Saudi Arabia nails it on the Iran deal, Obama blocks award for terror victims and more: Links 1 on Aug. 16 – 2015

1. Obama Admin Moves to Block Restitution for U.S. Terror Victims


The Obama administration has intervened in a landmark legal case brought by the American victims of Palestinian terrorists, urging the court to limit restitution for the victims out of fear that a sizable payout could collapse the Palestinian government, according to a copy of the court filing.

Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken argued in a filing to a New York City court that a hefty payout to the victims of Palestinian terror crimes could burden the Palestinian Authority (PA) and interfere in Obama administration efforts to foster peace in the region.

2. Two arson attempts on Swedish refugee centres

The asylum centre in Arboga, where the man suspected of the Ikea murders lived, was evacuated early Saturday morning when two bags of flammable liquid were found nearby. The same night a centre for unaccompanied refugee children and young people in Värnamo was the target of an arson attack.

(I do not believe the names of the two aliens who killed the two Swedes in a random, racist attack at IKEA have been released yet. But one of the actual aliens has)

3. Caroline Glick: The Iran Deal – Implications for International Security

4. Saudi Prince Bandar: The U.S. nuclear pact with North Korea failed. The Iran deal is worse.

Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador to the United States between 1981 and 2005, has written a damning column in which he compares the Iran nuclear deal to the failed nuclear deal with North Korea — and concludes it will have even worse consequences.

Writing for the London-based Arabic news Web site Elaph, Badar suggests that President Obama is knowingly making a bad deal, while President Bill Clinton had made a deal with North Korea with the best intentions and the best information he had. The new deal will “wreak havoc” in the Middle East, which is already destabilized due to Iranian actions, Bandar writes.

5. An interesting and unusual RCMP missing body appeal to the public

6. Sometimes, late at night, one may get an idea that if you don’t do something with it right away, you may get quite a nosebleed. A random thought struck me. What if Roosevelt handled Pearl Harbour the way Bush and Obama (especially) handled 911 and the aftermath?

If the idea still seems as appealing in a day or two, maybe I’ll do a more polished version.

Thank you CB Sashenka, Oz-Rita, Buck, M., Dagawker, Wrath of Khan and so many who sent in materials, or helped with translations and edits and contributed to this cause today.


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  1. I haven’t watched the Caroline Glick video yet but the implications for international security are at best very grave, at worst they are a call for a war of insurrection.

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