Geopolitics, islamic proclivity to rape is boundless, Western nations Balkanize over UMI crisis: Links 3 on Oct. 9 – 2015

1. Russia says kills 300 militants in Syria in most intense raids yet

(Congratulations to the Islamic State on the new crop of couch dwelling martyrs, busting hymens with the prophet himself)

Russia’s air force hit 60 Islamic State targets in Syria over the past 24 hours and killed around 300 militants, the Defense Ministry said on Friday, in Moscow’s most intense raids yet since it first launched strikes on Syria 10 days ago.

In the previous updates, the Moscow had been reporting hitting about 10 targets daily. The increased pace of attacks was aimed at preventing militants from re-grouping and dispersing in populated areas, the ministry said.

The ministry said in a statement that air force jets used KAB-500 precision guided bombs to destroy a headquarters of the Liwa al-Haqq militant group in Syria’s Raqqa province.

The ministry, citing intercepted radio communications, said the raid killed two senior Islamic State field commanders and some 200 militants there. Liwa al-Haqq is not connected to Islamic State, so it was not clear what the two field commanders were doing at the group’s base.

(It is interesting how this article subtly links US backed groups with the Islamic State. Notice the article named a dead commander and says it is unclear why he was at an IS command station. This is who that group is)

2. British jihadi bride releases second home address of U.S. soldier, dubbed ‘America’s deadliest’ after claim he killed more than 2,500 in Iraq

A woman claiming to be the British ISIS fanatic known as ‘Mrs Terror’ said she has leaked the home address, details and family photographs of one of America’s most decorated soldiers.

A twitter account under the name Umm Hussain Britaniya – the nom de guerre of Kent woman Sally-Anne Jones – published what it claims to be the details of Sergeant Dillard Johnson.

The 46-year-old said she was posting the information to ‘cause havoc in his life and for my brothers and al-Qaeda in the U.S. to eventually hunt him down and kill him’.

3. A more in depth video of the UMIs throwing away and refusing food and water when offered to them at the train station.

4. British authorities take 20 children from (muslim) families for fear they will be ‘radicalized’

5. Classical Liberal Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, granted visa to help launch rational Australian culture party in Oz. Pro life person however, denied visa. 

(Wording of headline scrubbed of spin for truth’s sake)

6. ‘They should be protecting us’: Mum of teen arrested for ‘threatening police’ over terror attack in Parramatta says HER family is in danger and should be given protection

The mother of the 17-year-old boy arrested on Tuesday for allegedly supporting gunman Farhad Jabar’s shooting of a NSW police employee on social media says her family deserves police protection.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia – who were the first to inform her that her son had been arrested this week – the woman said it is the job of police to protect Australian citizens and keep them safe.

The teenager, who allegedly posted Facebook messages saying the police should ‘burn in hell’, stood beside his mother as she told about the night her home was raided, her son’s alleged comments and his arrest outside Arthur Phillip High School on Tuesday.

‘It’s the job of the police, they have to protect us and take care of its people,’ she said.

7. New York City subway ads are political when they say anything that may be true, but presents islam in a negative way and disallowed as such. But when they are pro muslim or show muslims in a positive way, they are not political and are allowed. (And this is what the 1st amendment was created to avoid, and this is why more laws means selective enforcement and totalitarian results every time.)

8. Russia pushes Al-Qaeda out of first place in the synchronized bombing category of the applied horror olympics.

9. Bavarian State Premier Horst Seehofer has mounted a direct attack on Angela Merkel’s asylum policy. The chancellor’s supposed conservative ally has now threatened her with constitutional action.

(Video at site. Bavaria may create its own border controls)

10. Australia. Protestors mosque protest. Socialists call for the welcome of all muslims to Australia.

11. Eight fined for discriminatory Facebook comments on PVV website

(A word of advice to all who leave comments about Islam anywhere. Always try and make sure that to the best of your knowledge, sincerely, the comment you make is true, and explain how that truth impacts liberal society. If people are going to be punished for doing that, then we are so far gone that its nearly pointless to fight. At least in the democratic way)

12. Qatar royal gets jail for assaulting underage girls

(I wonder if he trades child porn cards with the Saudi royals who recently fled the USA to escape sexual assault charges)

Thank you Buck, M., Wrath of Khan, 🙂

As the muslims ramp up their attacks on Jews in Israel, looking for that trigger that will allow muslims to attack Jews world-wide when Israel has to react in a way which will be in accordance with international law and way inside Geneva convention rules, but can be spun to look ‘unjust, it might be worth having this video handy.

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7 Replies to “Geopolitics, islamic proclivity to rape is boundless, Western nations Balkanize over UMI crisis: Links 3 on Oct. 9 – 2015”

  1. #3/ …and this crap is being tolerated WHY?

    Put these creatures on a boat. back across the Mediterranean or as far across as the funding will permit.

    Enough! This must not be allowed to stand!

  2. RE: climate change. This ploy to infiltrate the climate change movement is intended to make allies with leftists and make them feel obligated to defend Islam. Dawud (CAIR MIch) did this by recently tweeting about ‘black church fires’ and Muslim sympathy for the black churches. It’s quite clever.

  3. #3 I watched that video and then spent the next hour watching people rescue dogs from horrible situations.
    The migrants in the video are worse than dogs.

  4. I look at the videos of “migrants” throwing away food and it outrages me. Recently there was a video posted of migrants in Germany on a hunger strike because the chow at the asylum center was not up to snuff. They wanted money to buy what they like. THEY WANT MONEY!
    As a westerner, I find this to be bordering on the unbelievable! Hey, you don’t like the food, let’s give you a fast ticket to where the food is more to your liking… Really, you are having such a terrible problem with the food, so much so that you go on a hunger strike, please let us send you back to where the food is more appealing.
    This is really insanity writ large/

  5. Saudi Arabia summoned the Czech ambassador to protest against a new translation of Salman Rushdie’s book “Satanic Verses”, Saudi state media said on Friday, 27 years after the novel triggered mass demonstrations and a death threat against the author.

    The kingdom told the ambassador the book insulted both Islam and Muslims and asked him to try and halt its publication, the SPA agency added, citing a source in the Saudi foreign ministry.

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