All the screws are coming loose: Links 4 on Aug. 12 – 2015

1. Swedish Jew files for asylum… in her own country

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein’s unprecedented move aims to draw attention to rising anti-Semitism, manifested in neo-Nazi marches, bans on kosher slaughter and ritual circumcision

In a drastic move designed to bring attention to anti-Semitism in Sweden, Swedish Jewish activist Annika Hernroth-Rothstein has filed for asylum in her own country Monday. The 31-year-old political adviser and mother of two took the unprecedented step to protest a series of measures in Sweden banning kosher slaughter, ritual circumcision, and possibly even the importation of kosher meat.

2. Red-Green Sweden Recognizes Palestine as ‘State’

It would be farfetched to expect most political leaders to be thoroughly knowledgeable of the issues they deal with, especially when it comes to international affairs; or to expect them to be particularly rational and ethical. Still, the new Swedish cabinet’s decision to recognize “Palestine” as a state must be singled out for its nastiness and nuttiness.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who leads a minority “Red-Green” coalition of social democrats and greens, explained the move in the following terms:

The conflict between Israel and Palestine can only be solved with a two-state solution, negotiated in accordance with international law. A two-state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to peaceful co-existence. Sweden will therefore recognize the state of Palestine.

3. Man, 37, ‘shoves woman to the ground and storms into her home’ to tear down Confederate flag hanging in a bathroom window

A man in Racine, Wisconsin was arrested last week after shoving a woman to the ground and storming into her home to take down a Confederate Flag she had hanging inside. 

Tajaun Boatner, 37, has been identified as the man who was arrested for the break in on Friday. 

The woman who was reportedly assaulted by Boatner called 911 Friday afternoon, after they got into a disagreement at her home on the 1300 block of Center street. 

In an interview with police, the resident said that Boatner initially asked her to take down the flag, which she had hanging in her kitchen window. 

She says she agreed and then moved the flag to the bathroom window. 

But the two somehow got into a yelling match which ended with the resident calling Boatner, who is black, a racial slur. 

That’s when Boatner allegedly stormed onto the porch, pushed the woman down and then walked into the house to take down the flag himself. 

4. State Dept: Clinton Insider May Have Removed Top Secret Markings – Napolitano – The Kelly File

5. Hillary may have run a ‘sorting and shredding’ event before turning over what was left of documents pertaining to Benghazi

Thank you Yucki, M., ML., Wrath of Khan, and all of you. So much decay in the world, its nearly impossible to keep track.

Here is a tweet that seems worthy of reposting here:

Obama admin declares it’s moving to investigate the death of Cecil The Lion. I’m sure Ambassador Stevens’ family noted the sad irony.

Also, as I tend to honour my code of not dealing with US internal politics as much as possible unless they cross our fields of interest, “More in the breach than in the observance” there is this moving story about an amazing young woman. Her story is in the comments, which make it doubly amazing what she is doing here.

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  1. I pray I am wrong but don’t expect Hillary or many of her aids to be prosecuted.

    The little girl who stood in from of the police say it was the scariest thing she has ever done.

    • We are already getting liberal lawyers coming out saying she didn’t do anything wrong because the law against private email didn’t exist when she used her own. The law was in place and she signed documents saying she wouldn’t use private emails.

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