stay true to who we are as Americans. Terrorists like ISIL are trying to divide us along lines of religion and background. That’s how they stoke fear. That’s how they recruit. And just as Muslims around the world have to keep rejecting any twisted interpretation of Islam, all of us have to reject bigotry—in all of its forms. I’ll say it again, prejudice and discrimination helps ISIL and it undermines our national security.

    The good news is that Americans are coming together to reaffirm the core values that keep us strong. Political leaders across the spectrum—Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives—are standing up, forcefully, for freedom of religion. Churches and synagogues are reaching out to local mosques—reminding us that we are all God’s children. Grateful citizens are saying thank you to our patriotic Muslim American service members and veterans. Some of our greatest sports heroes have reminded us why they’re true champions—and voices for tolerance and understanding. Across the country, Americans are reaching out—to their Muslim friends, neighbors and coworkers—to let them know we’re here for each other. I think of the woman in Texas carrying a sign saying, ‘We love our Muslim neighbors.’

    That’s the message I hope every Muslim American hears—that we’re all part of the same American family. And it’s a message all of us can deliver—parents to our children, teachers to their students, leaders in politics and business and entertainment. Back in San Bernardino, people from across the community have joined in prayer vigils—Christians, Jews, Muslims and others. They’ve sent a powerful message—we’re all in this together. That’s the spirit we have to uphold. That’s what we can do—as Americans—united in defense of the country that we love.”

  11. Donald Trump in Twitter spat with Saudi Prince Alwaleed (BBC, Dec 12, 2015)

    “A Saudi prince has described US businessman Donald Trump, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, as a “disgrace to America”.

    Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said on Twitter that Mr Trump should give up his presidential ambitions because he would never win.

    It follows Mr Trump’s call for Muslims to be barred from entering the US for security reasons.

    “You are a disgrace not only to the GOP [Republican Party] but to all America,” Prince Alwaleed tweeted.

    “Withdraw from the US presidential race as you will never win.”

    Mr Trump responded by accusing the prince of wanting to use what he called “daddy’s money” to control US politicians.

    That would not happen, Mr Trump said, when he got elected.”

  12. T I M E – White House Says It Won’t Declare Muslim National Holiday

    More than 127,000 people signed a petition calling for the designation

    The White House has declined to name the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Fitr as a national holiday after more than 100,000 people called for the designation in an online petition.

    President Barack Obama “understands the importance” of the three-day event that marks the end of Ramadan – but said it’s up to Congress to make the call, according to the White House’s response to the petition.

    “Proposals for new permanent federal holidays are typically the province of Congress,” White House officials wrote. “While Eid is not among the public holidays designated by Congress, we want you to know that the Administration is committed to advancing the ability of all people to practice their faith, observe their religious practices, and celebrate religious holidays.”

    The government petition was created in September. It garnered more than 127,000 signatures, prompting federal officials to review it and issue a response.

    New York City’s school district became the largest in the nation earlier this year to recognize Eid as an official holiday.

    “As Muslims mark the end of the month, they are reminded that Ramadan is a time to reflect spiritually, build communally, and aid those in need,” Obama said at the time. “While Eid marks the end of Ramadan, it marks a new beginning for each individual – a reason to celebrate and express gratitude on this holiday.”

  13. TURKEY – Office of Turkish Opposition Newspaper Attacked in Ankara – Reports

    The Ankara office of the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet Daily News came under attack on Saturday, according to information portal Sumhuriyet.

    According to police, the attackers fired from a passing car and fled the scene.

    Based on the preliminary data, six bullets were shot into the building shattering windows.

    No one was hurt during the attack. Local authorities immediately launched an investigation.

    Hürriyet is considered to be an opposition newspaper and one of the major print media of ‘Dogan group. The media group has recently faced increased criticism from the authorities. The offices of the newspaper had been attacked several times, but firearms were never used in previous attacks.

