More chair rocking articles and videos about the invasion of Europe. Links 1 on Sept. 4 – 2015

1: Worth a thousand words:


2. Christian Broadcast Network on the current invasion

3. Fire takes out another ‘refugee’ center in Germany

4. ‘Refugees’ refuse to leave train station to refugee center in Hungary

(If one imagines oneself in the position of an actual refugee, its very difficult to add the factor of refusing to go to a safe warm refugee center where there is food and comfort and demand to go somewhere else you have never been. Clearly none of these people are refugees)

5. This is interesting. Communist civilians in Lebanon take up the fight against the Islamic State themselves as clearly, the people paid to protect them will not.

(This video should be shown by every NRA member to all their detractors)

6. More footage of the Greek riots. Notice how the ‘refugees’ all speak English no matter what country they are in.

7. Hungarian PM seems to be the only leader using reason. Please watch this to the end. It may be time to make T shirts with this guy’s picture Che Guevara style

8. Muslims. Putting the ‘Pest’ in Budapest across the city.

9. There are reports of the invaders throwing rocks at police in Hungary.

There is no video of that yet, but this is video of many many riot police heading towards the train in Bicske Hungary

Thank you M., Maria J., Tundra T. and Gates of Vienna and all who are working hard to try and find the facts and present the evidence that may lead to a more factual analysis of what is actually taking place. As the news is so serious and taking place so rapidly, please understand if there are few details or little analysis in the actual posts. Hopefully as things calm down there will be time for that. Also its very important to know that there are many news links and videos under the various posts, especially the news links post for today and yesterday that may not be in the main page posts as I may have missed them, or they didn’t fit anywhere or it may not have seemed important to me at the time but in fact may be quite significant or fit into a different model of the situation. So its a good idea to check those as well.

More to come soon.

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8 Replies to “More chair rocking articles and videos about the invasion of Europe. Links 1 on Sept. 4 – 2015”

  1. 7/ Farrrrrr rrright-wing cliche: They don’t value human life as we do, even the lives of their own children. Besides, death in the course of higira is a ticket to the Brothal- in-the -Sky.

  2. I don’t really want to think about how nasty next summer is going to be, I fully expect open tribal warfare in the streets of all European cities next year, and I expect the European nations to side with the invaders.

      • It is probable that the move will be made sometime in 2016, that is when the Moslem Brotherhood schedule says they are to shift to active measures and it is the time when our attention will be tied to the election. Also making their move then would give Obama an excuse to cancel the election because of the massive turmoil. He couldn’t get away with it but his goal is to destroy the US and that would create a massive uproar that would cause so much turmoil that we wouldn’t be able to help our friends around the world.

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