Migration, attacks in Europe and Islam becomes more bold by the day: Links 2 on Sept. 17 – 2015

Tonight, Stephen Coughlin speaks in Ottawa!

1: Husband Uses Islamic Laws to Ban Iran’s ‘Lady Goal’ from Competing

With bold brown eyes, smooth tan skin, and a flawless athletic frame, it is hard not to notice her on the soccer field. Her determination is revealed with every kick of her foot. She is not an average person; Niloufar Ardalan is known as the “Lady Goal” due to her swift moves, talent on the field, and the goals and victories that she has helped win for her team.

Niloufar, an aspiring and courageous young Iranian woman, is a dedicated and talented player for the soccer team “Zob Ahan Banovan.” Despite all the restrictions she has faced in Iran, including the imposed Hijab that she must wear even when she plays sports, she has made it to Iran’s national soccer team, not just as a player, but as a captain.

Playing on the national team is the ultimate dream of any woman who plays soccer. She is quite close and hopes that soon she will live her dream. She is only a few steps away from experiencing the achievement of her lifetime. But there is one stumbling block that prevents her from reaching her life-awaited goal.

2. New York Times: Muslims Throwing Stones at Jews is “Rite of Passage”

Can we make local teenagers mugging New York Times reporters on the way to the LIRR a “Rite of Passage” too? I bet when terrorists kidnap reporters, they also think of it as a “Rite of Passage”.

Anyway Kevin Williamson at NRO copyedits the New York Times’ latest piece on the murder of a Jewish man by Muslim rockthrowers while effectively highlighting all the bias, passive voice and assorted hedges that we’ve been so saturated with that we have come to ignore it. The whole thing is worth reading, but the Rite of Passage one caught my eye.

Palestinians frequently argue that rocks and crude incendiary devices are among their only weapons to press for independence, and to defend themselves against Israeli forces during confrontations. For some young Palestinians in areas where there are frequent tensions, their use has become a rite of passage.

3. Judge rules it is right that child molester who abused ethnic minority girls got longer sentence because Asian sex crime victims suffer more than whites

(At this stage, people who may have once been called a ‘White Supremacist’ might now fairly be called, ‘a white survivalist’)

A senior judge has ruled a child molester was rightly given a tougher than normal sentence because his victims were Asian and so suffered more from his crimes.

Jamal Muhammed Raheem-ul-Nasir was jailed for seven years at Leeds Crown Court last year for sex attacks on two girls, aged nine and 14.

But the paedophile took the case to appeal, with his lawyers complaining that his sentence was unfairly inflated and ‘excessive’.

Senior judge Mr Justice Walker has now thrown out those arguments after hearing that the victims’ families feared they would struggle to find future husbands because of the abuse.

The move has been criticised by children’s charity the NSPCC, who insist justice should be blind to the race of victims.

A Saudi diplomat accused of raping two Nepali women hired to work as domestic help has left India under diplomatic immunity, the foreign ministry says.

The women, aged 30 and 50, said they were starved and sexually abused by him and other Saudi nationals.

Saudi Arabia denies all the charges and refused to revoke diplomatic immunity for the official, making it impossible for him to be tried in India.

5. Kidnapped Chibok School Girls Now Fighting For Boko Haram, Former Captive Says

Three women freed from Boko Haram militants are sharing their harrowing stories about their time in captivity. The women, all married to Boko Haram fighters, are part of a group of 128 women returned by the Nigerian military to the Borno state government in northeastern Nigeria.

In a disturbing new revelation, one of the recently freed women told ABC News that many of the Chibok school girls who were abducted in 2013 have become Boko Haram fighters.

According to 21-year-old Tabitha Adamu, she was captured alongside her mother after Boko Haram invaded her village. Her father and brother were killed in the attack, and she was soon separated from her mother.

(Video at site)

6. after the fact video of the shooting of the terrorist cop stabber in Germany

7. Islamists declare brotherhood with Islamic State in Stratford

Islamists visited Stratford on Saturday to protest against the “racism” of democracy, tell non-Muslims they will burn in hell after death and declare solidarity with Islamic State and Al-Qaeda as their “Muslim brothers”.

About eight males protested throughout the afternoon outside Stratford Station, gathered around a single sign, which read: “Islam is superior #No2DemocracyYes2Islam.”

