The islamic industrial process, attacks in Syria, Vienna votes right, Residents of Judea try some old timey medicine on muslim terrorist: Links 2 on Oct. 11 – 2015

2. Freedom Party Of Austria On Verge Of Historic Win In Left-Wing Vienna

The anti-mass migration Austrian Freedom Party (FPO) could be on the verge of winning local elections in Vienna, a city that has voted socialist for 70 years.

Amid growing concern over the migrant crisis, Viennese voters are turning to the FPO in record numbers, and party is now just one point behind the city’s governing socialists – within the margin of error.

Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache told a large rally outside St Stephen’s Cathedral on Thursday: “Let’s roll up our sleeves and do this, out of love for our home town, out of love for the people of this city! We will succeed, I can feel it.”

3. In the third world, this is how you make a scooter

4. Steep Rise In Immigrant ‘Witchcraft’ and ‘Exorcism’ Related Child Abuse

Cultural enrichment an Einstein or a Newton would really appreciate

The number of quasi-religious “witchcraft” and exorcism related child abuse cases has nearly triple in just three years. The phenomenon of children being accused of “possession” and “witchcraft” is most commonly seen in West African and South Asian immigrant communities.

In one such incident a nine-year-old boy was dubbed a “devil child” and left on the streets alone with no shoes by his own parents. Another mother bit her son’s face because she was convinced he was “possessed.”

The Metropolitan Police’s specialist faith-based abuse team, known as Project Violet, has identified 60 incidents so far this year.

5. PEGIDA marches in the Netherlands with the usual fascist thugs trying to incite and shut them down every step of the way

6. Muslim female member of the Israeli Parliament calls for a popular intifada by muslims against Jews in Israel

(TT sugests dropping her off in the Islamic State to teach her what islam is actually like but Saudi Arabia or Iran would do as well Im sure. Good luck getting elected there and wearing your hairdo out in the open)

7. Concerned Israeli settler attempts to heal a palestinian stabber-terrorist with a porcine poultice to the face

(A poultice is old fashioned medicine and it works better if applied to the wound, but they work very well sometimes. Story here)

8. Near Hama in Syria

Thank you Buck, M., Tundra Tabloids, Carpe Diem, Buck, Richard and all. And more to come. Sorry about the car video. I hope I made up for it with the pork one.


Russia destroys Al Nusra command center

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  1. 3. Nothing wrong, if the car was facing Mecca and then sold and dismantled in the next city.

    Otherwise, left intact to roam freely, it will entice and sidle up to all other muslim men who behave and smell the same.

  2. Socialists Hold off Right-Wing Party to Win Vienna Vote (abcnews, Oct 11, 2015)

    “The Socialist party held on to Vienna city hall in a municipal election on Sunday, fighting off a challenge from a right-wing populist party campaigning on Austrian concerns over mass migration.

    With all votes except absentee ballots counted, the Socialists received 39.5 percent of the ballot, down nearly five percentage points. The Freedom Party had 31 percent, up more than five percentage points from the last election five years ago.

    The result leaves the Socialists in position to continue governing the Austrian capital in coalition. Still, they give the Freedom Party its best ever result in Vienna. They also reflect voter anxiety about the thousands of migrants entering Austria daily as they flee conflict in the Mideast and elsewhere.

    The preliminary results showed the Green party with 11.6 percent. That would leave them in position to remain as the Socialist coalition partners. Losing significant backing was the centrist People’s Party at 9.2 percent, more than 4 percentage points below their 2010 showing.

    Also clearing the 5 percent hurdle needed to gain seats in the Vienna legislature were the liberal NEOS, according to the preliminary results. Contesting their first Vienna election, they won 6.2 percent of the vote.

    With another five-year term for his Socialists a certainty, Vienna Mayor Michael Haeupl said he “could live well” with the results. Alluding to the Freedom Party’s anti-immigrant message, he said he remains convinced that people fleeing terror and hunger have to be helped, adding “that’s what I have stood for in my whole political life.”

    Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache also said he was satisfied.

    “You cannot dismiss” the party’s best-ever showing, he told reporters.

    Polls ahead of the vote had shown the Socialists in front with more than a third of the vote, but with the Freedom Party close behind and concerns about the uncontrolled daily influx of thousands of migrants fleeing violent world regions the top concern of the electorate.

    While 67.6 percent of the electorate voted five years ago, the estimated turnout for Sunday’s vote stood at 74 percent, including still to be counted absentee ballots….”

    • “vorsprung durch technik” as they say in Germany


      “Your sprung Dutch Technique.” (When an unconscious blond is not available).

      H/T Gita.

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