Yet another collection of links evidencing Islamic and leftist attempts to destroy classical civilization: Links 3 on Aug. 26 – 2015

1: Have ISIS found a sadistic new way to kill? Ominous warning of new video is released featuring prisoners surrounded by Islamists on horseback

Warnings have emerged of an impending Islamic State video that will reveal a ‘new killing style’ featuring jihadis on horseback.

A poster for the forthcoming video shows prisoners wearing orange jumpsuits surrounded by a framework of poles and militants gathered on horses.

It was posted with a warning the bloodthirsty group are planning to reveal a ‘new killing style’ – in addition to the varying types of executions it already carries out across Iraq and Syria.

The image featuring jihadis on horseback surfaced alongside warnings the group is set to reveal a 'new killing style'

The image featuring jihadis on horseback surfaced alongside warnings the group is set to reveal a ‘new killing style’

ISIS rarely release such videos in full without warning – they instead prefer to drip feed the release in order to gain exposure.

Two men have been sent to prison after their “joke” about kicking off a “second” Charlie Hebdo attack while on a train in France saw them arrested.
The French public were still on high alert on Sunday morning after a terror attack was thwarted on a Paris-bound train on Friday.
Perhaps with this in mind, two men in their early twenties thought it would be a laugh to threaten a terror attack on another train, this one bound for Mantes-la-Jolie, north west of Paris.
3. Train Gunman Watched Jihadi Video Before Attack: French Prosecutor

4. For those curious about the soldier in Afghanistan that interfered with an act of rape in Afghanistan by a local man against a child and that the soldier was promptly arrested by the US military for his actions, this seems to be a follow up on it. (I have not read it all yet but plan to later)

5. The same White House that arrested the soldier in the story in item 4, sent an official delegate for the US to the United Nations to lie to muslims and the rest of the world about what Islam thinks of homosexuality. Seriously. The White House believes that if they make up what Islam is and tell it like its true, muslims will believe it. As if they are as stupid and malleable as Americans who vote Democrat.

6. Ezra exposes more anti-conservative media bias

(Actually its a lot more serious than that)

7, FDD Senior Fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross discusses jihadist rehabilitation efforts in Minneapolis.

(CNN discusses the idea of deprogramming radicals. The expert uses an example of a Dutch liberal to explain why it can happen with a muslim fanatic)

8.  Ezra reminds us about Margaret Atwood, and how she uses real horror to vilify the wrong people.

Thank you Buck, M., Richard, Shabnam A., and many more. More to come.

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  1. #1
    It sounds like they’re referring to the murder of Umm Quirfa (I hope the spelling’s right). Umm Qirfa was a female village leader who actually fought back against Mohammed and managed to drive the murderers away when they tried to invade her town. Mohammed, who despised women, was so outraged at being bested by one that he sent his nastiest general in with re-enforcements to finish the job. After they took the town they tied each of Umm’s legs to a horse and sent them running in opposite directions, tearing the poor woman in two. Apparently, she lived long enough to hear the “men” joking about how funny her dying screams were and how funny it was that she was literally ripped in half. There are numerous accounts of such Muslim humour in the Quran and the Hadiths.

    What I can’t understand is how any “moderate” Muslim can know the story of Umm Qirfa and still keep being a Muslim. I sure as Hell wouldn’t… What kind of “good person” worships a monster like that? It’s like worshipping Adolf Eichmann…

  2. The National Post should NOT have deleted anything from Atwood’s piece without her prior consent. Contrary to what Ezra Levant stipulates, doing so is really an act of censorship. What it should have done was add the corrections either in an addendum before Atwood’s piece or after it. By placing corrections in the article, Atwood is attributed to writing them, yet did not! In fact, an addendum would have made Atwood look sloppy in her own journalistic efforts.
    As for PEN Canada, PEN Quebec, and PEN America read my Global Free Press (Canada) articles: and .

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