Abdul Hakim, who refused to disclose which mosque he was from, said the group protests against democracy every two weeks in different boroughs of London.

He said that although the apparently unnamed group does not follow a specific extremist group, its members refuse to condemn Islamic State, Al-Qaeda or the Taliban because they are “Muslim brothers”.

“I wouldn’t condemn them at all,” he said. “As Muslims we believe all non-believers who reject Islam will be in hell fire.

“People who hear the message have no excuse –they will be judged.”

The demonstration, which took place the day after the 14th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on New York, outraged passers-by.

Thank you Richard, Wrath of Khan, Delme, M., And all. More to come.

If I was an alien i think at this point I would pull my spacecraft out of long term storage, wish Earth all the best and set a course for the nearest planet with something like a Club Med.

With any luck Victor or one of the people who film in Ottawa will send video of Stephen tonight in Ottawa and we can have something for you to see in the next day or so, depending on how difficult it is to get the editing done and when I get the files. But hopefully there will be a recording.


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3 Replies to “Migration, attacks in Europe and Islam becomes more bold by the day: Links 2 on Sept. 17 – 2015”

  1. #5: “married [sic]”

    The US Supreme Court’s definition of “marriage” and the use of the term in English imply mutual consent. Any other use of the term ought to include a translation note or editorial comment!

  2. 3. “victims suffer more than whites”

    This message, is the consequence of Socialism: If your prejudices are hurt more, then you are more likely portrayed as the victim.

    Rape of Islamic girls means they are less desirable afterwards than say an average sleep-around schoolgirl, but in the right ‘family environment’ it could even be considered a victimless crime and rite of passage.

    In trying to assess the impact on the mind of the victims therefore, the Judge has directly added value to the crime. This is a lynching. Mob rule. Apartheid. It is not blind justice.

    The defendant should be only judged on upon their intentional acts. An accident is not to be more valued upon its consequences. That is why there are courts, fair trials, and a learned judge of sound mind and character, of discernment.

    Robbing a rich person therefore is no more or less a crime than of a poor person. Otherwise, the criminals knows what streets to work and the pedophiles know where all the White kids are at.

    The fact is “Asian women” (British cowardly term for “Muslim women”), are property, and their bride-prices go up or down to the demeaning of womenkind. It is not for the legal system to adopt the Sharia of ‘one believer’s life is worth more than an unbeliever’s’.

    But Socialists can’t help it. That is how schools indoctrinated their premature tiny minds. They cannot rationalize without emotions.

    The article in the DM quoted the appeal Judge:
    “Mr Justice Walker, who said: ‘The victims’ fathers were concerned about the future marriage prospects for their daughters.

    ‘Judge Cahill was having particular regard to the harm caused to the victims by this offending.

    ‘That harm was aggravated by the impact on the victims and their families within this particular community.'”

    Now, a judge may only take into account the responsibility of an action caused: from breach of trust by a defendant in a high position, to the amount of intended harm to a victim’s life; and will have minimum and maximum guidelines to follow. There is also mitigation of the defendant being a cretin, the derivative of a subculture, or of a chosen Preferential Group; each member needing lower levels of suggestibility to get a rise.

    “The argument that Ul Nasir was given a longer sentence due to his own ‘ethnic and religious origin’ was based on ‘a misconception’, he added.”

    Which means the judge was not biased against the perpetrator, (unless he was White and it could have been added to it as a Hate Crime or a Sharia Court without four witnesses that might have stoned the girls).

    So, can we categorically say:

    “(At this stage, people who may have once been called a ‘White Supremacist’ might now fairly be called, ‘a white survivalist’)”?

    Yes, on this road to Communism, with the infection of the Useful Idiots of self-abasement for heavenly rewards, the lunatic asylum will make Nazism appear the sanity and savior of The White Race that it had earlier promised, once again. And this time, no Liberal will remain.

    It is the intellectuals bringing their two-class utopia, the Carers and the Cared-for, that will kill them from The Left and The Right, the predators now perceiving they have the Divine or Sublime right to rule the institutionally politically-corrected. Labour is now openly Liberal-Communist, crowing with the support from first generation immigrants, their trojan horse.

    White supremacy comes from decades of white inferiority.

    China and Russia just have to wait a little more. The Diversity Royalty at the top are unable to run things much longer.

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