The Muslim rape of pre-pubescent boys goes MSM in the USA

1. Youtube clip

(listen to the pathetic and disgusting attempt to distance this practice from Afghan culture, which of course is really a degree of separation from Afghanistan’s religion, which is the real reason why raping boys is just fine with these monsters.

2. CNN highly abridged clip of an interview of a father with a soldier murdered by ‘our side’ in Afghanistan

(The clip that aired on CNN actually had the host questioning the father in a hostile way as if he was being insensitive for objecting to the widespread culture of child rape (and often murder)

3. Another clip from CNN but not the one they broadcast, which was shamefully PC to the point of beating up the father of the dead US serviceman. Still looking for that one. 

Here is a slightly different edit of the clip linked at #2 above.

CB Sashenka contacted me earlier. She explained that CNN had interviewed live on TV the father of the murdered US serviceman trying to help boys who were being raped by old muslims in Afghanistan. That the host of the segment was nearly abusive with him. That they challenged him to name other countries and cultures where this horrific action takes place, in keeping with the narrative, that if it happens anywhere else it has to be allowed there presumably.

Let’s hope that someone recorded that off TV and uploaded it somewhere. It may be the best example of the MSM forcing a narrative on us instead of reporting and analyzing facts all day…. see video in full below.

A year or two ago, a documentary was released, I think it was Dispatches, on US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. It started by showing a checkpoint and how the Afghan soldiers wouldn’t patrol and basically just went and got high etc. There was in fact, no real opposition to the Taliban. The end of the documentary had a US serviceman trying to stop child rape. At one point they explained that at Afghan rural police outposts they brought boys there to rape at will. The ones who tied to run away got shot in the back as the Afghan males laughed. I lined above a page which links koranic promises of servants of young boys in mohamed’s bar and brothel in the sky for mujahadeen. Anyone think there could be a connection?

Here’s the full CNN clip – watch from 5:40 to the end (4 important minutes that CNN left out):  U.S. Military Overlooked Rape of Boys

Here’s the link to the documentary, really excellent by the way, start to finish, i will post it here: VICE video.  Will post a much shorter clip (with only relevant segments) soon…

Here’s another great documentary about child rape in Afghanistan:

Dancing boys of Afghanistan


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  1. You are kidding right? The USA was the world’s first power that governed on a common moral framework. They kept the oceans safe for trade so that other nations could not interfere with commerce and traffic of anyone wishing to feed its people and move goods. The world is going to be a chaotic nightmare without the USA and in fact this is exactly, EXACTLY what is taking place as Obama pulled the US off of the world stage. China is growing beligerant and it will not be to assist local actors to be safe. It will be to exert its political will on its enemies like Taiwan and Japan. Japan is militarizing as a result and that never goes well. Russia is back taking territory and tilting things to its will. The world without the USA will be like it was for all of history. A place where life is cheap, philosophy is not done and a sort of global balkinization will take place where all of us will be dependant on the will and favour of a local warlord. He better think we are hot, strong or valuable. Cause there will be no fairness and no criticism of religious or political authority. This will all be because of the withdrawal of the US from the world stage.

    • FYI a couple of years ago philip zhao was complaning because the US wouldn’t step aside and let China takeover the world. he seems to think being conquered by the Chinese is what everyone in the world wants.

  2. More on Afghan soldiers (Sept,22, 2015)

    “Cultural clashes have hampered the work of the Danish soldiers, since a battalion of the Afghan National Army (ANA) in May this year were accommodated in military camps in the Danish action.

    ‘The Afghan soldiers had a different view of how to eat and sleep. They could not understand that they should not defecate in the baths. Some simply left when they were guarding the place. Others would not go on patrol,’ said Captain Thomas Damkjær, commander of Bravo company on Team 9 which returned home in August 2010.

    ‘Some of the Afghan soldiers were taking drugs, which is unacceptable when dealing with weapons. And on Thursdays some of the Afghan soldiers had sex with the teenagers and young men who were traveling with them,’ he said. …

    ‘The cultural differences are huge. They were smoking cannabis in the guard towers and masturbated in front of the Danish soldiers,’ he said.””

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