Iranian Govt. signals ambitions with Youtube video, Glenn Beck sees the darkness, More mosques with weapons found: Links 4 on Aug. 18 – 2015

1. Glenn Beck has written a book about the Koran, in order to help people understand why the Islamic State is the real islam. He didn’t always have this opinion though.

(We made a video about that as well very shortly after the IS was born)

2. Check out the valedictorian speech at Tel Aviv university by an Egyptian Muslim student, born and raised in Egypt. Clearly, a first class Islam-o-phobe.

3. Here is the New York Times video on girls choosing the Islamic State, linked to in an earlier post, but available now on Youtube.

4. Halifax allows cabbie accused of raping a passenger, to keep his cab license.

Coun. Brad Johns (Middle/Upper Sackville – Beaver Bank – Lucasville) said staff had recommended revoking the taxi licence of Bassam Aladin Al-Rawi, 39, who allegedly assaulted a 26-year-old female passenger in his cab in May.

But Johns said the appeals committee based its unanimous decision on a number of factors after a sweeping quasi-judicial hearing with the lawyer of the accused and a municipal solicitor. Halifax Regional Police were informed about the appeals committee meeting and provided information to staff.

5. Amnesty International accuses Turkey of bombing civilians in Kurdish villages in Iraq Aug. 1 – 2015

(It is hard to trust AI whatsoever, especially after recent revelations of a MB tie in to the leadership. But its also hard not to believe the Turks are using their defacto allies, the Islamic State, as an excuse to attack the Kurds. It is weird that the AI cameras were right there after the attack to catch all those scenes of the wounded though)

6. Navy engineer indicted for trying to sell secrets

According to documents from the Justice Department, a federal grand jury on Dec. 3 indicted Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, 35, and charged him with two counts of attempting to export defense articles and technical data.

According to a redacted affidavit from federal agent James Blitzer, Awwad was born in 1979 in Saudi Arabia. He married a US citizen in May 2007 in Cairo, Egypt, and later became a US citizen.

7. Conspiracy of Jihad for Himachal Hindus? Huge arms and ammunition haul from 3 Muslims.




HENB | Shimla | Aug 18, 2015:: After the terrible haul of a huge quantity highly explosives about 110o Kg in Kolkata by CID, West Bengal just three days ago, now the Himachal  Pradesh Police in Nahan stumbled upon a huge cache of ammunition and highly sensitive chemicals, estimated to be enough to run a small bomb factory, from a house in the township. They have arrested three brothers from the house, where the arms stockpile was kept illegally, on Sunday.

8. ‘He is the bomber’: Thai authorities release surveillance image of suspect in Bangkok bombing

Authorities in Thailand Tuesday released an image of a man they believe to have carried out Monday’s bombing that killed at least 20 people and injured 140 during Bangkok’s evening rush hour.

The image, apparently taken from closed circuit surveillance video, shows a man in a yellow T-shirt carrying a backpack. Video footage posted on Thai media websites appeared to show the same man sitting on a bench at the crowded Erawan Shrine, then taking off the backpack and leaving it behind as he walked away.


9. Allen B. West: URGENT: Every single American needs to see the video Iran just released…

Thank you WTD., M., ML., Richard, Gates of Vienna,

And now for a little Canadian insider baseball.

Non-Canadians may want to skip this one. And as a rule, I do not post Canadian political stuff that does not cross the two areas of interest. Islam and its influence, and leftism as a standalone danger and where it intersects with Islam, which is pretty much all at the top and middle these days. But this was too good to resist.

Canadians may remember that under the Prime Ministership of Jean Chretien, the largest political scandal in Canadian history took place, where the Liberal government attempted to, and may actually have to a degree, subverted democracy itself by taking millions of taxpayer dollars and illegally funneling them to various Liberal party insiders as graft, but also to campaign funds through Quebec ad firms to keep Liberals elected with a major violation of campaign rules. Of course the one about not using public money on your campaign. Well none of them are in jail and I think one or two tiny nothing people who were involved in this scandal had to pay back some of the money they stole to the public but overall nothing happened to anyone even though it was clearly established that this all happened.

Flash forward to today. The Harper government that hasn’t actually been involved in any real scandals had the CBC make one up for them. A tired old reporter named Mike Duffy, who was appointed to the Senate, was involved in some kind of minor tax cheat to the tune of $90,000,00 and Harper allegedly helped him pay it back.

Media have been biting at the Government’s heels for literally years now at the expense of actual reporting to try and ‘get’ the Prime Minister on this non-event.

Earlier today, Stephen Harper spoke to an audience in Eastern Canada where he announced a lot of policy developments, some great ones, and some ones which really did require good journalistic follow ups to understand them. I have this directly from our own ML., who sends us in material quite often and was actually in attendance at the event I refer to, and explained that not only was the reportage disgraceful by the CBC and media in general, that they howled and interrupted and asked about nothing but Mike Duffy, ignoring actual questions about real policy that Mr. Harper had just announced. Things that actually needed to be addressed!

After the speech, the CBC ganged up on a Stephen Harper supporter and started attacking him for the Duffey issue. As he is not a politician or employee of the government as far as I know, he felt unconstrained and spoke his mind on the matter.

As someone who has, granted only peripherally, followed this non-issue from the corner of my eye, I must say, I felt actual relief to hear someone finally speak the truth on the matter. Real truth to real power. The CBC.

The CBC of course, is so divorced from reality, that they posted this video thinking it was the Stephen Harper supporter who looks bad.

Canadians who find it interesting should probably download this quickly before the CBC realizes it and pulls it. Cause you know they will.

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  1. What I have never heard said about Duffy is had he been the hard-nosed objective journalist he presented himself as throughout his career, he never would have received a Senate appointment. Consequently, one must suspect his whole career; particularly his work in the years leading to his appointment.

  2. I am glad that Beck has seen the light, events are pointing to a major attack that will cause most of the world to wake up to the danger that is Islam, I don’t know what or where but something is going to happen.

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