Geopolitics: Turkey and Obama admin seem to be allied against the Kurds and for….and more. Links 1 on Aug. 13 – 2015

1. Turkey, US agree PYD cannot cross west of Euphrates: Turkish official

(Golem Bar, who sent in this link, analyzes the story thusly:)

Turkey, having already dropped the pretext that they were  attacking ISIS with bombing runs after it has been shown that 90 % of the bombings were against Kurdish fighting forces,  now claim that Obama has given them the go ahead to invade Syria and fight the Kurdish Militias in order to drive them out of Syria and create their own New border. Ostensibly to “fight” ISIS, but since Turkey has allowed Supplies and recruits to freely travel to ISIS held territories in the past. The only logical outcome is that Turkey realized that they were about to lose their border with ISIS to the Kurds after Tal Abyad fell, and in collusion with Obama, began to bomb the Kurds. Thus destroying the only actual non-Jihadist opposition to ISIS in Syria

(This analysis fits observation)

2. Black Panthers drill

(Good example of black privilege. If armed white people chanted “Off the Pigs” in some kind of street uniform, I think it wouldn’t be tolerated or kept quiet)

3. Psychologist: psychotherapy for jihadis ”naive and impossible”

(If combined with a tablet of copper tinged lead in the 40 to 90 grain range, and taken viscerally it can often stop or slow down jihadi activity and even belief completely)

4. ‘Soon, Very Soon You Will See’: Pro-Islamic State Hacking Group Issues Chilling Warning to America

A representative for a pro-Islamic State hacking group issued a chilling warning to members of the U.S. military and government Wednesday, promising that “very soon” followers of the organization would retaliate for overseas bombing targeting the terror organization.

(Later in the article they try and justify the spying on our servicemen on our soil by saying that we spy on them so they spy on us. Of course if they didn’t use mosques to plan attacks, equip attackers and raise funds for attacks, not to mention preach sedition and destruction of our culture and legal system, we wouldn’t spy on them.)

5. ISIS truck bomb in Baghdad kills more than 70 and injures 200

(These events are steady. While not all are as big as this one, they are big. This is to wear down Iraqi authorities. These tactics work)

6. Greece: Migrants continue to inundate ‘full-capacity’ Kos


Thank you Golem Bar, Richard, Nicolai Sennels, M., and all, and much more to come.

Personally, I am sick of the Hitler Bunker scene parodies that everyone does cutting their teeth on subtitling software. But these guys at least used a different scene from the movie or a different Nazi movie and managed to squeeze out a few wry smiles at Hillary’s well deserved expense.


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