If only Planned Parenthood was using Indian Rosewood. Then they would get it! More leftist and Islamic subversion etc. Links 4 on Aug. 27 – 2015

1: A photo taken earlier today from Times Square NYC

Tard BS in NYC Times Square

2. Swedish man feared dead after joining Isis

The Swede, who is thought to be in his 30s and who had been living in Örebro, is understood to be one of a group of three people from the area known to have travelled to the Middle East to join the radical Islamist group, also known as Isis and IS.
According to Mahdi Warsama, chairman of the African Horn Cultural Centre, the man’s relatives have received information confirming his death.
Sweden’s biggest news agency, TT, reported in June that the trio – two men and a woman – had made multiple attempts to travel to the war-torn region
(This means of course that Sweden should be on the look out for this guy traveling under false papers and getting ready to attack a sensitive spot within Sweden. Dead foreigners fighting for the Islamic State seem to come back to life with startling regularity that way)
3. Yesterday, a champion of free speech and real human rights, Ann Marie Waters, was brought onto an ambush on BBC TV to attack her for her defense of classical British values. While she did very well for a person not used to that kind of grotesque treatment from the national broadcaster, it was still a harsh and brutal treatment of a truly decent person who clearly wasnt expecting the kind of group attack she faced. It wasnt an interview, it was a pre planned mass-mugging.
A reader of Vlad’s who saw this malicious little take-down of Ann Marie, was insured to do the following illustration of his impression of this segment:
Free Speech-BBC-Sian Williams

Congratulations Ann for your bravery both to try and make this event happen, and for your courage under fire and from your own people. Perhaps after the show a couple of them looked up the word, ‘defiance’ and the word ‘provocation’ and realized the difference.

Thank you Sloan W. for making the above drawing and sending it in.

4. Yesterday, CB Sashenka wrote an article on the Daily Mail piece about a ‘new’ method of murdering people the Islamic State was planning to release a video on shortly. Today, Andrew Bostom tweeted this image of the Ottomans using an elephant to trample people to death.



5. A really good article by Robert Spencer on how political correctness has become a whole new law. And one in front of which, all people are not equal.

“Curt Schilling’s tweet comparing Muslims to Nazis is even worse than it sounds,” howled Max Fisher in Vox – one of the many voices this week screaming for Schilling’s head for transgressing against America’s new and unwritten, but nonetheless frightfully draconian, speech codes.

Fisher professes ignorance of the perp’s illustrious career, semaphoring that he is a good Leftist elitist, ignorant of Schilling’s brutish, bourgeois athletic achievements: “Curt Schilling, whom Wikipedia informs me is a former baseball star and current ESPN commentator, sent a tweet on Tuesday that seems to have emerged straight from the internet nether-void of racist email forwards.”

“Racist”? Schilling tweeted a graphic that read, “It’s said only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How’d that go?” So where is the “racism”? What race are “extremist Muslims”? What race are Muslims in the aggregate? What race is Islam? Or did Fisher mean that Schilling’s tweet was racist against Germans?

6. Bangkok bomber Mohamad Museyin named

(Somehow I must have missed this. The bomber of the Bangkok Hindu shrine is named Mohamed. I think that brings us close enough to a motive)

Thai authorities have identified the prime suspect in the Bangkok bombings.

He’s been named as Mohamad Museyin, who is believed to be the man captured on security footage at the site of the attack just before the blast.

(Video at site)





Thank you DA., M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, SW., Richard, and many more for your contributions today.

Something has been kicking around in the back of my head for most of the day.

Lets pretend for a moment that the raid on Gibson guitars that the Obama administration did early in the first term, I think it was 2011, was for the reasons he stated. That the wood they used was in minor violation of some arcane bylaw by the Indonesian government at the time and not just that they were Republican donors or that Gibson was in a right to work state while Martin guitars, which is a democrat donor and not in a right to work state and uses the exact same wood (from the same suppliers most likely) was not raided by the US government and an enormous fine was extorted from Gibson and not from Martin.

Lets pretend for a minute that the reason the Obama admin gave was factual.

Then how to you justify not even cutting off public funds to the tune of hundreds of millions a year to Planned parenthood for the violation of US law of selling baby parts illegally?

Some form of Indonesian Rosewood deserves a raid, shutting them down and a huge fine, while PP can carry on at US taxpayer expense. Quite a thing that is.

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  1. Even if mohammed believed in peace, social justice and women’s rights – he sure as hell knew islam could never, ever bring them into reality.

    • They are counting on the low information voters to believe them, after all the schools sure aren’t going to teach the facts of history that prove the statement a lie.

  2. 3. The BBC gave every gamut of argument as to why cartoons of Muhammad should not be shown.

    A nation that once, in the name of liberation, enjoyed the Christ-paintings of homosexual lovers George and Gilbert, yet cannot face in the name of freedom value the Mohammad-sketches.

    This is because one ideal is real and the other delusional.

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