Somehow, a polar reversal has taken place between Russia and the Western world: Links 3 on Oct. 7 – 2015

Lowell Green, Ottawa AM radio talk show host, did his show this morning on the newest initiative by Prime Minister Harper on banning the face cloth for the civil service. I only caught the tail end but I was told the whole show was very good.

It can be heard in archives here.     

1. Could the White House Spokesman tipped Obama’s thinking more than he intended with this Red Queen quality press release on Russian expeditions?

2. Iran’s supreme leader bans negotiations with the United States

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday banned any further negotiations between Iran and the United States, putting the brakes on moderates hoping to end Iran’s isolation after reaching a nuclear deal with world powers in July.

Khamenei, the highest authority in the Islamic Republic, already said last month there would be no more talks with the United States after the nuclear deal, but has not previously declared an outright ban.

His statements directly contradict those of moderate Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who says his government is ready to hold talks with the United States on how to resolve the conflict in Syria, where the two countries back opposing sides.

(This of course does not mean that Obama will withhold a penny or hold on to any sanctions or even not help Iran defend its nuclear weapons program from Israel)

3. Bangladesh: Muslims attack Christian pastor with knife, attempt to slit his throat

“Police said the attackers are yet to be identified but suspect they could be members of a fundamentalist group.” No kidding, really?

Not a Christian fundamentalist group, either.

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)

More “dialogue” needed, eh, U.S. Catholic bishops? How many jihadis have you turned from their ways by that “dialogue,” Bishop McManus? A bit of “dialogue” will erase that exhortation to beheading right out of the Qur’an, now, won’t it, Bishop Farrell? If we can just sit down and talk with the Islamic jihadis, they’ll shower us in flowers, right, Bishop Soto? The only people you all have to be concerned about are those who don’t fall in line and confess that Islam is the Religion of Peace, eh?

Bangladesh crime scene

4. France: Hollande warns of “total war” if Syrian crisis is not ended

(English titles soft coded on video)

5. left leaning journalist does video on migrants going to Germany. Busts it as not quite how its sold

(How and why would a little Arab kid who has never been to Europe learn a Nazi salute?)

6. Nigel Farage has a few things to say about the EU today, which, he says, is not about peace but about power.

(He is the first one I have heard say out loud the trick of German devaluation of the Euro to increase exports)

7. EXCLUSIVE: Russian jets ‘intercept’ US predator drones over Syria, officials say

Russian fighter jets shadowed U.S. predator drones on at least three separate occasions high above Syria since the start of Russia’s air campaign last week, according to two U.S. officials briefed on this latest intelligence from the region.

Meanwhile, U.S. Navy Captain Jeff Davis told reporters a U.S. aircraft flying over Syria had to be rerouted to avoid a Russian fighter jet at least once.

“We have taken action to maintain safe separation,” Davis said, adding that the U.S. aircraft “changed path a little bit.” He did not disclose which type of U.S. aircraft was involved.

U.S. officials tell Fox News the drone encounters took place over ISIS-controlled Syria, including its de facto headquarters in Raqqa, as well as along the Turkish-Syrian border near Korbani. Another occurred in the northwest, near the highly contested city of Aleppo.

(At this stage, US aircraft may as well be setup for vodka and caviar delivery for the Russians, actually accomplishing something over there)

8. Russian Warships in Caspian Sea Launch Attack on ISIL in Syria

All targets were destroyed, Shoigu said. “The fact that we launched high-precision [cruise] missiles from the Caspian Sea at approximately 1,500 kilometers [932 miles] and hit all of the targets says much about the good training in the military-industrial complex and good skills of the staff,” he added.


Thank you Nash Montana, M., Wrath of Khan and many more.


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9 Replies to “Somehow, a polar reversal has taken place between Russia and the Western world: Links 3 on Oct. 7 – 2015”

    • That is what he said, but what he is ignoring is that when the US was acting tough and fighting to win the entire Islamic world stepped back and did nothing but run their mouths, if they did that. It wasn’t until the US started playing softly softly that the Moslems decided we can be beaten and started attacking. Then Obama surrendered and they really went on the offensive. The problem isn’t that the Sunni’s will target the Russians the problem is that one of two things are going to occur, 1) Russia will prevent Iran from getting nukes (highly unlikely) and become the major power broker in that region. This will create a major problem for all of our former allies (we are the ones who broke the alliances) and force them to change what they are doing to appease Russia to gain and maintain their support. 2) A nuclear arms race is started iin the Middle east with the very real probablity that this will lead to a nuclear war that will probably see nuclear weapons detonated in Europe and possibly the US.

  1. #7 – Russian warplanes, American drones

    I hear pundits on Fox News saying that the US has to stand up to Putin and show him who’s boss, but you know what? That ship has sailed. The United States has utterly disgraced itself in front of the entire world and should now meekly retreat into the background and keep its mouth shut, until it can get a real president and begin to undo the damage that Hussein Obama and his Black Panther/Weather Underground crew have caused. Talk about a re-set. Old Big Ears and his stupidity are personally at fault for tens-of-thousands of unnecessary deaths and millions of refugees. Hasn’t the USA done enough? Step back America, you blew it. Try again in, say, 2018 when the world has stopped pointing at you and laughing…

    • They are advocating that the people running for President take the stance that they will make America strong again, If they don’t take that stance we will never be strong again because the people who want us weak will continue to win.

  2. #8 Caspian missiles

    Oh, and there, right on cue, is the video showing the excellent Russian Military performing superbly as they blow the crap out of the evil monkeys. Talk about stealing the Americans’ thunder. Meet the new boss…

    I have no doubt in my mind what George Marshall and Dwight Eisenhower would do if they were to come back to life and confront Barack Hussein Obama…

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