Another 10 examples of leftism and Islam, steadfastly deconstructing not just the West and real liberalism, but reason: Links 3 on Nov. 19 – 2015

1. An article on an area of Belgium called, ‘the heart of European Jihad’

Many thanks to Nathalie for the translation:

Molenbeek: Thank You, Philippe!

Alain Destexhe, a senator for the MR[1] party speaks his mind

In the wake of the Paris terrorist outrage, the name of Molenbeek has become notorious throughout the whole world in the space of one weekend.

From Brazil to China and from Canada to South-Africa, journalists are discovering a hotbed of Muslim radicalisation in the heart of the capital city of Europe.

Still, there is nothing new under the sun. For those who wanted to be informed, the situation was blatantly obvious. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the name of Molenbeek has cropped up on a regular basis in most of the terror plots that had connections with Belgium. Among the most well-known are the assassination of Commander Massoud in Afghanistan two days before September 11th, 2001, the colourful sheik Bassam and his Belgian Islamic Centre, the 2004 terrorist attacks in Madrid and more recently the shooting by the Algerian-French Nemmouche at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, the Verviers cell, or the thwarted attack aboard the Thalys train…

2. Palestinian Attacks in Tel Aviv, West Bank, Leave 5 Dead

A pair of stabbing and shooting attacks carried out by Palestinians killed five people Thursday — three Israelis, a Palestinian and an American — in one of the deadliest days yet in a two month-long outburst of Israeli-Palestinian violence.

The attacks are part of wave of violence that erupted in mid-September over tensions surrounding a Jerusalem holy site sacred to both Jews and Muslims. Palestinians accuse Israel of plotting to take over the hilltop compound known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims at the Noble Sanctuary — something Israel vehemently denies.

The Palestinians say the violence is rooted in frustration at decades of living under Israeli occupation. Israel accuses Palestinian leaders of inciting the unrest.

3. Beijing vows justice as ISIS kills Chinese, Norwegian hostages

(The jihadis should know that pissing off the Chinese and Russians are not the same thing as pissing off a feminized and culturally Marxist West that actually wants the enemy to win to prove the point that we are inferior. Lets hope China proves this point)

Hong Kong (CNN)Beijing has vowed to bring ISIS to justice after the group said it had executed two hostages, a Chinese and a Norwegian.

ISIS said it had killed the two men, identified as Chinese national Fan Jinghui and Norwegian citizen Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad in its English-language online magazine Dabiq.

President Xi Jinping “strongly condemned” ISIS for the killing of Fan, the first known Chinese national to be killed by the group, and the country’s foreign ministry said the Chinese government would “definitely hold the perpetrators accountable.”

4. Disarm the police and scrap MI5: Labour in new security storm over demands backed by shadow chancellor John McDonnell

(I guess because the new labour leader, the far left wing violent extremist, Jeremy Corbyn knows that people are not truly equal till they are all dead)
Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell called for the police be disarmed and MI5 to be scrapped, it emerged today

Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell called for the police be disarmed and MI5 to be scrapped, it emerged today

Mr McDonnell was the only MP to sign the letter organised by the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory setting out a series demands including ‘slashing’ military spending, scrapping Trident and abolishing the monarchy.

It also called to. ‘Extend civil liberties and rights to organise and protest. Disband MI5 and special police squads, disarm the police.’

Last night Mr McDonnell’s office denied he had backed the letter or even seen it. ‘This is the first time John has ever seen this letter and certainly never signed it,’ his spokesman told The Sun.

