More borders close, The Gazans are restless, schools become madrases and more! Links 3 on Sept 13 – 2015

1: ‘War Zone’: Violent Clashes After Palestinians Stockpile Weapons for Attack on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on Eve of Jewish New Year

[…] As the police arrived on the scene, Palestinians yelling “Allahu akbar” threw rocks and firecrackers, as seen in video taken at the Temple Mount — considered the holiest in the Jewish faith and third-holiest in Islam. Police responded with stun grenades and tear gas.

(Don’t let it be said that Gazanians don’t know how to throw a party. More at the Blaze)

2. UK  ‘Role Models’: Teacher Seemingly Assigns Students to Write Fan Mail to Al Qaeda’s Syria Fighters

Images posted on Twitter purport to show letters written by British school children praising Al Qaeda’s Syria affiliate the Nusra Front.

According to the research organizations Site Intelligence Group and the Middle East Media Research Institute, someone claiming to be a U.K.-based Koran teacher posted pictures on Twitter of the students’ letters heaping praise on the jihadists, referring to them as “heroes” and “role models.”

The British newspaper The Sun reported that the letters are believed to have been written at an after-school Koran class.
(What difference does that make? I mean really? If they wrote letters praising the Kossaks and thugs of the Soviet union would it be ok if it was during Russian culture class?)
3. Michigan Crowd Cheers When City Denies Mosque Building Permit

4. Military closing border with Hungary to Serbia

5. Te only 911 memorial statue outside the USA

6. 12 Mexican Tourists and Egyptians Killed After Security Forces Misidentify Them As Terrorists

At least 12 Mexican tourists and their Egyptian guides were killed after security forces opened fire on four SUVs in the Western Desert.

According to an official statement by the Ministry of Interior, the tourists were killed after security forces mistook them for terrorists which they had been pursuing.

The Ministry of Interior also announced that 10 people had been injured and transported to hospital for emergency treatment.

In the statement, the Interior Ministry said that joint military and police forces had been conducting security operations in El-Wahat (Western Oasis) in the Western Desert. After opening fire, security forces discovered that the four vehicles had been civilians and tourists.


Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan and all. Tune in to and listen to Stephen Coughlin who will be on in 30 minutes from now (at time of publishing) 9:00 ET

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