The order and motives grow clear and the attempts to diffuse and obfuscate grow frantic: Links 2 on Nov. 17 – 2015

1. Muslim NYC cabbie attacks Jewish passenger

A Muslim cab driver was questioned by New York City police after he allegedly attacked a Jewish passenger.

The complainant, businessman Moshe Indig, told Arutz Sheva Sunday: “I took a cab from Manhattan to Brooklyn yesterday at 8 PM. I asked the driver to make a phone call. He refused but then relented and put the call on the speaker. When he saw that I was speaking Hebrew, he said: ‘I hate the people and the language you are speaking. If I had known that you were a Jew, I would not have given you the call.”

“When he dropped me off in Brooklyn I started walking and suddenly he got out of the vehicle and ran toward me and started punching me in the head. I was immediately concerned that he might have a knife or some other weapon, so I hit him forcefully. He grabbed my kippah and my cellphone and ran away.”

(Video at link)

2. UK Home secretary: Muslim terrorism has nothing to do with Islam

3. French Sermon on day of Paris attack, “Our children can become rulers of this country by legal means”

4. PM Viktor Orbán: “Europe is Under Attack” Hungarian Parliament Speech 2015. 11. 16

5. Weekly PEGIDA march in Dresden, first one after Paris attack

6. Youtube removed a video of a man desecrating a koran, presumably as an experiment to see if excrement created from a middle eastern diet can burn, during a protest in Paris following the attacks on the 13th. Here is that video

7. This video is supposed to be of muslims in Brussels celebrating the Paris attacks. Of course there is no real way to tell. It could just be a traffic jam full of non musical idiots expressing themselves on their car horn with bad syncopations. But this information came with the link:

Taken from a Facebook page which is now offline.

You can see women in the back of the cars in Burkas celebrating and clapping – as it later turns out, they’re commemorating the massacre of 129 Frenchmen in Paris on Friday.

(I hope to subtitle this later but Green Infidel translated roughly what the speakers, who are Polish, said wh filmed it. The general sentiment is: “It’s a day after the attacks? in Paris, this is Brussels, and in these cars are all Muslims, in Burqas. They have their emergency lights on and are honking their horns. I don’t know what they’re thinking – but they don’t look sad…”)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, CB Sashenka, Gates of Vienna, Green Infidel, and many more. Please remember to check the comments under the daily links post for the newest information by our readers, not all of which make it to the posts and the ones that do are there first.

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  1. #2. “Paris Attacks, Statement Home Secretary Rt Hon Theresa May MP”

    What a perfect illustration of the phenomenon of denial. Imagine that your have incontrovertible evidence that your best friend is a pedophile serial killer and the war going on inside your head is tearing you apart because you so desperately do not want the truth to be the truth, but you cannot allow your friend keep harming children no matter how loyal a friend you are. Similarly flummoxed, Theresa May is unable to face the fact that Muhammad, if he were alive today, would be cheering wildly for ISIS and laughing openly at all the dead infidels in Paris, and that militant Islam has everything to do with Islam, not nothing. Theresa May is in denial because she doesn’t want it to be true that we are in an actual, real life fight to the death. That’s right, little girl, a lot of people are about to die, right about now, and you’re about to be in a fight whether you like it or not…

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