The worse islam behaves, the more the left defend it: Links 1 on Sept. 30 – 2015

1: Woman who was forced into marriage at 16 was raped and beaten for 13 YEARS by her abusive husband who was angry that she hadn’t given him a son

(Clearly the solution to this problem is to bring another 20 million people who believe similarly into Europe as fast as they can paddle)

A woman has told how she was subjected to 13 years of violence at the hands of her own husband, who raped her, beat her and tried to poison her.

Sajida, who has Pakistani heritage but lives in Manchester, was forced into marriage with her cousin when she was just 16 and her new husband was 23.

Now in her 30s, Sajida was only 17 when she fell pregnant and went on to have four daughters, which angered her husband as he wished to have boys.

Sajida, pictured wearing a disguise to protect her identity, has Pakistani heritage but lives in Manchester. She was forced into marriage when she was just 16 and her new husband was 23

Sajida, pictured wearing a disguise to protect her identity, has Pakistani heritage but lives in Manchester. She was forced into marriage when she was just 16 and her new husband was 23

The girls were not allowed to play outside or even allowed to laugh.

Despite the abuse, charges against the woman’s husband were dropped – something the police said was not uncommon.

(What would be more practical is a list of how muslims on our streets dress and what it means. Like when the beard and mustache is trimmed a certain way or when the watch is on the right wrist instead of left etc.)
(British PM Cameron still on the narrative but at least adds the word ‘islamic’ ahead of all the other modifying adjectives Obama insists be placed together to detract from any truth in the nature of islam and its tactics)

“Barack, you said it and you’re right — every religion has its extremists,” Cameron said, according to the Washington Times.

“But we have to be frank that the biggest problem we have today is the Islamist extremist violence that has given birth to ISIL, to al Shabaab, to al Nusra, al Qaeda, and so many other groups.”

No matter how much discomfort such plain talk might cause at the U.N., where the truth is generally a stranger to policy discussions, Cameron’s statement was a breath of fresh air.

And his follow-up remarks about home-grown terrorism was just as welcome. Western governments, who used to cherish liberty on their own soil, are too passive in protecting liberty at home. They must “root out the extremist preachers that are poisoning the minds of young Muslims in our countries,” Cameron said.

(He is still about ?g 300 of LSD away from reality but its slightly less far away than Obama and the directives he forced on the FBI)

4. Now Libyan soldiers jailed for sexually assaulting three teenage girls in drunken rampage in Cambridge are ‘seeking asylum in UK’

Three Libyan soldiers have claimed asylum in Britain days after they were released from prison for sexually assaulting three teenagers after going on a drunken rampage, it was revealed today.

Ibrahim El Maarfi, 21, Khaled El Azibi, 19, and Mohammed Abdalsalam, 27, worked ‘in a pack’ on the streets of Cambridge looking for victims to attack, their trial heard.

The three men were among 300 Libyan trainees stationed at Basingbourn army base and have now been transferred to an immigration centre after they served around ten months in prison.

A lawyer for one of their three victims said today that the woman was ‘dismayed’ that the men have asked to stay in Britain permanently.

(No doubt she is dismayed because she is fully aware that her government is almost certainly going to consider their desires over her safety)

(Just in case there is no hell, any doctor knowingly participating in any stage of this set of procedures, including putting these tissues into the sick and wounded, should have a very special kind of prison constructed and waiting for them)

ISIS doctors are harvesting organs and draining the blood of healthy captives’, a former prisoner has revealed.

Abo Rida said surgeons for the terror group removed kidneys and corneas from prisoners and treated them as ‘blood banks’ for wounded fighters.

He also revealed how those not strong enough for organ donation were forced to endure daily torture at the hands of barbaric IS militants in Raqqa, Syria.