(This commands a certain respect for a couple of reasons. 1. That they can actually do that. But 2. Because it means they could have and haven’t before. I find this admirable in the sense that removing material that shows who and what they are is a disservice to freedom both because you deny freedom of speech but also for the same reasons I download and archive all jihadi videos. Because like the US general that ordered his men to document all the horrors of the Nazis, he knew it was only a matter of time till they denied they ever did it. Today, we have the leftists and muslims denying the motives and associations with attacks that are underway as they are interviewed by CNN live on TV with explosions and gunfire in the background. So its important that those of us who actually want to deal with reality and then apply reason to it, have access to their thoughts and threats. Still, when it can mean disrupting enemy comms and thwarting attacks, that is no longer a freedom of speech matter. But before we do that we have to first admit who the enemy is, and then declare war on them and then do so effectively. At that point I will be fully content to lose freedom of speech for myself and see it happen to others on a temporary basis.)
6. Australian Grand Mufti blames ‘islamophobia’ is responsible for the Paris attack

(The outraged hosts fail to understand that he very accurately does represent islam)
7. Ezra interviews people in Paris a couple of days after the attack.
(I just got to this now)

8. Ex CIA director blames Snowdon for telling us all how the US government is violating all our 4th amendment rights (for those who even have that costume of law) rather than the actual people who did the attack or the ideology that drives them.

Like his boss Obama, an evil evil man.

9. A Christian pastor speaks his truth about Islam and abandons political correctness.

(He still modifies his arguments with ‘radical’ though)

10. This model of Obama’s behaviour is a perfect fit with many very bright analysts with whom I have discussed Obama’s motives. Add the probability that he is a post modern, a cultural Marxist and it pretty much all fits.

(Although I do think there is the factor of those I suspect are responsible for getting him into power)


Thank you Blazing Cat Fur, M., PP., Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita, Snaphanen, Babs, Pym Purnell, and many more.

There is a possibility that we can present the first part of a documentary tonight, which, although I haven’t seen it yet, might be of some importance. Hopefully within 6 hours or so. If not better chance for tomorrow.



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7 Replies to “Another 10 examples of leftism and Islam, steadfastly deconstructing not just the West and real liberalism, but reason: Links 3 on Nov. 19 – 2015”

  1. 10. “Like his boss Obama, an evil evil man.”

    When a Public Servant openly becomes judge, prosecutor and jury; you know the Legislature, Executive, Judiciary are no longer separated, and we have lost democracy in all but name.

    The unnatural walk in the corridors of power. Islam, the destroyer through the oaths of men, is coming home.

      • I don’t assume that the Ex CIA Chief came to the studio to make his own pronouncement of the typical layman’s view for the justice to be metted out for the Obama Administration, except that he was summoned to perform a scripted interview.

        If they say racist, then you say racist. It is about creating the moral equivalence.

        Muslims are terrorists, Americans are terrorists.

        Marriage is marriage.

        Disinformation is a psyop tactic. The CNN viewer feels the false rage and then doesn’t know who the real enemy is.

    • So when Jesus said, “let your yes be yes and no be no”…

      … it is impossible to have a religion after him that relies on declaring three times, a statement of conformity, in order to get in. Period.

      Aside that every Prophet is always greater than the last, and is Jewish, to Einsteins that see more clearly than most, Mohammad was a backward warlord, (even for his time), whose name was used to establish more warlords, who were more depraved than the last. Such an easy role to slip into: ‘take what your right trigger-finger possesses,’ and that drunk Socialist bimbo will follow you to the ends of the earth because for once in her life she feels owned.

  2. #2 “tensions surrounding a Jerusalem holy site sacred to both Jews and Muslims”

    During WWII the Germans invaded France and Occupied Paris. If they had put a big swastika on the top of the Eiffel Tower, would it be reasonable to say that that was sacred German ground for all eternity? If Adolf Hitler had a dream in which he went to Paris on a flying horse called, “Barack”, would that make The City of Light, forever, German soil? The Quran refers to Jerusalem as the land of the Jews. The story of Islam takes place in Mecca, Medina, and surrounding areas in Arabia, not the Palestine region. The Temple Mount is holy to the Jews, not the Muslims. This entire issue is nothing but a crystal clear example of the “big lie”.

  3. Rev Robert Jeffress calls for the destruction of radical Islam. That is good, for in doing only that, the other whatever Islam will also be destroyed.

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