If we can know this, think about what we don’t know. Links 1 on Aug. 29 -2015

1: Italy: Muslim mayor refuses to take in refugees

UPDATED: A Muslim mayor in the Tuscan seaside community of Monte Argentario has provoked a political outcry for refusing to accept any refugees.

Centre-right mayor Arturo Cerulli has openly rejected growing political pressure for councils to do more to welcome the thousands of asylum seekers landing in Italy and help to ease the worsening refugee crisis.

“We don’t want refugees here, we don’t have the facilities for them,” Cerulli told The Local on Friday. “We don’t know where to put them, we don’t know what to do with them.”

Cerulli, 60, is a former nuclear engineer and aligned with the New Centre-Right party (NCD) of interior minister, Angelino Alfano.

During his engineering career he travelled extensively to countries including Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and the US, and is married to an Indonesian woman.

He converted to Islam 27 years ago but insists his refusal to welcome asylum seekers is unaffected by his religion.


“Here it’s full of the ‘radical chic’, left-wing intellectuals,” Cerulli said. “Let them open up their beautiful villas and welcome them if they think it’s better.”

(Nails it)

2. US kills one guy in the Islamic State that made videos

(That should satisfy the very few vocal Obama critics in the DC area for a while)

3. College Professor Defends Muslim Sex Slavery

(Anyone surprised? No?)

4. EXCLUSIVE— Benghazi Witness: U.S. Provided Arms to Jihadists Who Killed Americans in 9/11 Attack

(You know, people we know have been saying that was what it was about since the week the attack on the embassy happened. Video at site of interview with witness)


The Obama administration may have provided the weapons used by some Islamist extremists to kill four Americans at the United States’ compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, according to a Libyan source who told Breitbart News he witnessed the attack first hand.

Breitbart News’s Tera Dahl spoke to the witness, whose identity cannot be revealed due to threats against his life, but lives near the former U.S. compound in Benghazi and was present when the attack took place.

Libya’s al-Qaeda-linked militia group known as the February 17th Martyrs Brigade was reportedly hired by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department to provide security at the Benghazi compound, but failed to so the whole day of the attack, according to the witness.

5. Extremists Kill 28 in Villages in Northeastern Nigeria

(I guess moderates kill 27 or less)

Boko Haram extremists killed 28 people during attacks on remote villages in northeast Nigeria, members of a civilian defense group said on Friday.

A total of 24 people were killed in an attack Tuesday night in Marfunudi, according to resident Abubakar Jojo. The town is roughly 50 miles from the Borno state capital of Maiduguri.

Jojo said the Islamic extremists slit the throats of many of the victims.

Witnesses said the extremists also attacked the village of Kafa on Thursday, killing four people. Sadiq Kaka, a member of a defense group, said the bodies were thrown into a river.

Word of attacks in remote areas often take days to reach population centers.

6. Young Christian Man Killed in Pakistan, Wife Shot By Muslim Relatives for Marrying Him and Leaving Islam, Attorney Says

7. Man found dead in Portland apartment had been beaten, kicked to death

Freddy Akoa, the Portland man found dead in his Cumberland Avenue apartment this month, had been beaten, kicked and bashed in the head with furniture by his drinking companions during an assault that went on for hours.

Akoa, 49, had 22 rib fractures from the savage attack, cuts and bruises all over his head and torso, and a lacerated liver when his accused killers left him on his living room floor in Apartment 18 at 457 Cumberland Ave. on the morning of Aug. 10.


The affidavit had been sealed at a prosecutor’s request for one week after three accused killers appeared in court, each on a charge of murder by depraved indifference. The three – Abil Teshome, 23, Osman Sheikh, 31, and Mohamud Mohamed, 36 – are each being held without bail at the Cumberland County Jail.

(From related link)

A neighbor said he believes the Muslim men got into an argument, “objecting to the victim’s religion”. This is corroborated by the heartbreaking thing police found next to Akoa’s head: the victim’s own King James Bible, drenched in his blood.

Police would not respond to questions about whether the victim was beaten with his own Holy Book.


In fact, not only are the the local police are refusing to say that this is a hate crime perpetrated by Muslims who hate Christians, but the Maine media as well is refusing to even mention the national origin or religion of the murderers.

One detective, cornered by a reporter, acted as though he had a gag order on him:

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., CB Sashenka, and all

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3 Replies to “If we can know this, think about what we don’t know. Links 1 on Aug. 29 -2015”

  1. 7. Hate Crimes – The arsenal of Cultural Marxists like “racist”. Wrongly accuse people enough of the time so that those who really have all the hate locked inside themselves – are not seen for what they do, and are defended by muslims and socialists, before our very eyes.

    Muhammadans and Communists: killing and finding new way to kill hidden behind the abundance of hate crimes.

    Next it will be a gang who link together from around the world and work unseen in the open promoting free sex.

    These inhumans without borders.

  2. 1. The mayor, who sumitted to muhammad aged 33, is not interested in the plight and circumstance of the refugees, as any sane person would seek determine the credentials of the Deserving and Undeserving Poor, but complains about the bourgeoise: “Here it’s full of the ‘radical chic’, left-wing intellectuals,” Cerulli said. “Let them open up their beautiful villas and welcome them if they think it’s better.”

    I am hearing the whine of a National Socialist who would also have said “let the Jews put them up” when faced with doing his job with dealing the humanitarian responsibility of sorting out the wheat from the chaff of asylum seekers.

    Completely avoiding the issue and having to behave responsibly in his role.

    Now he has permission to act as a petulant child, and will be left alone to his own devices to carry on – so as to not upset himself.

    “Muslim? In. Christian? Out.” And you can’t stop him because you agreed that it was not fair that higher tax payers lived in their own private bubbles.

  3. Obama and company provided ordinary weapons in Lybia, weapons that were used to kill our people, he is providing nuclear weapons in Iran, weapons that will be used to kill anyone that opposes Iran. Welcome to the world the left has created for us.

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