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5 Replies to “Calais UMI camp severely on fire”

  1. This is important, if you have Jewish Friends in France, do warn them of this:

    [6:19 EDT Jewish people in France better batten the hatches. If true to form, these muslims will hit Jewish targets as well as they did with Charlie Hebdo and in Copenhagen. Both attacks went after Jewish targets shortly after the free speech/local attacks]

    Although the ISLAMIC STATE has claimed responsibility meanwhile – and that usually signifies that “this” particular attack is over – dont trust them not to have found this new device.

  2. Burn, baby, burn, and the seventh century retards with it particularly if they set these fires themselves in order to claim victimhood, benefits, luxuries and free passage to Britain for an eternity of indigenous taxpayer funded free-range rape which is more than likely. If I may be so pragmatic as to point out. S III.

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