(Thats good because it would be both cheaper and more effective to drop gold bars on the Islamic State fighters from aircraft hoping they get hit on the head)
(This is a rapidly developing situation and Russia’s public policy is 180 degrees opposed to the US secret policy for the region. All interested should read the daily links post for today regularly to see how this develops. It will be difficult for the US to fight Russia on this and not reveal that they are backing the Islamic State and equally difficult for them not to fight them as Russia will certainly crush the nascent state and successful insurgency in short order)

8. India man lynched over beef rumours (BBC, Sep 30, 2015)

(OK its true that muslims do not have the total monopoly on religious violence. But on any graph that would fit in your house the non-muslim religion’s bar would be so small you would need a magnifier to see them)

9. Operating with Impunity – Extremism in Mississauga (Ontario Canada)

The City of Mississauga is well known for being a centre of extremism and intolerance in Canada.  Among many other embarrassments, it has the doubtful honour of being the home to a federally registered charity that was de-listed for funding terrorism (ISNA Development Fund 2013).  It also had a Member of Parliament who has openly called for Sharia Law in Canada.

The annual conference of Hizb ut-Tahriri has also been held in Mississauga for many years with most the conferences held on city owned/operated premises. The City of Mississauga cannot at this point say that they “just rent the room” and that they have no control over who hold functions on city property. Imagine if a KKK meeting or neo-Nazi conference was held in on city property! Would the City stand by and do nothing?

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Buck, Shabnam A., and many more and much more to come because evil is a self winding watch.

Below is a screen capture of a sign by German woman protesting against those who object to large numbers of genuine misogynists entering Europe and Germany,  by the hundreds of thousands taken from 20 seconds into this video.

Translation below courtesy of Oz-Rita


Dear Muslims” (the dot over the “i” each time in form of a heart)
Please do not leave us alone with these Germans…” (the “s” in “dieSen” is in the form of “SS”

This “cry for help” is followed by a fake traffic sign, showing “No Right Turn permitted”.

Oz-Rita notes that the sign is held by German women.

(The Western world which has abandoned Greek thought and the pursuit of truth for cultural Marxism may soon discover the price of sanctimony is higher than they can possibly ever afford)

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  1. 3. What we learned from President Bush is his thinking wasn’t tight, but that his military advisers were incredibly so.

    And what were learned from Obama having rid of those type; he’s now fabulously bright, and his advisers incredibly beau.

  2. 5/ I’ll quote a comment ’cause it’s what I was thinking anyway:

    I’m calling BS on this. Blood, maybe. But organ transplants aren’t easy. It’s not like swapping tires from one Toyota Camry to another Toyota Camry. The donor/recipient compatibility requires considerable testing and sophisticated machines. The operation requires skill and technological resources. Recipients have to be on anti rejection medication. Real life isn’t like the movies.

    • This is speculation… but there are many Muslim doctors who will willingly kill kuffar as animals, and ISIS hospitals lie empty because there are no wounded to bring back and heal…

      Evil enters a human who subjects themselves to another as a Prophet, or they claim Welfare, or they want to gain riches… for they now have an ego-self that is hungry to be fed, to set out with an inferiority believed and a superiority to prove.

    • For a long time when China sold organs from political prisoners they didn’t to any tissue type matching, there are rumors that other third world nations sold organs without matching and killed both the donors and then people receiving the transplants.

      I was off for the three days because my computer went belly up and I had to wait until payday to get a new one, now I have to learn windows 8. I say 8 is too new to have the bugs worked out of it.

  3. RE; #7 The Russians will be extremely brutal, not having the ‘Politically Correct (culturally Marxist) asinine ‘rules of engagement’, that the administration of our ‘Dear Leader’ used. BTW the only way to defeat these inbred mutants it to hammer them so hard that all will to resist or fight is gone, even if it means eliminating them.

    • We may have to return to the 7th Century rules of engagement to win and that will destroy civilization, the question is will freedom survive?

  4. #8 A cow was stolen probably for Eid slaughter. What you don’t know is the amount of cow theft and slaughter by Muslims. Historically Muslims made sure to kill cows as another form of jihad against Hindus. Only Muslim practices are sacred, but those of other faiths are to be trampled. It is not as simple as so and so ate beef, but the theft of cows and slaughter as deliberate provocation.

    • Yes I remember doing an interview with an Indian counter-jihad activist on exactly that. In Bangladesh muslims steal whole herds and try and destroy the livelihoods of non muslim farmers etc.

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