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2 Replies to “Dennis Prager at Oxford Union”

  1. Dennis is astounded that Israel is compared equally to Hamas. Obviously one is a Democracy and the other a Dictatorship.

    But, we are not dealing with quiet minds.

    In Islam the home is dominated by an enraged male, and in Socialism the home dominated by an enraged female.

    The underdog or the despised homemaker. Inferiority makes resentment and their offspring can never challenge their position of intimidation once held over them. Society will prevent repentance and forgiveness to set them free.

    Rebellious teenagers had never existed when children were raised and spoken up to as adults. Now they fight and struggle to remove their misery, scarred by the terror to be themselves.

    Sick societies brutally infantalize citizens to maintain the pressure of the conformity experienced directly from the home, (by their standards), on infants for a beating or for a withdrawal of affection with the blind inherrent desire to avoid it later in life at the expense of everyone else.

    This debate therefore is between sanity and unsanity, freedom and comfort, choice and safety, nonchalance and pride, of Democracy against Socialism in all its sub and dom infractions.

    • The cruelest of the patriachs and the patriachs, to avoid a beating or avoid isolation and impovishment: The children of the “Yes boss” or “Yes comrade” coming to a town near you.

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