The Turks are more direct with their totalitarian treatment of the press. Honest. Almost refreshing compared to the US, Canada and Europe: Links 1 on Sept. 10 – 2015

1: NPD march in Germany to show displeasure at Merkel’s anti-German and anti-Christian policies.

2. Syrian refugees trying to get out of save haven in Lebanon

3. AUSTRIA – Salzburg train station – 09 09 2015

4. Police seek south end sex assault suspect

Police say a 16-year-old girl was walking along McCarthy Road near Twyford Street Thursday, September 3rd at 8:10 in the evening when she was grabbed by the hair by a man who attempted to sexually assault her.

She struck him and escaped.

The suspect is described as being between the ages of 20 and 25 with medium complexion possibly of Middle-Eastern descent. He had a thin build and black scruffy hair, and was wearing a Barcelona soccer jersey and dark pants.

5. The New York Times has released its latest story on the migrant crisis in Europe, describing “desperate” “refugees” seeking to reach Sweden and escape the horrible torments of … Denmark.

Rather, it appears many are upset that Denmark has attempted to keep track of them rather than letting them roam freely.

“We flipped twice in a boat, and we suffered at the hands of gangs, for them to bring us here and fingerprint us?” Palestinian migrant Umm Mohammad told the Times. “We’ll only fingerprint in the country we want.”

Others say they hope to meet up with family members who already live in Sweden, and hope to find better treatment there.

According to the Times, hundreds of the migrants were detained in a Danish school, but Wednesday they escaped after overwhelming police officers who were forbidden from using violence to restrain them.

6. Hezbollah Flags Fly High at London Anti-Netanyahu Demo

Pro-Palestinian protest in London

Pro-Palestinian protest in London
Ben Dov Salasnik

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protestors faced off in front of Downing St. on Wednesday, in light of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s scheduled visit to the United Kingdom.

Several hundred pro-Palestinian protestors, some with Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hezbollah flags and emblems, shouted chants calling Netanyahu a “war criminal” and calling for his arrest, AFP reports; they were countered by a large number of pro-Israeli protestors.

7. VIDEO: Daily Hürriyet assaulted by protesters for second time in two days

(This is highly important because that newspaper is the one that has exposed the Erdogan regime of supplying Islamic State fighters with weapons, ammunition, ordinance and material support several times. Erdogan has had some of its senior staff arrested and is now trying to close down the paper. It is interesting that mobs have attacked the building and staff for two days in a row now that seem to be Erdogan supporters. Videos on page and we will try and live leak the significant parts later tonight. Earlier this year, VladTepesBlog had translated their initial report on trucks smuggling large quantities of weapons to the Islamic State)

Daily Hürriyet’s Istanbul headquarters and Ankara offices were pelted with stones by club-swinging protesters on Sept. 8, less than 48 hours after a similar attack by Justice and Development Party (AKP) supporters.

Around 100 protesters arrived at the outer gate of the building at 8:30 p.m., with four gunshots heard as they approached. Protesters forced their way into the garden despite the presence of a small unit of riot police.

Security forces prevented them from entering the building at the last moment, and protesters, who were chanting “God is great,” were removed from the garden after more police units came 25 minutes later.

8. Denmark sends first group of refugees back to Germany


Denmark has sent back a first group of refugees who arrived from Germany, Danish police said Tuesday, with others expected to follow.

“These are people who do not want to seek asylum (in Denmark) and are therefore here illegally. They have been deported and barred from re-entering the country for two years,” police in southern Denmark said in a statement.

Thank you CB Sashenka, M., Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna, Richard and many more who helped with links and translations and advice throughout the day. Its been quite a week so far.

For a couple of years I have seen occasional references to hitler’s love of Islam and contempt of Christianity. I had no doubt about his contempt, we can see that in what he did to Christian clerics in the camps. But I searched occasionally for his quotes on Islam and could never find them. I had started to think they were a hoax by people desperate to link islam to anything bad. (As if fictional connections were necessary) Today Nash Montana who has done some of the recent translations from German for us, send me page 96 of Inside the Third Reich, probably the most thorough book on the history of Hitler and his hijacking of the German people and republic written.


I think that settles it nicely.

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10 Replies to “The Turks are more direct with their totalitarian treatment of the press. Honest. Almost refreshing compared to the US, Canada and Europe: Links 1 on Sept. 10 – 2015”

  1. 6/ Quote from comment elsewhere:

    I kept searching for the tragedy but all I saw was the good news: the euro BDS bastards who daily stalk the Jews are being consumed by the same honor killers they hired to kill the Jews… what’s not to like?
    I say, send them more of the same, they deserve every one of them. Perhaps when they are in chaos, being murdered by the same ones they finance to murder the Jews…
    perhaps then they will have less energy to pursue their favorite congenital passion.

    • *waves to yucki* 🙂

      Israel and the Jewish people are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo entitled to Schadenfreude !!! (Except this stinking cancer seems to be spreading globally to a point where the morasse will close over all our heads. – feeling quite pessimistic tonight, and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo angrily contemptuous of Merkel-who-whores-4-islam, that I have difficulties breathing and that I am mixing all my metaphors ! ).

      • You are right, it will spread if you take the time to dig you will find a massive upswing in Jew Hatred before all major wars, During some portions it is hard to recognize from the Jew Hatred that was normal at those times.

      • Those who avert their eyes from evil will not be spared. Most likely they’ll be taken down first.

        We who fight this inversion of right and wrong will be cast as outlaws. Some of our friends have already been, as we here have seen. More and worst awaits.

        I’m preparing myself for the unknowns by studying the knowns, however grim they are. It’s not comfortable to acknowledge the enemy in your midst, perhaps he’s your neighbor or your oldest friend. But only a coward or a fool refuses to do so.

        We’ve gone along for a while. “Forgive and forget and la-de-da.”

        But not entirely. Certainly not when they reprise their roles as your mortal foes. Or those who shake hands with the devil. Knowingly. Again.

        Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and my people will cease to exist.

  2. 1 – The Germans are fighting back seeking to retain what freedom they still have. Right at the moment their freedom fighters are getting the attention of the press but there are people like them in all nations. What we need to do is find and support the freedom fighters in all nations.

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