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4 Replies to “The lighter side of Western incompetence and naiveté”

  1. 7/ Bull. So now every Israeli is a “settler” for ToI. Beyond offensive.
    ToI is a spin-off from Haaretz, it just doesn’t have a paywall. Perhaps they’ll spin all the way to the New York Slimes.

    Even four old men praying in a synagogue in the ancient Jewish quarter of Jerusalem are dubbed “settlers”. Blood still soaking their prayer shawls.

    Where’d the swine-flesh come from? Where do you buy it in “far-right, ultra-orthodox” settler-ville? And how do you handle it? Industrial-strength rubber-gloves?

      • I wondered if you were going to comment on this supposed crime, your arguments are the same ones I thought of but didn’t post. A Christian that is willing to waste the food might do this but not a practicing Jew.

        • Unless it is low cholesterol turkey ham which contains no pork products, Some make that claim but the cholesterol levels are not really that much lower.

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