    Armed assailants attack Hürriyet daily’s Ankara office, reports say

  14. Obama Administration Welcomes Hundreds of Thousands of Muslim Refugees but says There is “No Room” for Christian Refugees!

    While the left continues to demagogue conservatives for calling for a “pause” in Muslim migration, until we can ensure that our vetting process is working, they seem strangely silent about their own bigoted behavior.

    America’s liberals seem excited to receive several hundred thousand Muslim Syrians over the next few years, but when asked to take in a handful of Christians they become rather more reticent.

    From the Hill:

    America is about to accept 9000 Syrian Muslims, refugees of the brutal war between the Assad regime and its Sunni opposition, which includes ISIS, Al Qaeda, and various other militias. That number is predicted to increase each year. There are no Christian refugees that will be admitted.

  15. California: Muslim with sword chases down neighbor, screaming, “I would die and kill for Allah” – See more at:

    California: Muslim with sword chases down neighbor, screaming, “I would die and kill for Allah” –

    California: Muslim with sword chases down neighbor, screaming, “I would die and kill for Allah” – See more at:

  16. About the signing of the recent climate pact John Kerry said it would “prevent the worst most devastating consequences of climate change from ever happening.” Now, how the hell does he know that? By what authority does he make such a confident pronouncement, considering there has been no satellite-observed warming since the end of the last century? People are too busy to become well versed in every field there is so they rely on experts and leaders and thinkers to tell them the truth when they need to know what’s going on. They are not expecting to be met with blatant lies. These Democrats are getting far too comfortable with the habit of just laying down the taqiyya right off the get-go…

  17. Intellectual State of Emergency
    The Occupied Territories of Progressive Thought

    The massacre perpetrated on November 13th in Paris was predictable and announced; only those who refuse to see things that clash with their ideological beliefs do not understand this. The ideological denial of reality remains the main reason for our inability to fight terrorists, whom many do not dare admit are Islamists.

    For months now, our hatred has been directed only at those who have been urging us to open our eyes and call things by their real names. For months now, the demands not to associate an entire population with a few extremists, as well as calls to “stop Islamophobia,” have been forcing us to close down our minds.

    But who has been making this connection in the first place? Who actually are today’s racists?

    Every week, the Place de la République in Paris has seen the roaring processions of the Sheikh Yassin Collective, inciting the hatred of Jews. Did anyone even care? Recently, a “march for dignity” assembled outraged anti-racists, who shouted insults in the name of universal love, anti-racism and “fraternity” against several prominent Jewish philosophers and journalists, including Bernard-Henri Lévy, Éric Zemmour and Alain Finkielkraut.

  18. Shiites: Nigerian Soldiers Kill 12, Besiege Islamic Movement (nbcnews, Dec 12, 2015)

    “Soldiers besieging the home of the leader of a Shiite movement accused of trying to assassinate Nigeria’s army chief have shot and killed at least 12 people, the Islamic group said early Sunday.

    About 30 people have been wounded in the ongoing attack that began late Saturday in the city of Zaria in northern Nigeria and continued into early Sunday, Zeenah Ibrahim, the wife of the group’s leader, told The Associated Press in a phone call interrupted by the sounds of gunfire.

    Army spokesman Col. Sani Usman said the Shiites on Saturday afternoon attacked the convoy of Gen. Tukur Buratai.

    “The sect numbering hundreds, carrying dangerous weapons, barricaded the roads with bonfires, heavy stones and tires,” Usman said in a statement. “They refused all entreaties to disperse and then started firing and pelting the convoy with dangerous objects … in a deliberate attempt to assassinate” the army chief.

    A witness said at least three people were killed and three wounded when soldiers opened fire there. He spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation by the army…”

  19. UN Documents Human Rights Situation in Kunduz Province (nbcnews, Dec 12, 2015)

    “The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan released a report documenting human rights abuses in the northern city of Kunduz during the three days when it was overrun by the Taliban and the subsequent two-week government counter-offensive to completely retake the city.

