Attacks on German tourists in Morocco, German journalist gets fake passport in 3 hours and more Links 1 on Oct. 31 – 2015

1. Muslims sue Costco believing they are responsible for every utterance of every part time employee that may work for that company.

(One giant cash out from the Canadian always-win casino for muslim victimhood dead ahead. (Costco employs about 174,000 full and part-time employees. Good luck monitoring each and every one of them. What a great scam though! Get your buddy to get a job at Costco or some other HUGE company and convert to Islam, then get him to insult you and your fake religion at the check out and then sue and split the cash!)

A Muslim Montrealer is filing a human rights complaint against Costco? after a comment allegedly made by a sales clerk.

Asma Al-Shawarghi, who was raised in Canada, said she was at the Costco store on l’Acadie Boulevard on Oct. 18 and asked a sales clerk whether a coat she was looking at would keep her warm in -40 C weather.

Al-Shawarghi said the sales representative responded that no jacket would keep her warm at such temperatures, adding, “If you don’t like that, go back to your country.”

She said she replied that Canada is her country and that she’s a Canadian citizen, however, she said the clerk ignored her and started serving another customer.

2. Russian passenger jet departing from Sharm El Shek (Egypt) across the Sinai has crashed and all aboard are dead. Here is an early report from RT

This video deals with the handling of the dead

This link is likely an accurate reflection of the cause of the crash 

3. This is an interesting comment. If true it would not be inconsistent with Obama’s policies of optics uber alles especially optics trumping US servicemen’s lives. Miranda rights for terrorists in Afghanistan etc.

4. Another comment on George Soros and his financing of far left and horrifically destructive organizations to classical civilization. 

5. Daily Mail covers new Islamic State video where they threaten Obama and murder people. The one skill the Islamic State, and Islam in general, cultivates.

6. Brian Lilley busts the CBC for going back to the far left extremist propaganda they are so well known for.

7. This guy does Halloween right

8. Breitbart story on Swedish No Go zones.

(This link goes to Breitbart who’s excessive scripts and issues jams up browsers and occasionally forces a reboot and frequently forces a restart of the browser, and in this case has a video of the issue which looks very important but no one can get it to actually play)

9. Tulsa’s Veterans Day Parade participant calls Muslim group’s involvement ‘atrocious’

(I GUESS I can see CAIR’s point. If it wasn’t for muslims the US wouldn’t have so many dead soldiers)

10. Three German tourists attacked in the Moroccan city of Fez

Fez – A shocking video, posted about an hour ago, shows a group of German tourists badly injured after they were assaulted by two people who attacked them with knives on Friday in Fez.

The video shows three tourists, two males and one female, in shock after they were attacked by two people, who are reported to be under the influence of hard drugs, known in Morocco as Karkoubi.

Eyewitnesses told Morocco World News that the assault happened in the Talaa Lakbira, one of the neighborhoods most frequented by foreign tourists visiting Fez.

(clearly the real problem in the world is the GKA, or the Global Knife Association. This evil group constantly prevents all our best efforts to implement knife control world wide)

11. German journalist poses as ‘refugee’ in Turkey, gets fake Syrian passport in under 3 hours


Thank you M., Buck, ML., Wrath of Khan, Richard, CB Sashenka, Tundra Tabloids, and all and much, much more to come.

Remember kids, tonight is halloween and here is a list of costumes to avoid this year so as not to offend anyone.

Anything which is ethnic, meaning non-white as although white people are a minority in the world, they are the only people you can openly mock. No hobos though as its insensitive to the poor and financial challenged and no vampires as the association of iron deficient and anaemic people can take great offense. Lastly and above all, no ghost! For ghosts, (we prefer the term, ‘Metabolically challenged’) are the most disadvantaged class in society altogether. Last try and avoid trick or treating in high end or wealthy areas. You are likely to get a toothbrush.



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  1. 10 – I wonder if they now have sense enough not to go on vacation in Islamic countries when they could stay home and work to prevent it from becoming an Islamic country?

    11 – 3 hours,what took him that long?

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