New Islamic State video unveiling their end game. The apocalyptic war at Dabiq

As the season 5 opener of the series, Homeland explained better than pretty much any news program or Western documentary on islam and the Islamic State detailed in the bunker scene, the whole point of the reformation of the Caliphate was an end of the world battle with the unbeliever for the world. This is why their magazine is called, ‘Dabiq’ after the city in which it is anticipated.

In the video that the Islamic State made, there is a lot of tanks. Tanks-a-lot would have been a better name for the video actually. But there is an informative bit where they show the flags of the countries they are at war with. Yes, most of these countries do not know it or worse, refuse to know that they are at war with them, but that typically does not end well. But we who live in these nations with these flags should consider ourselves as having been put on notice. We are being waged war upon.

Time to put the F16s back Justin?

Time to put the F16s back Justin?

The full video complete with acapella male war chants in the classic ‘haircut-to-the-shoulders Islamic quartet available here

11 minute version here

(In French and seemingly about Tunisia?)

Articles on this video release:

Daily Mail:

Mirror UK

Various other videos or edits of this one





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8 Replies to “New Islamic State video unveiling their end game. The apocalyptic war at Dabiq”

  1. The CBC spends a great deal of their oh-so-limited brainpower on the task of implying that the entire global problem with the religion of Islam is the fault of the Israeli Jews. Juslin Trudeau, like a good educated Canadian, trusts and gets his information from Peter Mansbridge and the CBC. Hence, our Justin is under the impression that if that racist right-wing Netanyahu would just stop being so mean to the poor Palestinians, the entire so-called terrorist problem would simply up and vanish. It’s all just racist Republican bullsh$t anyway…

    Hard to believe, but that is exactly how titanically stupid our handsome young Prime Minister is. That’s why he’s in such a hurry to bring the maximum number of Muslim terrorists into the country as quickly as possible. You can forget about the F-18s.

  2. All of the western leaders and most of the western pundits keep repeating that we aren’t at war with Islam and the Islamic State, well both are at war with all of the western nations and the sooner that is realized the sooner we can start fighting this war as a war that we must win to survive as free nations.

  3. I’m working on making that a word.

    Maybe it would fly if we pronounced it:

    Ay SIS isilis. Its quite funny and rubs their dung back in their faces for a change.

  4. Where did they get the tanks and vehicles? Surely they don’t manufacture them. Are they American-made? And the nifty uniforms? Where are their nightshirts and harem pants?

  5. When Obama pulled us out of Iraq we left large amounts of equipment behind, the Iraqis then either gave it to ISIS or their soldiers abandoned it as they ran rather then engage ISIS. So yes it is American made and in all probability Obama told them to leave the internal high tech systems that we don’t normally let out of our control.

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