Welcome refugees? Free condoms and heating at 22 °

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Sept. 21 – 2015

Two private companies will host refugees in apartments and old retirement homes. They will be paid 60 euros per adult and 40 euros per child, as revealed by Het Laatste Nieuws. But that’s not all: the company that wants to host migrants must meet 144 conditions: free condoms, a heating  set at 22 degrees ..

FirefoxScreenSnapz178SeniorAssist has reached an agreement with Fedasil to host 550 asylum seekers in three locations in Flanders. 600 more requests will follow in Brussels and Wallonia. The sums are quickly done: SeniorAssist will receive 70,000 euros per day for the reception of these 1,150 asylum seekers.
“Businesses will cover their costs but there will not be much left in the end,” Toon Van De Velde, economist and philosopher at the KU Leuven, assures us. “Making money on the back of refugees must obviously not be the first goal.”

However, these companies must meet 144 (!) Conditions if they want to host asylum seekers. These cover 12 pages according to Het Laatste Nieuws. [Here are some] excerpts.

The residents must be able to communicate free of charge (phone, email) as part of his application for asylum and his medical and psychological needs must be met. He must have free Internet access for at least five days a week (2 hours a day minimum).


Depending on requirements, the establishment must dispense all personal hygiene products for the inhabitant: toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, shaving foam, tampons, handkerchiefs … Toilet paper must be available 24 hours 7 days. Condoms are free.

Food and drink

1.3 m² per seat. The kitchen of the resident must (at a minimum) be open 3 times a day for three hours. Food must be available in sufficient quantity. Meals must be varied and balanced. A vegetarian menu must also be offered. The weekly menu must be displayed.

The accommodation

Heating must be between 19 and 22 degrees. At a minimum 4m² per beneficiary. The rooms must have (at least) one window: a simple bed, a fireproof mattress, a mattress cover, protection, a pillow, at least one blanket or quilt, a pillow cover, two towels , a large wardrobe …

[there is a video at the original page as well but I do not know if its related. I can say that it is interesting that none of the conditions listed are about religious accommodations. Halal food etc. I am pretty confident that a number of those 144 conditions are indeed about submission to islam. But why free condoms?]


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    • Perhaps they got that speech, attributed to Houari Boumedienne, president of Algeria at the United Nations in 1974, wrong:

      “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.” (my bolds)

      and he said: “the wombs of YOUR women will give us victory”.

      I certainly dont think these rapists will go into the “niceties” of protecting kaffir girls and women.

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