The Migration crisis is earning Turkey a solid shot at EU membership and more: Links 1 on Oct. 20 – 2015

1. Russia: Up to 20 suspected members of Hizb ut-Tahrir arrested in Moscow

2. Germany: Fire destroys building housing foreign workers, 12 injured

3. Cologne gang ‘stole from churches to fund Isis’

When they broke into churches they stole collection boxes, crosses and other objects “dedicated to church services and religious veneration” prosecutors allege.

From the schools, the men stole laptops, money and a cash card, which they used to finance jihadist fighters in the Syrian civil war, alleged chief prosecutor Nadja Gudermann.

Security measures were heightened around the Cologne city court as the men were brought from police detention.

During the burglaries, which took place between 2011-14, the men are alleged to have stolen €19,000 worth of goods and often seriously damaged the premises before they left.

4. UPDATED: Prime Minister Stefan Löfven on Tuesday condemned a series of suspected arson attacks on asylum accommodation as The Local spoke to officials planning Sweden’s first tent camp for refugees.

(If any actuarial cares to anonymously comment on the insurance rates for UMI centers in Europe, it would be a welcome thing to read)

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5. Germany: Four killed, Four injured in suspected arson attack on refugee shelter

6. Christian Asylum Seekers Hounded Out of Immigrant Housing by Muslim Residents

A group of Christian asylum seekers in Sweden were subjected to bullying tactics by Muslim neighbours for wearing the symbol of the cross.

The group consisted of two Christian families who lived in an asylum house of approximately 80 individuals – the majority of whom were Syrian Muslims. Described as “fundamentalist Islamists” by major Swedish newspaperDagens Nyheter, the other residents told the Christians they were not to wear their symbols of faith in the building, and they would not be allowed to use the communal areas while they were in use by Muslims.

After being threatened and harassed on a number of occasions the small group of Christians, which are likely to have been Syrian Christian refugees fleeing the Islamic State, packed and left “fearing for their own safety”. A spokesman for the government migration agency responsible for the centre they had been staying in said:

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(From May 2015)

7. ‘Black Lives Matter’ Forces L.A. Mayor Garcetti to Flee Town Hall

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti was forced to cut short a town hall meeting with the black community on Monday evening after it was disrupted by Black Lives Matter protestors.

The meeting, at the Holman United Methodist Church, was attended by several hundred people, but several dozen activists interrupted repeatedly and forced Garcetti to flee. The LAPD had to disperse the crowd before he could depart, the Los Angeles Timesreports.

8. UK confirms it will seek EU membership for Turkey

9. March of the migrants now ‘out of control’ as Croatia sends thousands more towards overwhelmed Slovenia, who are left to beg the EU for help policing its borders 

Slovenia blasts Croatia for ignoring requests to contain the migrant surge and called on rest of EU to solve crisis
    It says it can only handle 2,500 migrants a day – but claims 8,300 refugees are already being held in the country

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2 Replies to “The Migration crisis is earning Turkey a solid shot at EU membership and more: Links 1 on Oct. 20 – 2015”

  1. 9)
    Migranci w Slovenii
    I also found a Slovenian article (in Slovenian) which describes situation on the border. for example, major of Brežice said that situation is extremely difficult. He says that majority of migrants are fit, young men, and there are very few women and children. He also is saying that he thinks, they are very well organised. They are also very violent. Women and children have trouble to get to the buses because men try to prevent it.
    btw comments are quite negative re government and the EU.
    It seems to me that presently a lot of people in East European countries are afraid that Germany and other Western EU countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France) will soon close the borders and the Eastern, much poorer countries, will get bulk of i/migrants.
    There are also a speculations that they will do it on purpose, because Eastern Europe countries are still patriotic and many are also Christian, so Brussels want to get rid of it.

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