Refugees or people coming to game the system. You decide: Links 2 on Sept. 3 – 2015

1: There have been developments in the tragic story of the little boy who was drowned i Greek waters.

For one thing, left leaning political parties have been trying to blame PM Harper for the death, claiming that his family had applied for a visa to Canada. In fact this it not the case. It also turns out that these people where not refugees but wanted to get, as I understand it, a free set of dental implants and felt it was worth moving to Europe to get them.

2. Hitler’s Legacy

By:Srdja Trifkovic | September 02, 2015

Stratfor’s George Friedman published an interesting article on September 1, “Pondering Hitler’s Legacy,” to mark the 76th anniversary of the beginning of World War II. The first outcome of Hitler’s war, he says, was that it destroyed Europe’s hegemony over much of the world and its influence over the rest:

Within 15 years of the end of the war, Britain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands lost their empires . . . By the end of the war they had lost the will, the energy and the wealth to maintain their power. After half-hearted and doomed attempts to resist, these countries willingly participated in the dismantling of what they had once thought of as their birthright . . . After the war, Europe faced the task of rebuilding buildings. The ambition to rule had been exhausted.

This assertion is disputable. The dusk of European hegemony started in the aftermath of the First World War. The wealth was largely gone by 1918. A financially crippled Britain abandoned the gold standard in 1931. France was even more severely damaged: the ravages of war on her soil exceeded 100 percent of her 1913 GDP; the national debt rose from 66% of GDP in 1913 to 170% in 1919. High inflation caused the franc to lose half its value against the British pound.

3. Australian PM explains that the Islamic State is more evil in some ways than the Nazis. And he is quite correct.

4. Islamic opportunists refuse to leave train in Hungary

(Wow it must be awesome to just make up rights as you want them. The fact is they ceae even being refugees the minute they refuse to be registered in the first nation they come to. I believe that is the law. They become illegal immigrants that very second they refuse or cross a border which they have no right to cross whether they  bought a ticket or not)

Thank you M., Buck, Gates of Vienna and all. A busy day again and more to come. Some very interesting videos actually.

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  1. 2 – I note that he doesn’t talk about how the major transformation of the US has been at the hands of leftist President and Judges, they have slowly drawn a large plurality of the citizens into their belief but the majority (granted growing smaller all the time) still believe in the ideals the US was founded on.

  2. For those who are confused about the logistics of the illegal migrant procedures – as someone who had gone through the system, including the UN refugee camp in Austria, Traiskirchen:

    International law states that all refugees must request political asylum in the first country they can.

    Since even in the 1970’s, Germany has been known as a country with the most generous, least restrictive refugee processing: best accommodations, food, cash and more lenient assessment on being ruled a ‘political refugee’. But, even in the eighties, some German officials would return political refugee claimants to the ‘first country of refuge’ – that is, the first country they could have sought refugee status. No, this is not so strict.

    Being ruled a ‘political refugee’ gives a person greater protection: they will not be returned, they receive an asylum and their application to relocation to a country of their choice have priority status.

    Countries like Hungary rule only a small percentage of the migrants into Hungary as ‘political’ refugees. If one is deemed an economic refugee (just seeking better economic conditions than in their country of origin), they get less support money, go to the end of the line – and may end up being deported if they commit crimes or their documents are found to have been falsified.

    Therefore, all these illegal migrants (you don’t become a refugee until you are ruled to be one) want to traverse all the European countries with strict asylum criteria and want to go to Germany, where a refugee status is more easily obtained.

    Hungarians, who are deeply nationalistic in their culture, do not want these migrants to be granted political asylum and the ability to freely move among European countries and drawing support benefits in each.

    This is why the refugees don’t want to get off trains in Hungary: once they set foot on Hungarian soil, they will be processes under the more strict, Hungarian process.

  3. 3. This MP is no more than a football pundit with the skills of mastery over the crowd without the knowledge of a coach to understand the game. ‘Why do Mohammans maim and kill in public?’ That’s like asking why do Communists have show trials? Terror to enforce control. Naked aggression to show to everyone they both have no conscience, committed to be the top of their separate justification trees, packing the senior management with sycophants, eliminating those not giving them the submission of respect to their birthright of “yes boss,” or those not giving them the recognition of their most perverse inverted-pride as naturally more equal.

    Mmm… How does a Jew or Judeo-Christian survive by not bending the knee to their Gods of Distraction, the permitted delusions, between these two continents turned into bird-brain willing-slaves, hating as apes and pigs those who gave them the pursuit of happiness? You can’t pursue happiness if you’re justifying incompleteness, all you will nurture is envy and an unquenchable search for fairness on your own ego’s terms.

    The Hitler/Stalin ruling the muslim/socialist are their best absolvers of conscience offering peace without consequence by submission to them and superiority over unbelievers.

    • CANADA – Quebec can and should do ‘much better’ by Syrians: Couillard

      Premier Philippe Couillard wants to do more to welcome refugees from Syria to Quebec.

      At the inauguration of a daycare on an Aboriginal reserve in the Lac St. Jean region Thursday, Couillard said Quebec had to “much better” to welcome refugees from the country “devastated by terrorism and war.”

      According to the premier, 643 Syrians have come to Quebec since the beginning of the year. He expects 1,900 Syrians will immigrate to Canada by the end of 2015.

      Couillard said the province was ready to host “hundreds or thousands” of new refugees.

      He noted there was still time to help other people like little Alan Kurdi and his family and reach out to them as Quebec has “often done.”

      Couillard has also asked federal parties that are campaigning to rise above partisan jousting on the issue.

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