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One Reply to “Stephen Coughlin on jihad and insurgency. Part 6 of the Ottawa brief”

  1. I’ve been aware of and learning from Stephen Coughlin for quite a few years now, and I’m pleased to say that his message is starting to get out there. The stuff that Dr. Ben Carson said about not wanting a Sharia-compliant Muslim to be President of the United States would have been un-sayable a few years ago, as would be the stuff Bill Maher is saying and so on. Coughlin is not a racist, he’s just a critical thinker with enough intelligence to read arcane texts and understand what they are saying. He doesn’t have anything against Islam intrinsically, he’s just telling the truth – whatever that happens to be. We’ve all been brought up to believe that respect for the religions of others is a basic virtue, so when confronted with a religion that is actually evil, we just can’t cope and we go all Ben Affleck over it…

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