NATO member Turkey exposed by Russian media as having very close ties at top levels with the Islamic State

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There is much to say about this.

Below is the Russian language video we had translated and subtitled this morning along with a series of links to other videos and articles which seem to point to a Turkish and NATO and US connection to the Islamic State, its actions, its weapons and funding.

This is a very upsetting set of data points if one accepts the most likely conclusion from them

. Thank you Gates of Vienna and D@rLin|{ for helping get this done so quickly, and to Xanthippa that worked on this project as well.

Here is Gates of Vienna’s post on this video

Related videos: FSA video claims Russian helicopter hit with US-made TOW missile near Su-24 crash site

How the US fights ISIS: What does the real picture look like?

American made TOE missile fired on car full of RT journalists

Obama Dropped Leaflets to Give ISIS 45 Min Warning Before Bombing

Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey’s President

But then there is this alternate explanation for much of what is taking place between Russia and NATO etc.

Syrian Turkmen commander who ‘killed’ Russian pilot turns out to be Turkish ultranationalist

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