As the US conforms to islamic norms, Europe takes a Gaviscon: Links 1 on Sept. 29 – 2015

1: Another school angers parents for doing the exact same curriculum items on Islam, namely teaching it as fact and ignoring Christianity etc., as other posts at VTB have reported from other states recently. Interestingly the homework sheet in the Ga. school is is identical to the one in Tennessee

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 6.56.49 PM (Video at FOX link above and more here)

2. PEGIDA in Dresden

3. The lawyers, doctors, middle class, working folks, nurses and tradesmen of PEGIDA in Munich meet the clearly far left wing extremist, totalitarian fascists of ‘antifa’

4. Obama says that terrorists do what they do because of our refusal to avoid reality.

(It would go a long way if muslims would stop committing acts of terrorism in the name of islam for us to stop equating it. Please see the Coughlin briefs 1 through 6 so far)

5. Ahmed the clock faker’s next invention. The circuit board of an old Atari game machine.


Bill Mahar points out that it isn’t much of an invention. But in the spirit of the racism of lower expectations which has gripped the world about Ahmed’s hoax-bomb-clock, I think its time he got the recognition he deserves.

Ahmed NPP 2

6. Criticizing the German government’s unilateral decision to import millions of muslims could cost you your children. Seriously. 

7. US serviceman speaks out who is being dishonorably discharged for stopping a man from raping a boy in Afghanistan.

(total … Moral … inversion)

8. Farage blasts ‘breathtakingly arrogant’ EU boss who says we should IGNORE voters’ fears

FURY erupted last night when the EU’s migration supremo called for voters’ concerns about huge numbers of refugees heading to Europe should be ignored.

Eurocrat Dimitris Avramopoulos urged European leaders to “stop thinking about the political cost” when tackling the migration crisis on the EU’s borders.

And he claimed that the European Commission was best placed to find a solution to the crisis because Brussels bureaucrats did not have to worry about seeking re-election.

His outburst, in an interview with the website Politico, was condemned as “breathtaking arrogance” yesterday.

“The Commission does not take the blame because it does not care about the political cost,” said the EU migration commissioner.

“The Commission is here for five years to do its job and we did it with vision, responsibility and commitment. Because what is driving us is not to be reelected. That is why for us the political cost means nothing.”

(Trying to find video on this. The full statement is nothing less than contempt for the people of Europe, for freedom and democracy. It is the hubris of the bureaucrat to a continental level. It is the lubricant for guillotines. Europe, as he has stated, faces an existential crisis. What he does not say is that it was manufactured by himself and the EU)

9. PVV, Geert Wilders’ party in the Netherlands, has grown by 7 seats according to recent polls.

According to De Stemming, the monthly political poll of EenVandaag (Dutch public television), conducted by research bureau GfK, the PVV gains seven seats this month and is now virtually the biggest party in the country.

10. Denmark: Policeman stabbed in refugee center. Local recident: “people are f**king scarred”

At 3:30, a Danish officer was stabbed by Sandholm Refugee Center. For a time, the officer was in mortal danger – the perpetrator is still at large.

BT news has interviewed Peter, who is neighbor to the center:

‘I woke up during the morning because of helicopter noise. At around 6:00 am I received a call from a neighbor asking if we knew what was going on. It seems like there is on an iron ring around our area,’ said Peter, who did not want to give his full name.

Peter lives with his family in the area close to Sandholm Refugee Center, and although police activity in the area is not unusual, the family feels as there is both a helicopter, dogs and the police’s special forces in the area.

‘We asked the police what was going on,, but we got no clear answers. Is it safe to leave my family?’ he asks.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Nash Montana, Oz-RIta, Richard, ML., and a large group who sent in materials, some of whom I lost track of overnight. Please keep vigilant and sending in what you find. Changes at the tectonic level seem to be happening very quickly and they are not unalterable as we now see in Poland, the Czech republic, Hungary and other places.

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2 Replies to “As the US conforms to islamic norms, Europe takes a Gaviscon: Links 1 on Sept. 29 – 2015”

  1. #3.
    At exactly minute 0.20 the poster (from an Antifa) reads:

    “Liebe Muslime,
    Bitte lasst uns mit diesen Deutschen nicht allein…”

    “Dear Muslims” (the dot over the “i” each time in form of a heart)
    Please do not leave us allone with these Germans…” (the “s” in “dieSen” is in the form of “SS”

    This “cry for help” is followed by a fake traffic sign, showing “No Right Turn permitted”.

    I also note, that this obscene sign is held by FEMALES !!!

    @ Eeyore: This frame would be worth freezing if that’s possible. It shows how far down Germany has sunk.

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