    The report, released on Saturday, documents 289 deaths and 559 civilian injuries that occurred in Kunduz and the surrounding districts between Sept. 28 and Oct. 13.

    “The vast majority of casualties documented so far resulted from ground fighting that could not be attributed solely to one party,” the report stated.

    Also Saturday, Doctors Without Borders announced an increased death toll from an accidental U.S. airstrike on its hospital in Kunduz. The medical charity, also known by its French acronym MSF, said in a statement that 42 people were killed on Oct. 3, with the revised toll resulting from a “methodical review of MSF records and family claims, as well as patient, staff and family testimonies.”

    It added that the figures include 14 MSF staff members confirmed to have been killed, as well as 24 patients and four caretakers —relatives that provided additional nursing care for the patients in the hospital.

    Spokespeople for the U.S. military in Kabul did not comment.

    “The battle following the Taliban’s attack on the city led to a loss of protection of the most basic human rights, including the rights to life and security of person. The deterioration of security, the breakdown of the rule of law and the absence of governance enabled an environment in which civilians were subjected to arbitrary killings, assault, other forms of violence, including gender-based violence, threats and widespread criminality,” the UN report said…”

  20. Sophisticated IS Recruitment Methods Lured Jordanian Woman (abcnews, Dec 12, 2015)

    “A Jordanian woman who came close to joining the Islamic State group described a sophisticated 14-month recruitment process by the extremists that she said landed her in a secret IS compound in Turkey with dozens of other women.

    The 25-year-old was eventually persuaded by Jordanian lawmaker Mazen Dalaeen — who earlier this year failed to extract his own son from the grip of IS recruiters — to return to her family.

    The case highlights the systematic grooming of potential IS recruits through daily social media exchanges and follow-up on the ground for travel arrangements — in her case an enveloped stuffed with cash for a plane ticket to Turkey, handed to her by a veiled woman in her home district of Karak in central Jordan.

    The woman, jobless since earning a B.A. in psychology in 2011, said IS recruiters exploited her vulnerability. “They used my frustration … promising me a new life with a job and a house,” she said in a phone conversation with Dalaeen after her return to Jordan last month.

    A recording of the call was given to The Associated Press by the lawmaker, a vocal campaigner against the Islamic State group, which controls large areas of Jordan’s neighbors Syria and Iraq in a self-declared “caliphate.”

    The woman also described her experience in a Nov. 18 program on Jordan University’s radio station, with her speaking by phone. Dalaeen provided further details in an interview with AP on Thursday.

    The lawmaker said the case illustrates the extremists’ deep reach into Jordan, an outspoken U.S. ally in a Western-Arab military coalition against IS.

    “Daesh has a strong organization,” Dalaeen said, using the Arabic acronym for IS. “They can penetrate young people’s minds easily and change certain thoughts.”

    Jordanian government officials have played down the extent of support for IS, saying any lingering public sympathies for the group vanished after it released a video in February that showed captured Jordanian fighter pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh burning to death while trapped in a cage.

    Observers say a strong undercurrent of discontent in Jordan creates tempting targets for IS recruiters. Like other countries in the region, Jordan struggles with high youth unemployment, including among university graduates, and there are few outlets for political dissent….”

    • By studying Pakistan we already learned that economic progress and development do not necessarily correlate with decline in support for Islamofascist revivalist movements.

      Same may well be said about Turkey. They had quite some economic blossoming in the last couple decades and yet by now they turned almost full neo-Ottoman Islamofascist too.

      And “lastly,” this is unfortunate, but “dissent” in countries like Jordan may more often than not mean some affiliation to Brotherhood (and other revivalist) type structures. So any moderately benevolent dictator has to fight such “dissent” anyway…

  21. BREITBART – MSNBC Guest: ‘We’re Engaging in Terrorism’ Against the Muslim Community

    During MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” Saturday, Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour brought up the hate crimes against Muslims in America, saying Americans are attacking Muslims, therefore “engaging in terrorism against the innocent community that has nothing to do with” the terror attacks.

