Refugees. The new invasion plan at enemy expense: Links 1 on Aug. 10 – 2015

1. The Islamic State has made another mega-creepy synchronized mass killing video of people for one reason or another. As I couldn’t download it, to preserve it from the near future when muslim and leftist groups will say it never happened, it had to be screen captured and so I had to actually see this one. For the love of Bacchus if you feel the need to see it, do not do so when eating or shortly after. It appears to be the mass killing of 10 people with synchronized explosives. Frankly as spectacular as this is, by islamic State standards its unusually compassionate compared to a lot of the other videos they do.

2. You know, as I read back across the years of posts and comments, I realize that we here at VladTepesBlog probably need some sensitivity training. I know I did.

3. Ok here is an RT video of people chanting outside the Turkish police station where the explosion happened.

The thing is, the video is mysteriously quiet for a professional rig like RT. I mean you can barely make out what they are saying at all for some reason and thats weird cause RT is a world class media empire at this point.

So I took the liberty of amping up the volume and then just to be sure I was hearing what I thought I was, I sent the audio to a Turk to have it checked. Yes, its all “Bizmillah” and “Takbir! Allah Hu Ackbar!” and so on.

Here it is. (I would just post the video with improved audio, but RT has gotten a wee bit touchy about that in the past couple of years. They used to be all about people re-uploading their stuff) Here is a link to another video as well. 

Turkey 5 police, 2 civilians injured in Sultanbeyli blast, protest ensues_audio     

4. The Pope saying things about European obligation to muslim migrants when no muslim nation will

5. Why is Obama blocking legal judgements awarded to US victims of islamic terror?

6. Panic, violence captured on video: Cops under heavy gunfire at Ferguson anniversary protest

(Video at site)

7. Islamic State: Main French propagandist/film maker dies in attack

(Too bad he couldn’t bring his camera with him. Maybe if he showed people you can’t fit 72 virgins in a shallow unmarked grave, and you wouldn’t care even if you could, he could undo some of the damage he did)

8. Cubans blame Obama for uptick in government brutality against dissidents for freedom

(It turns out, when you get all cuddly with totalitarian dictators, they get more dictatorial)

9. Violating every rule of international refugee rules, this person, who is actually from the group that causes Somali refugees as opposed to a legitimate refugee, managed to sneak his way into Manitoba Canada after escaping bail post-custody in the USA

Thank you Oz-Rita, Gates of Vienna, Par0., Richard, M., and all who sent in material. More to come.


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