Sweden starts to push back, BDS antisemites now stopping Jews from rapping and more: Links 2 of Aug 16 – 2015

1. ISIS recruiters are ‘prowling’ streets of Britain, Muslim leaders warn

(While financing them or their co-deologues)

The shocking claim comes after it emerged ISIS recruiter Sally Jones is feared to have wormed her way back into the UK and could be planning an atrocious attack.

And as fears grow the former punk from Chatham in Kent, dubbed “Mrs Terror”, is heading to Scotland with two other suspected jihadists, Special Branch officers are on full alert at Scottish airports.

Mazhar Khan from the Muslim Council of Scotland, advised residents to “remain vigilant of any activity” associated with the “vicious army of fanatics”.

He said: “Muslims in Scotland are well aware of the threat posed by extremists and remain vigilant of any attempt by such people stir up hate and violence.

2. Man held after yelling ‘Muhammad is a pig’ on Temple Mount

Police detain visitor after he shouts slur at Muslim worshipers; another Jewish man arrested for praying at the site […]

Another Jewish visitor was detained Sunday after he was caught praying within the compound, and a 14-year-old Jewish teenager was also removed by police for breaking the rules of behavior at the site, police said.

Clashes between Muslim visitors and Israeli border guards have become an almost weekly occurrence on the Temple Mount, which is considered Judaism’s holiest site and the third-holiest site in Islam.

Visits by Jews are allowed to the complex, but Jewish prayer is prohibited.

Last Tuesday, riots broke out as police sought to contain a number of minor incidents in and around the compound. Border guards manning the entrance to the flashpoint holy site blocked a group of Muslim youth from entering after reportedly discovering they carried bottles and other items intended to be used as weapons.

3. Matisyahu performance in Spain cancelled amid pressure from BDS movement

The annual reggae music festival Rototom Sunsplash that takes place in Benicassim, north of Valencia, Spain cancelled its scheduled appearance by famed Jewish rapper Matisyahu, Spanish daily El Pais reported Saturday.

Valencia has developed a strong BDS campaign and organizers have accused the Jewish artist of being a “Zionist” who supports the practice of “apartheid and ethnic cleansing.”

The Rototo organization conceded to pressures from the BDS movement, ultimately cancelling the performance after they issued Matisyahu an ultimatum to sign a statement supporting a Palestinian state, which he refused to do

4. It appears that some Swedes are waking up. A Facebook group was formed to have a protests against the changes in Swedish society, (such as that Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe and number 2 in the world after South Africa I believe) thanks to islamic immigration policies that the Swedes had no actual say in.

Liberty Dk. was kind enough to translate the post for it:

A demonstration for all, regardless of political affiliation, demanding the resignation of the current government.

We demand a government that takes care of the residents of Sweden’s safety and dignity.

Are you like us tired of and worried about our country’s rapid decay and disappointed in our incumbent government’s irresponsible stance with regard to what is happening.

Today in Sweden – in 2015:

* 30 explosions in Malmö so far this year

* 55 No Go Zones – the existence of which is being denied by our Interior Minister

* Rapid increase of gang rape

* Shootings and gang wars

* Car burnings

* Honour killings

* Child Marriage acceptance

* Media black out

* 225,000 Seniors living in poverty

* Acceptance and denial of organized begging

* Inadequate background checks for new arrivals

* Brutal murders

The list goes on about everything that our government permits to happen in its quest to call itself a humanitarian superpower.

We had enough with Monday’s tragedy when two people were executed brutally inside at IKEA in Vasteras.


If you feel like us, you are cordially invited to attend. Your voice is important – you are important.

We will gather in front of at Riksgatan, parliament at 09.00 and expect to be there until 15:00.

Please note!

The reason we have chosen this day is that it is the day parliament opens after the summer break.

(Thank you Liberty Dk. for that. The story was discovered at BareNakenIslam)


Thanks all for all contributions. Much more to come today.

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