And if you think this is bad, wait for posts tonight and tomorrow. Links 1 on Sept. 20 – 2015

1: How to get an invitation to the White House and get piles of free stuff from Apple

2. Poland: “No to Islamisation,” say anti-refugee protesters in Plock
Artistic video of an anti Islam march in Poland

3. Muslims Beat 8-Months Pregnant Woman and Christian Husband in Germany

german muslimsA group of Algerian Muslims attacked a pregnant woman and her Christian husband in Germany. The Muslims swore at the Christian man and then attacked him with a broken bottle.
The Press Portal reported, via Religion of Peace:

Dispute among asylum seekers escalates.

A 25-year-old Eritrean was out last night with his 24-year, eight months pregnant wife and two other Eritreans (21 and 23 years) in a grocery store on a street in Germany.

4. Tovarnik refugees break out | Croatia | Crisis (17-09-2015)

5. Saddam-Era Chemical Weapons Now Under ISIS Control: Reports

(Those must be the weapons that Bush opponents didn’t think existed)

Correction: In the original story, the name of the city where the chemical weapons facility is located was incorrectly mentioned as Muthanna in the third paragraph. While the name of the weapons complex is Muthanna, it is located near the city of Samarra, northwest of Baghdad. The story has been updated to reflect this correction.

According to a recent report published in the journal Middle East Review of International Affairs, or MERIA, militants of the Islamic State group used chemical weapons, including mustard gas, against Kurdish fighters in the Syrian border town of Kobani during their first attempt to capture the town in July.

6. Hungary says tanks but no thanks to more UMIs trying to get in to their country.

7. Netanyahu: Bringing explosive material into al-Aksa mosque is a change to the status quo

8. Turks with distinctly assertive cries of bizmilah and allah hu ackbar in Germany

Thank you Yucki, Richard, M., Kathy, Fjordman, Gates of Vienna,

It looks a little like the man who was tripped by the horrible evil camera woman (never mind that normally someone who helps police catch someone who is breaking the law right in front of everyone would get a medal of honour) in fact murdered Kurdish people for the Islamic State. Much like the man who killed his son by reckless endangerment is not a victim but a killer and like the kid who built a hoax bomb to sue the school is not a victim.

Also, Finland, Switzerland and Germany has sent out instructions to various local public schools near which, immigration centers have been built, warning the schools to advice the girls to dress modestly and in some cases, avoid any route to school that brings the children close to the migrants. This shows a level of awareness of who these people really are and makes the government more liable, not less. Links to this are available and hopefully readers to this site who see one will post them in the comments under this post, as will I.

For the moment, here is Finland (Will require Google translate)

There may also be a number of things taking place at this moment of significant geopolitical importance and impact but cannot say anything till I have a repeatable source. Suffice it to say, things are in motion.

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7 Replies to “And if you think this is bad, wait for posts tonight and tomorrow. Links 1 on Sept. 20 – 2015”

    • Europe will do what it always does when it realizes it is in danger, it will fight, no nation in Europe has been lost and all can be saved even if it requires an alliance of nations to invade and liberate that nation. I keep seeing too many people say all is lost and nothing can be done. Work to ensure that you nation and the neighboring nations resist and in the long run you will win..

  1. Things are coming to a head, the invaders are getting ready to take off the masks and start active military measures in all Western nations.

  2. Me (Polish) and my 2 Czech friends (all of us tax paying and law abiding legal migrants) attended ‘Unity Demo’ in London last Saturday, there were perhaps 50 people in total- they were surprised foreigners would make the effort and few said it’s sad that more Britons will not defend their own culture/women.
    Now, I see my hometown- Wroclaw and other Polish(CZ/SL/HU) cities marching in their thousands and my heart grows (considering moving back as worried about 2 small children). It was nice to sing national anthem along at the end of video- it’s been a long time since primary education(: I recon my warm, fuzzy feeling is ten-fold of that of the sheeple with green balloons 10 days ago in Germany, before The South got clogged up.
    Even under Nazi occupation Poland had whole underground, functioning state (education, courts etc.) with 350.000 volunteers. There were no Polish WaffenSS divisions. We had first American based constitution in Europe.
    Poles remember crushing rabid hordes of jihad in 1683 very,very well. F…yeah!!!

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