European Union dissolving the people of Europe and appointing a new people of Europe: Links 1 on Oct. 13 – 2015

1. Three Israelis die in latest Jerusalem carnage: One person is stabbed to death in the street while two are killed in bus gun attack during Palestinian ‘Day of Rage’

At least three Israelis have been killed and several wounded in separate attacks in Jerusalem today – declared by Palestinian groups as a ‘Day of Rage’.

Two Palestinians shot and stabbed passengers on a bus, killing two and injuring four, Israeli media reported.

Minutes later, another Palestinian rammed his car into a bus stop in the centre of Jerusalem before getting out and stabbing pedestrians, killing one and wounding six, police said.


2. Maps of Islamic activity, mosques and refugees paint a disturbing picture

(Allen West Website with more info linked above. Check the 3 maps of mosques and terror issues and see if there is an overlap)

3. Islamic State urges jihad against Russians, Americans: audio

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Islamic State called on Muslims to launch a “holy war” against Russians and Americans over what it called their “crusaders’ war” in the Middle East, an audio message distributed by supporters of the ultra hardline group said on Tuesday.

“Islamic youth everywhere, ignite jihad against the Russians and the Americans in their crusaders’ war against Muslims,” the speech by Islamic State spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani said.

The United States and Russia are carrying separate airstrike campaigns in Syria, which they say are targeting Islamic State.

4. Gotta love German precision. I bet you could build a house based on the distances the PEGIDA signs are apart from each other.

(More here. In fact if you search the comments you may find a lin to the actual audio yesterday)

5. The Canadian civil service seems determined to destroy the democratic process to help guarantee a Liberal win.

6. Turkey warns U.S., Russia against backing Kurdish militia in Syria

Turkey has warned the United States and Russia it will not tolerate Kurdish territorial gains by Kurdish militia close to its frontiers in north-western Syria, two senior officials said.

“This is clear cut for us and there is no joking about it,” one official said of the possibility of Syrian Kurdish militia crossing the Euphrates to extend control along Turkish borders from Iraq’s Kurdistan region towards the Mediterranean coast.

Turkey fears advances by Kurdish YPG militia, backed by its PYD political wing, on the Syrian side of its 900 km (560-mile) border will fuel separatist ambitions among Kurds in its own southeastern territories. But Washington has supported YPG fighters as an effective force in combating Islamic State.

7. The English village being ‘overwhelmed’ by migrants as DOZENS arrive every day with the Home Office using it as a ‘transit camp’ for people arriving from Calais

An English village has been left ‘overwhelmed’ by asylum seekers, residents complained last night.

Longford in West London is fast becoming a ‘transit camp’ for migrants from Calais – with dozens arriving on coaches every day and being transferred to houses, according to locals.

The migrants are temporarily living in homes bought by hotel owners, after property prices fell over concerns that the village could be demolished for London Heathrow Airport’s third runway.

(Video at DM Link)



8. Paris Terror Attacks: Killer Amedy Coulibaly Received Orders To Murder From Commander Abroad




New evidence uncovered by French authorities investigating the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January has shown communication between killer Amedy Coulibaly and a possible handler in the Islamic State.

Coulibaly received an email communication on 8 January. It arrived just hours after he shot and killed an unarmed police officer in Paris on the same day as the killings at Charlie Hebdo, perpetrated by his close friends Chérif and Saïd Kouachi. The following day, he killed four at a Jewish supermarket, telling the hostages he took that he was a follower of the Islamic State.

9. Sweden: Muslim “refugee” in court over ‘religiously motivated’ death threats at asylum shelter

“I will cut your throat”

A 26-year-old from Syria frightened the other persons at an asylum shelter. Police who got dispatched to the shelter met a weeping man who, because of his Christian faith, had been threatened for life. “I have fled the war in order to avoid this kind of threats”.

(Liberty Dk. is checking the Swedish news for more on this)

10. New Data: Sweden Receives Record Asylum Cases As Nation Slips Into Political Turmoil

More migrants have sought asylum in Sweden so far this year than in any other in the nation’s history. The new figures were revealed just days after the ruling left-wing coalition fell apart and the Prime Minister confessed Sweden was in political turmoil, making an election likely.

Sweden’s Migration Agency, Migrationsverket, has revealed that 86,223 people have launched asylum cases in 2015. This is up from earlier predictions of 74,000 by December, as reported by The Local.

“Higher levels than in 1992, I think. We had a lot of ex Yugoslavians coming then. Now we are at a higher pace even,” said Kent Ekeroth, a Sweden Democrat member of the Riksdag, in an exclusive statement to Breitbart London.

11. Dozens of ISIS sex slaves have killed themselves to escape rape and torture, reveals ‘smuggler’ who’s devoted her life to rescuing girls ‘sold like animals’

Dozens of Yazidi girls have been driven to suicide by the ISIS fighters who abused them, the people risking their own lives to rescue them have revealed.

MailOnline spoke to Ameena Saeed Hasan, a Yazidi mother-of-one who runs a ‘smuggling operation’ to rescue ISIS’s sex slaves out of her apartment, and businessman Abu Shujaa who has been nicknamed the ‘father of courage’ for helping nearly 400 people escape.

They claim the girls who fail to escape are killing themselves so they do not have to endure a single more day of rape, torture and beatings at the hands of their captors.

‘Many girls lose hope when they are with ISIS and choose suicide if they cannot find a way back,’ Ameena Saeed Hasan, a former Iraqi lawmaker, told MailOnline.

Thank you Oz-Rita, M., Wrath of Khan, Buck, and all and there will be more. I am way behind today as I dealt with some errands I have put off since last winter. But more to come soon.

Just for something completely different, have a look at this clip from a  wonderful old movie from before the days of political correctness. How awesome is this? When the right thing do to was teaching people to fight their oppressors to be free of slavery.

Thanks Tundra T. for the tip on that. And speaking of islam in pop-culture, I strongly suggest watching episode 1 of season 5 of Homeland. There is a scene in a bunker at a CIA building where an operative who has been directing strikes against the Islamic state is briefing other members of the staff and taking questions from the politicians about what the US is accomplishing over there and in this one scene there is more truth about the situation than I have ever seen on so called factual programs on the matter of islam or the Islamic State. Try and watch it. The whole show is good but its worth it for that one scene.

It reminds me of my suspicions that during the middle ages, the only people who could speak truth to power was the court jester. The only one who could say something that was actually true but critical of official policy or doctrine, was the entertainers. The rest were yes men to the powerful. And Homeland shows that this is how it is again.

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  1. RYI,. the movie was made just before the bombing of Pearl Harbor and was never released to the theaters because some people thought it would upset the Filipinos. Also the scene shows was repeated in real life many times when the Americans or Brits wanted info from a Moslem, it has been forbidden in the current war but should be remembered by all for future use.

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