    Sarsour first noted the diversity of the Muslim community, explaining that one-third of Muslims are black.

    “Just listening to the listing of these attacks on individuals and on mosques and understanding the trauma that we’re causing communities and we talk about terror and terrorism, of what we’re doing, is we’re engaging in terrorism against the innocent community that has nothing to do with this.”

    “I’m not a person who is usually afraid. Genuinely, 15 years after 9/11, it’s the first time ever I have ever feared for my life, walking in the streets of my city,” Sarsour added.

    video on the page :

  22. Police use water cannon to break up Leipzig protests against neo-Nazi march (DW, Dec 12, 2015)

    “A youth pastor known in Germany for his stance against neo-Nazis has been arrested in Leipzig during a leftist protest. At least 56 officers and several demonstrators were injured in clashes with left-wing protesters.

    Police used water cannon and tear gas in the eastern German city’s suburb of Südvorstadt on Saturday as violence erupted during a set of protests by various civil groups against a gathering by 200 neo-Nazis.

    Authorites reported at least 56 officers injured – two seriously – with vehicles disabled and property smashed.

    The clashes on the fringe of a leftist counter-rally were described by Leipzig’s Social Democrat (SPD) mayor Burkhard Jung as “shocking.”

    “That is open street terror,” Jung said, adding that “criminals” had discredited important, peaceful protest against neo-Nazis….”

  23. What’s going wrong in Afghanistan? (DW, Dec 12, 2015)

    “In Mazar-i-Sharif, the German defense minister was self-critical. Mistakes have been made and the situation underestimated, she said. The question remains: Can the mistakes be repaired?

    “We’re staying,” announced Ursula von der Leyen during an inspection of German troops stationed in Camp Shaheen. The defense minister said that Afghanistan’s partners had planned the “withdrawal of the international community from Afghanistan too quickly, too ambitiously.”

    This had also sent the “wrong signal” to the radical Islamic Taliban, she said, who saw the troop withdrawal as their chance to bring down the government. An admission of guilt from which first NATO and later the German government were able to draw the consequences: 12,000 foreign armed forces remain in the country, to train the Afghan army. The German armed forces increased the number of troops stationed in Afghanistan from 850 to 980…”

  24. Egypt terminates four state lawyers for joining pro-Brotherhood movement (ahram, Dec 12, 2015)

    “Egypt’s State Lawsuits Authority has sacked four of its litigators on Saturday, accusing them of joining a pro-Muslim Brotherhood movement.

    “We terminated their tenure them after we found out that they had attended meetings of the Judges for Egypt’s Sake movement,” said Sameh El-Sayed, an assistant head of the authority.

    “They are charged with engaging in politics contrary to the law, and supporting a political faction at the expense of another,” he added.

    The State Lawsuits Authority is a judicial entity which represents the state in lawsuits.

    In November 2014, 56 judges were terminated on charges of signing a political pro-Morsi statement that was read aloud at the Rabaa Al-Adawiya pro-Morsi camp in 2013.

    Morsi himself clashed with Egypt’s judiciary during his troubled one-year rule, with critics accusing him of trying to usurp certain judicial powers.”

  25. Egypt court of cassation upholds death sentences in five terror-related cases (ahram, Dec 12, 2015)

    “An Egyptian Court of Cassation upheld Saturday death sentences against five convicted of multiple terror-related charges in what is known as the “October Cell Case.”
    The Court of Cassation is the last step in appeals for defendants, making this verdict final.

    They five were found guilty in September 2014, along with two other men who received life sentences, of involvement in the killing a policeman in an attack orchestrated on the Virgin Church in 6th of October City in January of that year.

    The five were were convicted on “establishing and operating a terrorist group,” “seeking to change state rule by force” and “assaulting police and army personnel.””

  26. 3,400 militants killed in Operation Zarb-e-Azb: ISPR (tribune, Dec 12, 2015)

    “Eighteen months into Operation Zarb-e-Azb launched against militants, the military’s media wing claimed 3,400 militants have been killed so far.

