Migrant Crisis: The Arabian Peninsula Shuts Itself Off

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks

From this German website

The arabian gulf states are rich, they are fully muslim, and they have shut themselves off completely to Syria with a kind of coldness that seems to grow to scandalous proportions.
They build the biggest mosques, they build the highest sky scrapers and the most expensive palaces. But refugees flee North, to Europe. Not South, to the arabian peninsula. 
While 350,000 Syrian and Middle Eastern migrants have fled to Europe since the beginning of 2015, the wealthiest Muslim nations, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Kuwait continue to deny acceptance to any Syrian refugees.

There are two reasons for that: 

Reason number one would be that Syrian refugees don’t want to live in an unfree, very restricted country like Saudi Arabia. After everything they have experienced, they long to be free.
Reason number two would be that the refugees are also absolutely not welcome in those States. 
Ever since the start of the crisis it has become increasingly difficult for Syrians to even acquire expensive travel Visas. Because Syrians, speaking the same language as the Saudis, might feel inclined to talk about what is really happening in Syria, and share this information with the Saudi citizenry, which might then have an undesired politicizing effect on Saudi society. So in order to avoid any kind of contact with Syrian people and what they might have to say, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have increasingly denied Visas and have altogether quit their guest worker programs with Syrians.
Whoever flees from the war in Syria, only has to utter the word ‘Asylum’ and they will be given asylum. But when Syrians want to flee into an arabic ‘brotherland’, they will be sent back at the border. With the exception of Algeria, Jemen, Mauretania and Sudan, they are not welcome. 

That’s what Arabian (muslim) Brotherhood really looks like, this is how they practice islamic solidarity.
There are exceptions: Jordania and Lebanon have taken in millions of refugees. 
When a group of Syrian refugees in Denmark put up a video on Facebook about migrants that arrived in Austria, a couple of the entries read:

“How is it that we had to flee from regions where our islamic brothers live who should show so much more responsibility towards us, than the country we fled to that they describe as ‘infidels’ and kuffars.”
Another entry read: 
“I swear by Allah, the arabs are the infidels!”

The Gulfstates now would have the chance to show to the world just how generous they could be. But instead they feed the fires of conflict. They bomb Jemen, already the poorest country in the arabian world, and reduce the whole country to rubble. 80% of all Jemenites are dependent on humanitarian aid which only rarely even arrives in the country, because the Saudi Arabian coalition has all but shut off Jemen from the outside.
Jemen has 27 million people, and there are only two ways in and out of the country: Either into Somalia and Ethiopia, or North into Saudi Arabia. And it is the Saudi’s biggest nightmare that Jemenites somehow would be able to make their way North into their country.
“It won’t be long until the world will say ‘God help the Shiites’.”
Saudi Arabia and the UAE maintain a war in Jemen with the explicit purpose of trying to prevent that the shiite Houthis will be unable to consolidate their powers. But their bombs only create more refugees. But Saudi Arabia already was partially responsible for the escalation of violence in Syria. The now retired british secret service operative Richard Dearlove cited the ex-Saudi secret service operative Bandar Bin Sultan Al Saud. Saud apparently told Dearlove that “it won’t be long until the whole world will say God help the shiites. More than a billion Sunnis simply have had enough.”
Bandar Bin Sultan was mostly put out of his position in the Saudi Secret Service because he lost control of his support of islamist extremists in Syria, which quite frankly led to the formation of the Islamic State.
So today, Saudi Arabia will not accept a single refugee from the civil war torn countries, especially not from Syria. Instead, as the Lebanese newspaper Al Diyar reports, Saudi Arabia supposedly offered to build 200 mosques in Germany. The paper writes that this would happen in agreement with the German government. But that it would just be so much better and sensible if Saudi Arabia could bring itself to take in these refugees and care for them, so they would live up to their reputation as the “Islamic Umma”, the leader of the Islamic global community.

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10 Replies to “Migrant Crisis: The Arabian Peninsula Shuts Itself Off”

  1. I can understand why the dictators in the Gulf don’t want the “refugees” they would end up losing their thrones, as for who is going to win this fight I don’t know both sides are well armed and are going to fight to the death. What scares me is the way Iran probably already has nuclear weapons and Saudi has a high probability that they have bought working nukes from either Pakistan or North Korea. Things are going to get real tense in that region over the next few months, to say nothing about the next few years.

  2. The third reason why the exceedingly wealthy Gulf States aren’t accepting any refugees is that it is a very deliberate strategy to have Europe flooded with muslims. It is an invasion, pure and simple. The year 2015 wiil prove to be the tipping point in the islamic CONQUEST of Europe, much like the year 1849 was to the Wild West. We Europeans are the Indians in this tragedy.

      • 2016 for the real violence to start but the beginnings are right now, historians will argue which is correct for the rest of history.

    • Only this time the Indians have superior weapons and technology, if either the people raise up or the governments decide to act or both the invaders can be swept back into the nations they came from. It is late for this so Europe will once again find its town and cities devastated by combat, and as late as it is civilization may not survive the war but I am confident that in the end Europe will be held by Europeans.

  3. I wish I could share your optimism.
    We are heading for a civil war all over the Old Continent. A civil war between (1) arrogant, belligerent, religiously inspired desperadoes who (claim to) have witnessed atrocities where they came from, have nothing to lose and have no fear of death … on the one hand, and (2) spoilt, lazy, spineless wusses with no pride and no moral compass (due to generations of cultural and moral relativism by their intellectual elites).
    So… who would you bet your money on?

    To make things worse… the unenlightened people from the Stone Age are the ones using our “superior weapons and technology”.

    • The unenlightened are using the superior weapons for the moment, remember we aren’t fighting back yet. All of the history I have read says that we will win once we start fighting back. The wars will be long and bloody but in the long run the West will win.

      The civil wars won’t be confined to Europe but will occur in just about all nations on earth, they will be guerrilla wars for the most part with very few large scale battles. Although there will be some pitched battles between the Moslems and the Europeans and Americans.

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