More on the facts of the UMI crisis, the death of freedom, death threats from local muslims and more. Links 2 on Sept. 29 – 2015

1. JohnnyU has translated the following info-bits from Hungarian TV for us

Magyar news this morning:
-expecting 11k people by the end of day from croatia this will be a record
– people wearing summer clothes but it is getting cold
-most not prepared for European cold weather
-when given warm clothes they throw them by the roadside once the day warms up
-expecting 20 more buses this afternoon
-of 28 member states Hungary will be the first to use up all funds provided by EU for migrant care
-Croatia trying to stuff as many migrants into Hungary before the fence is finished

2. Islamists Score Two Victories Against Free Speech in the UK

An anti-sharia speaker was barred from addressing a university and a free speech art exhibition cancelled an exhibit about the Islamic State

(Decision time is near. People can speak out now and show muslims that we will not be intimidated; or we can submit to islamic norms of allowable conduct and thought, or we can put our heads in the sand and decide its all just to horrible to deal with and wait for the far left and Islam to ‘fundamentally transform your country and culture’. The cost of not  making that choice pretty much now is the new set of choices you will have very soon.

Convert, be enslaved, or war.)

3. Christian arrested in Pakistan for failing to be burned to death by angry muslim mob

A Pakistani Christian had his house torched by an angry mob and narrowly escaped with his life yet was arrested for allegedly assaulting the mob who tried to murder him.

Boota Masih had purchased the house in Islamabad from Ghulam Ali, from whom he had been renting the property. He told the British-Pakistani Christian Association the deal had been concluded orally, but that the wife of his landlord later showed up with a mob accusing him of being a trespasser and denying the sale had ever taken place.

“I was terror stricken, the mob was threatening to kill me and my family” he said. “They had weapons in their hands and started to brandish them before me.  I thought they would kill all of us.  I refused to leave my home – I had paid for it fairly and they had no right to ask me to leave.”

When he refused to vacate the property, the mob became enraged and violent and began to beat him.

They locked him with his wife and six children in one of the rooms and set the house on fire.

(What would issuance rates be for Christians in a muslim part of Pakistan one wonders. I mean if Pakistan required insurance at all, or if it was even possible to get it)

4. Ben Carson gets fed up with CNN wrestling match over islam and Carson’s identity

(Stephen Coughlin explains in the Ottawa Brief, that Political Correctness is a weapon and one much of the media uses to make sure that a certain narrative is preserved. This interview can be argued to be an example of that although far from the best example I have seen recently. In any case it does not appear to be a simple matter of asking questions in order to inform the public. Part 7 of the Ottawa Brief I hope to complete today)

5. ‘Israel concerned with build-up of Iranian forces in Syria near Golan border’

Golan Heights

Steinitz’s comments came amid the recent addition of Russian troops to Syria to bolster President Bashar Assad in his fight against Islamic State and other rebel groups challenging his rule in Syria. However, the Likud minister was more concerned with the infusion of troops from Assad’s other central backer, Iran.

“Nobody wants to see Russian forces in the area of the Golan Heights, but we definitely don’t want to see Iranian forces near Israel,” Steinitz told Army Radio.

6. Footage somehow related to the stabbing of a police officer in Denmark almost certainly by an UMI

7. When you outsource your culture, this is what happens to your national sport.

8. Saudi airstrike on Yemeni wedding kills 130

9. Stephen Coughlin speaks to the OSCE in Warsaw about the attempt to destroy any kind of freedom of speech by Orwellian hate speech laws.

Please go to 1 hour 44 minutes to see Stephen’s presentation and Elisabeth Wolf speaks directly after.

(Something tells me that I may do a serious edit of this video to expose the kind of totalitarian and fascist regulations coming for Europe and us all shortly.)

10. Ottawa cabbie threatens to kill UBER driver.

(Another excellent reason to use UBER only)

11. UPDATED: A stateless Palestinian who was due to be expelled from Denmark was arrested for trying to kill a Danish police officer in a stabbing attack at Center Sandholm, Denmark’s largest institution for asylum seekers.

(I guess it could have been worse. The cop could have been an UBER driver)

Thank you Tundra T., M., Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna and many more.

Thanks to Xanthippa, we are likely going to have the second half of that video from independent Czech TV on the debate over the EU and the UMI issue later today. More to come shortly and please do read the daily links post comments for a more full picture.

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