    “3,400 terrorists killed, 837 hideouts from where they were carrying out their terrorist activities destroyed,” DG ISPR Lt Gen Asim Bajwa said.

    “During last 18 months, over 13,200 IBOs carried out across the country in which 183 hardcore terrorists killed and 21,193 arrested,” he added.

    Further, he said, “Success came at a heavy price as 488 valiant officers and men of Pakistan Army, FC K-P and Bolan and Sindh Rangers sacrificed their lives while another 1,914 were injured.”

    “Phenomenal successes [have been] achieved [during the operation] as last pockets to Pakistan Afghan border are being cleared,” Bajwa said. The sleeper cells have been largely disrupted while operation continues to burst the remaining, he added.

    Regarding cases referred to military courts, DG ISPR said 142 cases were referred to 11 military courts with 55 of them decided, 87 in process, resulting in the conviction of 31 terrorists.

    “Support of the entire nation four its valiant armed forces and resolve expressed against terrorism post December 16 Army Public School attack had been the bedrock of Operation Zarb-e-Azb.”

    Bajwa said that an overall improvement in security and law and order situation owing to the operation resulted in festivities, national events being celebrated and stability being achieved.

    Pakistan Army launched a military offensive, Operation Zarb-e-Azb, against militants in June last year.”

  27. Swedish official arrested for ‘selling visas’ (thelocal, Dec 12, 2015)

    “A Swedish migration officer on assignment in West Africa was remanded in custody for serious bribery and gross misconduct, a foreign ministry spokesman said on Saturday.

    The former official is suspected of selling between 70 and 75 visas from the Swedish Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria and was detained by police in Sweden on Friday, according to media reports.

    “The suspect was employed by the Swedish Migration Agency and was on a fixed-term contact with the embassy in Nigeria where the alleged crime took place,” said foreign ministry spokesman Gabriel Wernstedt.

    “The suspect’s contract was terminated after it emerged the person had deviated from the routine for visa services,” he said.

    The reports did not say whether the visas were fake or were genuine but illegally issued.”

  28. Syphilis making surprise comeback in Germany (thelocal, Dec 12, 2015)

    “Germany recorded the highest number of syphilis cases last year that the country has seen in the past decade.

    Germany had 5,722 new cases of syphilis in 2014 – an increase of 14 percent over the year before, according to a new report by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

    The number of syphilis cases in Germany has been increasing each year since 2010, after spread of the infection started to stagnate and even slightly decline in the mid-2000s. The first half of 2015 also seemed to show a continued increase in cases, the report said.

    Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that is contracted through sexual contact, as well as from mother to child at birth. The infection has various stages, the first of which is characterized by sores, the second by a skin rash and sometimes fever.

    Untreated cases can lead to death.

    The institute said in the report published on Monday that most of the spread of the STI was between men, with 84 percent of new cases believed to be contracted from one man to another.

    The vast majority of patients with syphilis were men, with women making up just 6.3 percent of new cases, a slight decrease since the year before.

    The influence of party drugs could be a cause for the increase in cases, said Professor Norbert Brockmeyer, president of the German Society for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (DSTIG). Such drugs may reduce the user’s awareness of possible risks, he argues.

    Berlin is syphilis hotspot

    The report also showed a great geographical variance across the country in terms of which regions had the most cases.

    Berlin had by far the highest proportion of syphilis cases across the 16 states, with 31 diagnoses for every 100,000 residents. In comparison, the country average was 7.1 cases for every 100,000 residents.

    Meanwhile, the state of Brandenburg which surrounds Berlin had one of the lowest rates at about half the national average, along with Thuringia and Schleswig-Holstein.

    Hamburg had the second-highest rate at 19.7 cases per 100,000. All other states had rates of 7.2 per 100,000 or less.

    Big cities across the country had higher than average rates of syphilis, with Cologne (31.9 cases per 100,000) and Munich (27.2) also recording high incidences.

