Geopolitics, migrations, the blame game begins: Links 1 for Nov. 12 – 2015

1. Germany’s Schäuble likens migrant wave to ‘avalanche’

(That is interesting because I liken Merkel to a person who went to the top of a snowy mountain and fired off a .357 magnum in order to start one)

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has compared the refugee crisis to an avalanche that could engulf Europe. He appealed for greater solidarity in the issue, although there a few signs of that emerging.

The German finance minister warned that EU member states could still see the immigration crisis worsen, adopting an alpine metaphor to get his point across.

“Avalanches can be triggered if any careless skier hits the slopes and moves a little snow,” said Schäuble.

2. Mother, nurse and Muslim leader found guilty over the genital mutilation of two girls who were told to imagine they were ‘a princess in a garden’ during the ‘cutting’

Two women have been found guilty in a Sydney court of mutilating the genitals of two young girls.

A retired nurse and the girls’ mother, neither of whom can be named, cut the two sisters’ clitorises in separate incidents in 2009 and 2012.

A high-ranking member of the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community, Shabbir Mohammedbhai Vaziri, has been found guilty on a charge of accessory after the fact.

High-ranking member of the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community, Shabbir Mohammedbhai Vaziri (pictured), was found guilty on Thursday of accessory after the fact in Australia's first female genital mutilation case
High-ranking member of the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community, Shabbir Mohammedbhai Vaziri (pictured), was found guilty on Thursday of accessory after the fact in Australia’s first female genital mutilation case
Shabbir Mohammedbhai Vaziri (far right) leaves the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday. A retired nurse and the mother of the two young girls were found guilty of genitally mutilating her children

Beware Wee Willie Winkie. Not even the Germans came up with a fairy tale as scary as the Winkies really are

Police have raided buildings in the German capital in a crackdown on far-right hate speech. Officers confiscated smart phones and computers and urged social networks to help slow the spread of xenophobic content.
(I have read this article twice now and at no point is ‘hate’ defined, nor is right wing. One does get the vague impression however, that ‘far right wing extremism’ as the term was used to justify these raids and arrests, means anyone who openly opposes Merkel’s policies of flooding Germany with people who have vastly different cultures and values, and demonstrably antipathetic ones to German or even to the entire Western world. Playing with semantics this way and sending the police after people would change the status of Germany from a free and democratic nation to many other better adjectives. The few that come to mind now might be, ‘police-state’, ‘fascist,’ or ‘dictatorial’.)

Unknown assailants fired several shots at an evangelical church in Giza’s Haram district midday Wednesday, leaving a policeman injured, MENA state news agency reported.Sources from the interior ministry told the state news agency that three assailants riding a motorcycle were witnessed opening fire on the church.

The sources said the assailants then started shooting at the security personnel who were guarding the church. The guards returned fire.

The last similar attack on churches in Egypt was in April, when assailants opened fire on a church in Alexandria, injuring a policeman and four civilians.

5. Here is a video on the ban in Catholic Schools on teaching islam.

(As I have said before, based on what people have told me who attend Catholic schools, teaching islam was impossible thanks to muslim students who constantly interupted and demanded it be taught as fact and their way etc. Judaism was also impossible to teach as each mention of it brought forth the Hitler Youth in many muslim students present)

6. 17-year-old Danish boy killed by three Muslims

This Thursday (Nov 5, 2015) two cars with 16-to-22-year-old Muslims arrived at a Danish high school. The “nine or ten” Muslims wanted to punish 17-year-old Danish boy Mads Skjoldsøge for “disrespecting” some of them the previous weekend.

Mads Skjoldsøge was stabbed moments later and died within one hour.

The following three Muslims have been charged:

18-year-old Chechen Muslim; released but still charged:

Name: Yusub Kavkazov

I am pretty sure that this guy will not be punished because the two others are minors (under-18) and if they can’t be deported (e.g. they have Danish citizenship), they will probably willingly take the blame to save this guy’s ass and because their own sentences will be much lighter than his.

(related photos here)

7. Mizzou protesters segregate by race; white students asked to leave ‘black-only healing space’

By Blake Neff

In an ironic development, to say the least, protesters at the University of Missouri (MU) segregated themselves by race Wednesday night, having white students leave a gathering in order to create a “black-only healing space.”

Supporters of the group Concerned Students 1950, which has spearheaded the protest movement at MU, assembled at the school’s student center Wednesday night for a meeting after a planned protest march was canceled due to bad weather. And then, according to activist Steve Schmidt, whites were asked to leave:


 (We don’t even have to ask what would happen if say, white females wanted to make a safe space against the horrifically disproportionate amount of black rape against them)
I am Not Malala, I am a Muslim, I am Pakistani is an account of Pakistanis who take pride in their country.

I am Not Malala, I am a Muslim, I am Pakistani is an account of Pakistanis who take pride in their country.

The All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF) launched a rebuttal to Malala Yousafzai’s novel ‘I am Malala’ by releasing a book titled ‘I am not Malala, I am a Muslim, I am a Pakistani’ at the National Press Club in Islamabad.

“The book is written with the aim to reveal the truth and counter anti-Islamic propaganda and expose the nefarious designs of anti-Islam forces,” said the author of the book, Mirza Kashif Ali, President All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF).

(Thousands of schools across Pakistan are banning her book although it is not on the curriculum for any school in Pakistan)

The European Union pressed African leaders on Wednesday to take back thousands of people who do not qualify for asylum, as overwhelmed Slovenia began building a razor-wire border fence to keep migrants at bay, raising tensions with neighboring Croatia.

Sweden, struggling to manage the influx too, became the latest EU nation to announce the introduction of temporary border controls, as of Thursday.

According to the International Organization for Migration, almost 800,000 people have entered Europe by sea this year. The EU predicts that three million more could arrive by 2017.

The Europeans say most Africans are coming in search of work and should be sent home, but many deliberately arrive without documents and must wait months before they are taken back.

At an EU-run summit in Malta, African leaders are set to commit “to cooperate with the EU on return and admission, notably on travel documentation,” according to the latest draft of an “Action Plan” being drawn up.

The president of Niger — a major transit route for Africans heading to lawless Libya in the hopes of crossing the Mediterranean to Europe — was cautious about opening the floodgates for people to return.


Thank you Wrath of Khan, Buck, M., Liberty Dk., Maria J., and many more who sent in interesting and important materials. More to come.
Interesting little video on modern education. Too true to be funny though.

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  1. 8. “I am no longer Malala'” and other great Muslim stories for girls.
    “Where’s my clit’?” or “As four weren’t my witness,” these 1400-year classics brought to life for Western audiences.

    And who can forget, “I can’t wait be six,” and, “two voices become one,”?

    You will not see this sold in the High Street shops just yet, but can be purchased using any credit card by phoning 800-Muhammad.

  2. 3. ‘The Stasi have raided buildings in the German capital in a crackdown on far-right hate speech.’

    East Germany finally consumes the West as it ruptured the Berlin Wall to get in.

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