Hungary FM: ‘Europe cannot cope with crisis because they will not name the crisis’

This is of course, precisely the message that Maj. Coughlin attempts to hammer home over and over again in his various presentations about Islam and islamic organizations. If you cannot name the enemy, if you cannot recognize what you are looking at, you cannot possibly fail to lose to it.


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3 Replies to “Hungary FM: ‘Europe cannot cope with crisis because they will not name the crisis’”

  1. Let me rephrase this: ‘If you can’t face your Demons, you can’t deal with them to be set free.’

    Now, remind me what happened in the last 40 years…

    40 years of Socialism, men are all bastards, mummy I want to change my sexual preference and now it’s my my gender…

    So resentment, and resentment-groups, have expanded to be everything against the White Heterosexual Christian Man and rewarded the beneficiaries of those who claim that their attributes – even if they aren’t – are non-White, Homo-sex skewed, delusional, non-males.

    They can’t face their own daddy, the man who thinks rationally, is patient, not known for fits of outrage and Pride Marches, forgets past offences, and corrects them with a smack if all else fails.

    So how then, are they going to deal with Islam-man? Their friggin’ worst nightmare of everything scary, loathsome and low having always a logical-reason for submitting to every boss, these qualities birthed by submission to Mohammad.

    They hated Jesus who was wholesome; so how are they going to deal with Muslims who are the opposite and turned Light into Dark?

    Befriend them! Make them like them back!

    Their fear of daddy coming home is immense; paranoid to be discovered in their dysfunctional homes that they are emotionally sucking off their kids for affection and approval. The daddy that should have been within all of them as a voice of sanity.

    Then Islam comes to their borders and says “boo!”

    And the austerity-coffers magically spring open.

    • I should have been discussing a small cult; not the EU and vast swathes of America.

      Islam, first developed by Khadijah the owner of Muhammad, is the Inversion of Man to be their agents, (with the sexual-subjugation of other women); Communism, first developed by Karl Marx to explain to his wife why he can’t feed his family, is the Inversion of Woman to be their agents, (with the sexual-subjugation of other men).

      Communism will deal with the lost-boys of Islam (who think Allah will help them and cry when they are on their own), more ruthlessly than their depraved Koran could ever imagine. Men who think one day they will get a soul are more vulgarly kept in living-agony by men who have no intention for having one.

    • “…rewarded the beneficiaries of those who claim that their attributes – even if they aren’t…”

      “Woman who dreamed about being blind had DRAIN CLEANER poured in her eyes by a sympathetic psychologist [pour drain cleaner into her eyes] to fulfil her lifelong wish – and now she’s never been happier”

      This is the same life-path of the intimidation of children, resulting in submission to Islam or Socialism: dhimmi to Jihadist, White-Privileged to Black-Preferential, Sight-Unfair to Blind-Fair.

      Psychologists have the healing power for the battered-ego to throw acid in your face if you feel that you deserve it. Inshallah.

      With their sanctity of victim-hood, all that is left is the destruction of “normal” that is the only light that bears testament to their cowardice and perversity.

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