Al-Qaeada releases a video which concerns US media and defiance from the UK: Links 1 on Aug. 5 – 2015

1. CNN video on newest Al Qaeda video releases praising victories and demanding attacks within the US

The actual video they are referring to, is here.

(I have been planning to write an essay about the decision by Charlie Hebdo to not do more tard-angering toons but it is not something I look forward to writing. Not because I blame them, I do not. They have lifted 1000X their weight in this struggle and taken 100,000 times the hit that a group of civilian artists should have to take, for all of us. Especially when nearly none of us did anything to support them at all. No one wore a T shirt with the cartoons, no one took any additional risks for themselves to normalize criticism of islam and restore the principles of the enlightenment, and worse, people marched though Paris with phony ‘Je Suis Charlie’ signs when really they were anything but.

Someday soon I hope I can summon the gumption to write what needs saying about that one tiny group of ultra brave and decent people who stood up for all of us, just to get slaughtered for pretty much nothing. So when the new editor decided that there was nothing worth dying for by continuing the struggle, yeah it was a huge loss. But it isn’t like they didn’t anti up. Remember that they had already had their offices firebombed well before the attack that killed over a dozen of them. So its not like they didn’t understand the risk. How many people have I heard personally tell me they are upset with Charlie, some even calling them cowards, for making that call when they themselves have done nothing? More than I would care to say. Hard to fathom even. Eventually I’ll get around to writing about it. But for the moment, any of those who feel that Charlie Hebdo staff are unworthy for deciding not to bring down muslim mass murderers on themselves, please look at what risks you took and what losses you suffered and then get back to me about it.)

2. Al-Qaeda Affiliated Nusra Front Fighters Capture U.S. Trained Rebels In Syria

3. Paul Weston interviews Anne Marie Waters on the upcoming Mohamed Cartoon exhibition in the UK

(At last someone said it. This is about defiance. If enough of us are indeed defiant, we win this thing without trying. It is our submission that is costing us everything)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan,

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5 Replies to “Al-Qaeada releases a video which concerns US media and defiance from the UK: Links 1 on Aug. 5 – 2015”

  1. 1. Most people find it very hard just to remain a job by staying Politically Correct than go out and wear a ‘Je Suis Charlie’.

    Diversity has meant the egos around you are waiting to get upset to avoid identifying poor workmanship – without and within.

    And there is also the positively enforced culture of spying, to be offended of behalf of some other Preferential Group that would be offended.

    The White Normal JudaoChristian “privileged” male has a rap sheet as long as history itself. Of course the Third World want to go to their countries and replace them. Zero to Hero.

    Sexual inverts rule the night and day.

    And you want to be caught criticizing mohammad?

    • Everything you say is true. It is those who make those safe choices for themselves, but criticize Charlie Hebdo staff for not shouldering more of the burden, while we shoulder none, with whom I take issue. I get that most people will do nothing. That’s fine. At least its an improvement if they know something must be done. But those who do nothing and blame the new editor, because the last one was gunned down by muslims for the stance they took, those who I think need a sober inward look.

      • In many ways what we are doing is carrying out a peaceful revolution in our respective nations, remember that revolutions only need 1/3rd of the population supporting them to succeed.

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