    But a third of the cases nationwide happened in towns with less than 100,000 citizens.”

  29. Leipzig children attack refugee classmates (DW, Dec 11, 2015)

    “Children at a school near Leipzig seriously injured refugees who had joined their classes in a brawl on Wednesday, the latest in a series of violent confrontations among the pupils.

    Police in Leipzig said that a group of 13- and 14-year-old German children attacked the refugees, spitting on them, throwing stones, shoving and slamming a door shut on them.

    The youngest victim, a nine-year-old girl, suffered a splintered bone in her arm which had to be put in a cast.

    A second girl, 14, suffered crushing injuries which had to be treated by a doctor.

    Officers are investigating the attackers on suspicion of serious bodily harm.

    The group of German kids were the same pupils believed to be behind a series of five physical and verbal attacks against the refugee children over the course of the month that they have been attending school for a “German as a third language” class.

    “It would be questionable if teachers and the school leadership didn’t think it useful to talk with the parents of the attackers,” police said in their statement.

    “School is no place where a possible far-right political atmosphere is the norm,” they went on.

    “The Saxon education authority, school leadership and police HQ in Leipzig are unwilling to helplessly watch as a new generation of dim young nationalists grow up, just because their parents may tolerate or even encourage it,” they added.

    The school is currently considering measures to make classes safe for the refugee children and how the perpetrators should be punished….”

    • I have heard that in some schools children of refugees attack natives and police is doing nothing. The children of migrants have spat on girls, they have called German children names, and so on and so forth. The teachers can not move them to separate classes because it is decided that it would be “good for refugees” to study with German kids. But it does not work. In some areas German children presently learn at home because the parents do not want their children to be beaten or spat on by children of migrants..
      I am not surprised that some older children got angry and attacked the children of migrants..

  30. ISIS draws up MP HIT LIST after giving go ahead for airstrikes in Syria (express, Dec 12, 2015)

    “MPS have been warned that British jihadis who have returned from fighting in Syria could target them and their staff.

    Serving MPs have been told to increase security in their homes and constituencies amid fears they and their staff could be singled out for attack.

    It is known Islamic State (IS) has a political assassination unit aimed at Government officials and the Syrian bombing campaign has moved the spotlight on to the UK.

    With 300 jihadis returning to the UK and now free on the streets, security chiefs have warned of a direct threat.

    A security insider said: “MPs are legitimate targets in the eyes of terrorists. Ministers who are in Metropolitan areas, where there are UK jihadists who have returned from Syria, are right to remain vigilant.

    “The definition of a terrorist attack is the threat of violence or actual violence against someone to force the government of the day to change their principal policies.

    “Who makes the decisions? The MPs do. They are members of the establishment seen as being more responsible for the bombing of Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria than RAF personnel.”…”

  31. Yemeni resistance seizes more rebel positions in Al Jawf (emirates247, Dec 12, 2015)

    “Yemen’s national resistance fighters seized more positions in an offensive against the Iranian-backed group rebels in the Northern Al Jawf governorate close to the capital Sanaa, a Yemeni news website reported on Saturday.

    The resistance, which is backed by legitimate army units, occupied Umm Al Jana near the governorate’s capital Al Hazm after heavy fighting on Friday, Masdar Online said, quoting a resistance source in Al Jawf.

    The source said several militia men from the Houthis and their allies were killed or wounded while a large quantity of weapons and ammunition was seized.

    “The resistance men also seized Al Marwan village and cut off the road used by the insurgent to reach Mas military camp in eastern Al Jawf,” the source said.

    The report quoted witnesses in Al Jawf as saying many residents who have fled their homes have returned following the liberation of many areas from the rebels…”

  32. CNN Over a record 60 cases of anti-Muslim acts have been reported in the United States this year, according to the Council on American Islamic Relations. Arsalan Iftikhar, senior editor at The Islamic Monthly, attributes it to Donald Trump.

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