Oct. 13ths little links of horrors #2 – 2015

1. A couple of clips of the attack(s) in Israel today

2. For those who thought the problem was just the fact that Islam is taught in US schools as the only true religion, its actually worse than that.

3. U.S. to raise Iranian missile test at U.N. Security Council

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A missile test announced by Iran over the weekend was an apparent violation of a U.N. Security Council resolution and Washington will raise the incident at the United Nations, the U.S. State Department said on Tuesday.

Iran said it tested a new precision-guided ballistic missile on Sunday, signaling an apparent advance in Iranian attempts to improve the accuracy of its missile arsenal.

“We’ll obviously raise this at the UNSC as we have done in previous launches,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters, noting the test appeared to be a violation of U.N. Security resolution 1929.

4. Bibi makes a clear statement about their tolerance for being killed on the streets and islamic leaders’ incitement to it.

5. Here is an example of BBC spin doctoring against the Europeans and for illegal unidentifiable Muslim invaders (UMIs) that the people of England should rise up and do to them what Canadians won’t rise up and do to the BBC for the exact same reasons. Check out what he says right near the beginning of this clip:

(Thats right. At about 30 seconds this reporter claims that organized crime is praying on “these people’s vulnerability” by selling them fake passports that actually work.

Here then are the facts:

These people who are illegally coming to Europe, are then buying fake passports to make the act of getting to a specific country known to them in advance for having the best social welfare and requiring the least adaptation by these people, as easy as possible. This could not be more clearly an act, by the organized crime gangs in Greece of taking advantage of European vulnerabilities, NOT the allege vulnerabilities of the people intending on being parasites on vulnerable tax paying, working Europeans! What the BBC reporter said is a total inversion, not just of morals but of obvious facts!)

6. Hate crime soars by 18% in just a year in blow to David Cameron’s pledge to end discrimination

(According to George Freedman of Stratfor, wars happen because different people are forced to mix. This seems like a reasonable axiom. What a shame that modern leftist leaders think they know better)

The number of ‘hate crimes’ reported to police has jumped by nearly a fifth, shock figures revealed this morning.

Overall, there were 52,528 such offences recorded by forces in England and Wales in 2014/15 – an jump of 18 per cent compared to the previous year, the Home Office said.

More than eight out of 10 of the attacks were classed as race hate crimes, with the other offences targeting people for their religion, disability, sexual orientation or because they were transgender.

David Cameron this morning hit out at the ‘unacceptable’ rise in hate crime and promised to ‘end’ discrimination.

The number of ‘hate crimes’ reported to police has jumped by nearly a fifth, shock figures revealed this morning

The number of ‘hate crimes’ reported to police has jumped by nearly a fifth, shock figures revealed this morning

Despite the shock rise in hate attacks, the actual scale of abuse is likely to be higher than the number drawn from police records.

(But if you don’t make their beds and pick up their filth, your a RACIST!!!!!)
All attempts to curb free speech are “an attack on human nature”, British-Indian writer Salman Rushdie said Tuesday at the start of the world’s biggest book fair in Frankfurt.”Limiting freedom of expression is not just censorship, it is also an assault on human nature,” Rushdie told a news conference.

“Expression of speech is fundamental to all human beings. We are language animals, we are story-telling animals,” he said, insisting that free speech was a universal principle.

“Without that freedom of expression, all other freedoms fail,” he said.

(And frankly, I think they already have. If we want freedom, we no longer have to fight to preserve it, we have to fight to get it back. Hell its possible I could be investigated or arrested just for saying that.)

9. Three murdered, more than 20 wounded in 5 attacks

Over a dozen wounded in two simultaneous attacks in Jerusalem’s East Talpiot and Geula neighborhoods; in two Ra’anana attacks: 1 seriously hurt, 3 moderately and 1 lightly; fifth stabbing takes place near IKEA in northern city of Kiryat Ata.

(As we saw, also in Sweden, muslims must have an even lower threshold for IKEA crap than the rest of humanity. If one must go to an IKEA, steer clear of any muslims you may see there)

10.  Citizenship ceremony got ‘heated’ over niqab (Face cloth)

This past July, a Muslim man got into a “screaming match” with federal citizenship officials who asked his wife to remove her niqab during the ceremony to take her oath.

According to several sources who witnessed the confrontation, but are not authorized to speak with media, the woman was willing to remove her face covering in order to become a Canadian citizen.

Her husband, however, refused to allow her to show her face.

As officials scrambled to explain the rules and get the ceremony underway, the man grew increasingly hostile and “abusive” with citizenship managers. He insisted they “enforce his wishes” that his wife remain veiled.

Thank you M., Richard, Xanthippa, Nash Montana, Wrath of Khan, and many more.

For those in the US, the scene referenced in an earlier post from the new season of the show, Homeland, starts at 10 mins 53 seconds in this clip

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4 Replies to “Oct. 13ths little links of horrors #2 – 2015”

  1. Islam, Islam, Islam.
    Allah can’t cook, sew or clean.
    Strikes fear of impure friendship
    To submit when he is mean.

    Engram, Engram, Engram.
    Victim-Identity won’t change the world
    Strikes fear of Discrimination
    To allow them to freeload.

  2. #1 Israeli attacks

    The only thing that stopped that “Palestinian” from continuing on his murder spree was the intervention of a good guy with a gun. The only solution the Democrats have to similar attacks in the US is the banning of guns in the hands of such good guys. The Democrats have sold out to the enemy and it’s growing more obvious by the day. They just dropped 50 tons of weapons to the Jihadists in Syria to help them murder all the Christians and Alawis and Yazidis, not to mention Russians. What more proof do we need, people? The Democrats are traitors, plain and simple. There’s even a Democrat Senator from Hawaii who seems to have figured that out, only to be banned from the Democrat debate. I guess she’ll be joining the GOP any day now. Wake up!

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