Choudary, Islamic prayers in US govt. kinetic antisemitism in Germany and more: Links 4 on Aug 5 – 2015

1. Iran warship points weapons at US helicopter

2. Ezra exposes harsh anti-Harper campaigning throughout Canada funded by US agencies.

(It would seem as if Obama may be interfering with extra-national elections in more nations than just Israel etc.)

3. Pax-Obama: US-trained Syrian rebels say they won’t fight al-Qaeda

(Well. That was money well spent.)

4. Radical preacher Anjem Choudary protests his innocence in court

(Anyone who has seen the clip where Anjem explains that all muslims are innocent and any non-muslim is guilty, which is accurate in islamic terms, should have a good and proper jaundiced eye when it comes to his claim of innocence)

Radical preacher Anjem Choudary gave a 20-minute speech protesting his innocence as he appeared in the court dock charged with inviting support for Islamic State (IS).

Choudary was arrested last year by officers from the Metropolitan Police’s counter terrorism command.

It is alleged that between June 29 last year and March 6 this year, Choudary invited support for the proscribed organisation Isil, also known as Isis or Islamic State, contrary to section 12 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

It is claimed that he encouraged support for the banned terror group in social media posts on the internet.

5. CAIR wants to get on a list for being a great non-profit org. Please everybody, go to this website and make sure that you add links and facts to make it known to all who CAIR really is, and what they really deserve in as cool and factual way as possible.

At the moment, they seem to be at 1 star out of 5. I think we can knock that down to 1/2?

6. Chilling moment member of 13-strong Somali prostitution gang checks in to a Premier Inn hotel before raping 13-year-old girl in a room with another man 

(Even the Daily Mail can’t fit all that horror of this story in the headline)

This is the chilling moment a member of a 13-strong Somali prostitution gang checks into a hotel where he and a friend would rape a 13-year-old schoolgirl three times.

Jusuf Abdirizak, 20, can be seen at the reception of the Premier Inn in Bristol where he and Said Zakaria, 22, attacked the girl, who had been trafficked across the city having already been raped by another man.

Abdirizak and Zakaria were both facing jail today after they and 11 other men were convicted for their parts in the rape, abuse and prostitution of four British teenagers, who were were preyed upon and passed around the men’s friends for money.

Several of the girls were groomed to the extent they believed the sexual abuse was part of loving relationships they were having with the defendants, and that having sex with their ‘boyfriend’s’ friends was part of their ‘culture and tradition’.

Of the four girls, three were white and one mixed race, with a fifth girl witnessing many of the sickening assaults.

(Clearly socialism is every bit as guilty of victimizing these children as is islam in this and probably most cases of sex slavery of children by muslim gangs)

7. Muslims manage to overturn Christian only prayers in Lincoln County

More video here

Here is the actual muslim prayer spoken at Lincoln County.

(Something tells me this should be parsed as when muslims say things, it nearly always translates as insults and threats to non-muslims. Even the innocuous seeming, ‘misguided’ said in the first few moments of this invocation)

8. Students answer questions on the murder of the soldiers at recruitment center in Tennessee

9. Phyllis Chesler Op-Ed: Jewish Athletes Under Siege in Germany

Jewish athletes, from all over the world, who have assembled in Germany for the Maccabi Games, are being taunted and attacked by Muslims, neo-Nazis, and leftists.

Two “youths” cursed and threw an object at six Jewish men. They have not yet been found. An Arab Muslim was arrested for shouting anti-Semitic slurs at two security guards at the hotel which is housing the 2,000 Jewish athletes, their fans, and their guests. The hotel is 900 meters away from the Al Nur Mosque, “a hotbed of radical Islam.”

Alon Meyer, the head of the German umbrella organization for the Maccabi, has advised the athletes to hide their kippot and Jewish stars, to take taxis rather than walk–and to avoid walking in Neukolln, a Muslim “no go” zone.

Thank you M., Richard, PerfectChild, Maria J., Wrath of Khan, and so many more who contributed today. More to come most likely. Please stand by.


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6 Replies to “Choudary, Islamic prayers in US govt. kinetic antisemitism in Germany and more: Links 4 on Aug 5 – 2015”

  1. #7/ Let any prayer be allowed, provided it does not involve any imprecation or curses against a group outside of the prayer leader’s own community.

    Mohammedans like to quote the first sura from the Qur’an:

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
    All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.
    The Beneficent, the Merciful
    Master of the Day of Judgment.
    Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help.
    Keep us on the right path.
    The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors. Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray.

    The last line makes clear who the prayer is NOT for. The path on which the wrath of Mr. Allah is brought down is the path of the Jews. The path of those who have gone astray is the path of Christianity. This amounts to a curse. It and all similar “prayers” should be disallowed.

    Let everyone who wishes to lead a prayer present their prayer for vetting first. No curses allowed. Let’s see if the Mohammedans can scare one up.

  2. 8/ They were “legitimate targets”? Excuse me, was this Afghanistan?
    Maybe too much time listening to Grandma’s stories of the “heroic” ant-war protests. Sucking the old pacifist teat.

    This clip makes it clear that everyone in military or police uniform should be armed to the teeth. They must be trained to respond appropriately, maybe equipped with body-cameras for review by Internal Affairs that’s always been SOP, but not subjected to the kind of grief they face today.

    • You are right they should be armed, the enemies of freedom always think anything to do with the American military is evil and should be destroyed.

      For the murder victims to be legitimate targets the US would have to admit we are fighting a war, something that won’t happen for a while.

        • Those are soft and hard targets, soft targets are ones where the victims can’t fight back, hard targets are the ones that can. During a declared war, or one both sides recognize as a war the military is a legitimate target. Since our leaders refuse to admit we are in a war and reuse to let the troops carry weapons to protect themselves they are semi legitimate targets that are soft targets.

          The above is a very convoluted description of what is and isn’t a legitimate target since a lot of it came from the Geneva Convention (reworded by me) and the Moslem nations and terrorist groups rarely pay more then lip service to the convention it is mainly something to make us mad because our leaders leave the troops helpless and the soft target victims helpless. We are rapidly moving back to tribalism and the idea that all members of the group labeled them are legitimate targets because they belong to the them group. This is mainly caused by the insistance that the enemy can wear civilian clothing and hid among the non combatants but we have to take large numbers of causalities to prevent any enemy civilian being injured or killed. If this problem continues for another decade or so the civilians in the west are going to go full tribalism and start pogroms against the moslems.

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